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Music Presentation/Interpretation Project

1. You will create a presentation about a song by a group or artist that sings in Spanish. The
presentation must be in Spanish. On the due date, you must either present live to the class or
have a video you created to turn in.

2. You may choose any song that is in Spanish (the song must be approved by Mrs. Pieniaszek).

3. You must include a typed copy of the lyrics in Spanish. You will also need to write an analysis
of the lyrics in Spanish. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TRANSLATE IN ANY WAY. Instead, I want you to
write an analysis that is approximately 3 or so paragraphs and that answer questions such as:
¿De qué habla la canción?, ¿Cómo te sientes cuando oigas la canción? ¿Por qué elegiste esa

4. You are going to research the artist(s) and tell the class what you found. You MUST include
the following information:
 Name of group or artist
 If it’s a group, tell where the name came from
 List all of the members of the group
 Where are they originally from?
 What language(s) do they speak/sing in?
 History of the group and where they started
 What albums have they come out with and the dates
 Genre of music and some information about the genre.
 What instruments are played?
 What type of dance is associated with the music (if there is one)?
 In your own words, what is the song about? Does the artist’s background have
any influence on their music, if so what?
 Any other important information

In your presentation, you are going to talk about the information you’ve collected. The
presentation will have two parts: one where you talk about the autobiographical information
you have found and one where you play a clip of the song and talk about your analysis of the
song. The presentation needs to be in Spanish, but you may use notecards. If you like, you may
perform a karaoke version of your song.
1 2 3 4
Grammar/V Grammar and/or vocabulary Grammatical errors sometimes There are some grammar errors Little to no grammati
ocabulary impede a listener’s ability to impede my message. The vocabulary but overall what speaker is saying message of the prese
understand what I am saying. the speaker uses is not very is clear and easy to understand. accomplishes the task
sophisticated or it is obvious the Speaker uses vocabulary that vocabulary. These ma
speaker relied heavily on a dictionary they have learned in classes, but expressions.
to find vocabulary. a few times the vocabulary they
use clouds their message.
Listener has some difficulty Listener has difficulty understanding, Listener has little difficultly in Listener has little or n
Delivery/ understanding, but listeners can still but the general gist of the understanding. Presentation is presentation is smoo
Pronunciatio write down some of their outline. presentation can be grasped. Student thorough, but student just reads been rehearsed and t
n Spanish accent is heavily influenced mumbles in Spanish and is hard to off their note cards or visual.
by native language. understand.
Biography of Student presents facts about their Student is missing 3 or more required Student presents all required Student presents all r
the Artist artists but is missing significant facts about artist. Some of the facts about artist. All facts are information with extr
amounts of information (or information is inaccurate. It is not accurate. It is obvious that the obvious that the stud
information is incorrect). It is not clear that the student has thoroughly student has thoroughly written about their ar
clear that the student took the time researched and then written about researched and then written sources.
to rewrite the information they their artist in their own voice. Student about their artist in their own
researched in their own words. cites their sources. voice. Student cites their sources.
Analysis There is no evidence from the There is some evidence from the Sufficient and appropriate • Ample, well-chosen
passage. Portions of text may be passage. Summary and/or quotations evidence from the passage is support the central id
copied without purpose. may be present but often without used to support the central idea • Supporting ideas ar
• Details included are irrelevant explanation. and includes some analysis. are specific, relevant,
and/or show an erroneous • Supporting ideas are not developed • Supporting ideas are developed passage.
interpretation of the passage. (list-like), superficial, or show gaps in adequately, though perhaps
• Essay is too brief to provide an thinking. Some details may be unevenly; the details are relevant
adequate sample of writing: irrelevant, and interpretation of the and show a valid interpretation of
minimal attempt. passage may not be supported. the passage.

Visuals Student includes less than 5 images Student includes 5 images/video Student includes 5 images that Student includes 5 im
and/or the images do not clearly related to the artist and the song. relate to the artist and/or song, the meaning of the so
relate to the presentation. However, the images do not relate to or the meaning of the song. The and make sense to th
the artist, context of the song, or the images do not always contribute the presenter chose t
meaning of the song. to the presentation and at times
leaves the audience wondering
why the visual was chosen.

Song suggestions
Nombre de la canción Artista/grupo
Me llaman calle Manu Chao
Tu y yo Prince Royce
Es por ti Juanes
Escriban mis canciones Jarabe de Palo
Eres para mi Julieta Venegas
Eres Café Tacuba
Digo lo que pienso Calle 13
Latinoamérica Calle 13
De la noche a la mañana Elefante
No me dejes solo Daddy Yankee
Princesa Frank Reyes
Chocolate Profetas
Entren los que quieran Calle 13
Lamento Boliviano Enanitos Verdes
Dímelo Enrique Iglesias
Que hiciste Jennifer López
Suavemente Elvis Crespo
Chocolate Jesse y Joy
Bonito Jarabe de Palo
La Flaca Jarabe de Palo
Como la Flor Selena
Bidi Bidi Bom Bom Selena
Bambaleo Gypsy Kings
Fotografía Juanes
A dios le pido Juanes
Bailando Enrique Iglesias
A bailar Lali Esposito
Saca, prende y sorprende Cultura Profetica
Una Cita Alkilados
Suele Suceder Piso 21
Me odia, me ama Don Tetto
Contigo Bonka
Noche y día Enrique Iglesias
Eres mía Romeo Santos
Propuesta Indecente Romeo Santos
No me pidas perdón Banda Sinaloense MS de Sergio
Ay vamos J Balvin
Travesuras Nicky Jam
Odio Rameo Santos con Drake
Esta noche Sasha, Benny y Erik

You may suggest your own song! List of genres: tejano, hip hop, rock, pop, banda, merengue, salsa, bachata, cumbia, jazz, alternativa, electró

Music is the art of expressing ideas and emotions in significant sound forms by using the elements of
rhythm, melody and harmony through voices, instruments, or both. Music plays a great role in
everyone’s life. It keeps us busy in spare time and makes our life peaceful.However, everyone wants to
listen music in their spare time to get some enjoyment and relief their mind. Listening slow sound music
gives us relief and peace and makes us healthy mentally and spiritually. It helps us to get prevented from
the mental and emotional problems all through the life.
Everyone knows how the song or Orpheus, the great musician of ancient Greece, proved captivating to
stones, trees and flood.
The song of Tansen at Akbar’s court brought about a heavy shower and kindled a fire. Music not only
rouses various feelings but also quiets the worried and wearied soul. Music is very important for almost
everyone as it helps people feel relaxed and rejuvenate their spirits. It helps in experiencing a range of
emotions love, despair, happiness and sorrow, to name a few. Music has the ability to enhance and
enrich a person’s creativity. The style of music has changed dramatically throughout the ages. For
instance, there are six main eras in music history. The Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical,
Romantic, and Twentieth Century. The music in these eras reflects the time period.
ladies and gentlemen, You have heard the speakers. Music is the art of expressing

emotion with sound, rhythm,and harmony. The origin of music initially started with

folk songs from the houses and fields in villages and the classical music from the

churches and royal courts. They have been influenced by religion, cultures,

civilisations, wars, colonisation and transformed with time to evolve into various

modern genres like country, blues,rock, hip hop, pop, rap, Jazz, R&B, Trance,

fusion, contmeporary and remix etc. But interestingly, the core values of Music

like love, peace, relief from worries, happiness, motivation, good health and mental

satisfaction have survived all types of invasions. Music is a universal language

without borders and the most powerful weapon that wins the hearts of mankind

even today. Long live Music which is by far the greatest creation. Thankyou.

(Señoras y señores) Damas y caballeros, Escuchaste los parlantes ( oradores). La

música es el arte de expresar emociones con sonido, ritmo y armonía. El origen de la

música comenzó inicialmente con canciones populares de las casas y los campos en

los pueblos y la música clásica de las iglesias y las cortes reales. La música española

tambien ha sido influenciada por la religión, las culturas, las civilizaciones, las

guerras, la colonización y se han transformado con el tiempo para evolucionar en

varios géneros modernos como country, blues, rock, hip hop, pop, rap, jazz, R&B,
trance, fusión, música contemporánea y remix, etc. Pero curiosamente, los valores

fundamentales de la Musica como amor, alivio, dolor, ansiedad, miedo, felicidad,

paz, motivación, entusiasmo, buena salud y satisfacción mental premenace igual y

han sobrevivido a todo tipo de invasiones. La música es un idioma universal sin

fronteras y el arma más poderosa que gana el corazón de la humanidad aún hoy.

Larga vida a la música que es, con mucho, la mayor creación. Gracias.

La comida fiesta en SIFIL

Buenas tardes, Damas y caballeros. Este nuestro groupo. Vamos a presentar el

curso completo de comida espanola. Inicialmente Raman Presentara la sangria, pues

Ram y Divya presentera los tapas, luego Khare presentara curso segundos, y

Surendra presentera la postre.

Primeros cursos de apertivos - Tapas.

1. Pimietos y cebollas crujientos fritos del campo.

(a) El origen. Plato antiguo en el campo de andalucia

(b) La receta ( Ingredientes)

-(i) Una cada de Pimientos rojo, verde y amarillo

(ii) Una cebolla grande

(iii) Sal al gusto- 25 g

(iv) Harina de trigo- 150 g

(v) aceite de Oliva- 400g para freir

(c) Como cocinar (methodologia)

(i) Lava y corta los pimientos en rodajas horizontales.

(ii) Corta la cebolla tambien en rodajas y hacer aros.

(iii) Anadir sal al gusto a estas rodajas y dejamos reposer 20


(iv) Reboza las rodajas en la harina de trigo

(v) Freir estas rodajas en abundante aceite de oliva

(vi) Servir caliente.

(d) Puedes servir tambien con gambas,peces y carnes.

2. Berenjenas fritas

(a) El Origin. Arabe se atribuye, tambien de andalucia- granada

(b) La receta

(i) Una berengena grande

(ii) Harina de trigo- 150 g

(iii) Pan rollado- 75 g

(iv) Un huevo

(v) Aceite de oliva- 400g para freir

(vi) Sal - 25 g

(c) Como cocinar- los pasos

(i) Corta la berengina en rodagas.

(ii) Anadir sal al gusto ( remojarse en agua salada/ Salpicar)

y dejamos reposer 30-40 min.

(iii) Sumerge las rodajas en huevo/ leche.

(iv) Mezclar la harina de trigo y las migas de pan hacer una


(v) Rebozar las rodajas en la mezcla.

(vi) Freir estas rodajas en abundante aceite de oliva.

(vii) Servir caliente y crujiento.

(d) Puedes servir tambien con miel, carne etc

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. This our group. We are going to present the

complete course of Spanish food. Initially Raman will present the sangria, since

Ram and Divya will present the tapas, then Khare will present the second course,

and Surendra will present the dessert.

First courses of apertivos - Tapas.

1. Crunchy fried onions and onions from the field.

(a) The origin. Old dish in the countryside of Andalusia

(b) The recipe (Ingredients)

- (i) One each of Peppers red, green and yellow

(ii) A large onion

(iii) Salt to taste- 25 g

(iv) Wheat flour - 150 g

(v) Olive oil - 400g for frying

(c) How to cook (methodology)

(i) Wash and cut the peppers into horizontal slices.

(ii) Cut the onion also into slices and make rings.

(iii) Add salt to taste these slices and let rest 20


(iv) batter the slices in the wheat flour

(v) Fry these slices in abundant olive oil

(vi) Serve hot.

(d) You can also serve with prawns, fish and meat.

2. Fried eggplants

(a) The Origin. Arabe is attributed, also from Andalusia-Granada

(b) The recipe

(i) A large eggplant

(ii) Wheat flour - 150 g

(iii) Rolled bread - 75 g

(iv) An egg

(v) Olive oil - 400g for frying

(vi) Salt - 25 g

(c) How to cook- the steps

(i) Cut the berengina in rodagas.

(ii) Add salt to taste (soak in salt water / Splash)

and let stand 30-40 min.

(iii) Submerge the slices in egg / milk.

(iv) Mix the wheat flour and the bread crumbs make a

(v) Batter the slices in the mixture.

(vi) Fry these slices in abundant olive oil.

(vii) Serve hot and crunchy.

(d) You can also serve with honey, meat etc