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FRYER, CARR AND HARRIS present IA MULE ‘A Musical Comedy Book by JEROME LAWRENCE and ROBERT E. LEE Music and Lyrics by JERRY HERMAN ‘Based onthe nove by PATRICK DENNIS, andthe play,“ Auoie Mame” by LAWRENCE and LEE Seatings Designed by WILLIAM and JEAN ECKART Costumes Designed by ROBERT MACKINTOSH Lighting by THARON MUSSER Musical Direction and Vocal Arrangements by DONALD PIPPIN, Orchestrations by PHILIP J. LANG Dance Music Arranged by ROGER ADAMS ‘Associate Producer JOHN BOW AB Dances and Musical Numbers Staged by ONNA WHITE Directed by GENE SAKS ‘VOCAL SCORE iausa. Piano Reduction by Robert H. Noeltner eg Dwi onms a company ‘DWion of PCommuttons, FIRST PERFORMANCE AT THE WINTER GARDEN THEATRE, NEW YORK, MAY 24, 1966 CAST OF CHARACTERS (ln order of appearance) PATRICK DENNIS, age 10 AGNES GOOCH ‘VERA CHARLES ‘MAME DENNIS RALPH DEVINE - BISHOP ‘M. LINDSAY WOOLSEY 170 DOORMAN ELEVATOR BOY MESSENGER DWIGHT BABCOCK ‘ART MODEL DANCE TEACHER .... LEADING MAN ‘STAGE MANAGER, MADAME BRANISLOWSKI GREGOR 7 cece BEAUREGARD JACKSON PICKETT BURNSIDE UNCLE JEFF... COUSIN FAN SALLY CATO MOTHER BURNSIDE PATRICK DENNIS, age 19-29 JUNIOR. BABCOCK ‘MRS. UPSON MR, UPSON, GLORIA UPSON PEGEEN RYAN, PETER DENNIS Mame’s Friends: Frankie Michaels Jane Connell Beatrice Artur ‘Angels Lansbury ~Roa Young, Jack Davison George Coe Sab Shimano ‘Are Matthews San Page Bill Stanton Willard Waterman Jo Tract Johanna Douglas Jack Davison ‘Art Matthews (Charlot Jones Joba Taliaferro Cares Braswell (Cliord Feat Ruth Ramsey Margaret Hall Charlotte Jones Jerry Lanning ‘Tommy Karary ‘Jobanaa Douglas Joha C. Becher Diana Walker Diane Coupe Michael Madand Diana Bafa, Jack Blackton, David Chaney, Pat Cummings, Jack Davison, Hilda Harris, ‘Tommy Karay, Nicole Karol, Gene Kelton, Nancy Lynch, Are Matthews, Ross Miles, Stan Page, Ruth Ramsey, Betty Rosebrock, Scotty Salmon, Bell Shalor, Bill Santon, John Tal ferro, Jo Tract, Jodi Williams, Kathy Wilson. SYNOPSIS OF SCENES “The action takes place in Mame's Beekman Place Apartment and various locales in which she becomes involved during a period from 1928 ro 1946, ACT ONE Scone 1: Somewhere in New York, 1928, Scene 2: Mame’s Apartment. Scene 3: Hallway of Mame's Apartment. Seene 4: Mame’s Bedroom. Scene 5: Mame's Living Room (and all around New York) Scene 6: Mame’s Apartment. Scene 7: Shubert Theatre—New Haven, Scene 8: Salon Pour Messicurs. Scene 9: Mame’s Apartment. Scene 10: Peckerwood. ACT TWO Scene 1: Prep School and College (and Singapore). Scene 2: Mame's Apartment. Scene 3: Mame’s Apartment (six months later). Seene 4: Upson Farm. Scene 5: Mame’s Apartment. Scene 6: Mame’s Apartment1946. Applications for performance of this work, whether legitimate, stock, amateur, of foreign should be addressed ‘TAMS.WITMARK MUSIC LIBRARY, INC. 1797 Third Avenue ‘New York, New York 10017 MAME INSTRUMENTATION Reed 1-Piecolo, Flute, Clarinee, and Alto Saxophone Reed II-Flute (or Clarinet), Claviner, Bass Clarinet, and Alto Saxophone. Reed III—Oboe and English Horn (of Clarinet), Clarinet and Tenor Saxophone, Reed IV—Clarinet and Baritone Saxophone. ‘Reed V—Clarinerand Tenor Saxophone 3 Trumpess Guitar Banjo Violin 1 3 Trombones Piano-Celesee Viole Percussion (this Score) Cello Harp Violin 1 Bass and optional Tuba “The MAME orchestration has been arranged to meet the requirements of «stall or large orchestra : ‘The minimum instrumentation for an effective sounding performance is: Reed I, Il, LL, and IV, 2 Trumpets, 2 Trombones, Bas, Percusion, and Plano. Thereafter, instruments should be added ia the following order: Reed V, 3rd Trumper, 3rd Trombone, Violin 1, Violin If, Cello, Guitar Banjo, Viola, and lastly Harp.