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Whose written consent is required to the Adoption?

-The adoptee, if 10 years of age or over

-The biological parent/s of the child, or the legal guardian, or the proper government instrumentality which has the legal guardianship of the
-The legitimate and adopted children and even the illegitimate children, if 10 years of age or over, of the adopter if living with said adopter and
the latter’s spouse, if any
-The spouse of the person adopting or to be adopted, if any.

What are the required documents for adopting the child?

-PSA Birth Certificate

-PSA Marriage Certificate(if adopters are married)
-Written authorization to the adoption of the legitimate, adopted, or illegitimate children living with the applicant who are aged ten (10) years
old and above.
-Health Certificate of adopting couple and their family member
-NBI Clearance or Police Clearance
-Latest Income Tax Return (ITR) or any proof of income
-Three (3) Character References
-Statement of Acceptance from labelled guardian
-Latest family picture and home photos
-Home Study Report

What are the Step-by-Step Process involved in adopting a child?

1.The adopter/s must attend the adoption counseling conducted by the DSWD.
2.The adopter must submit the application requirements to DSWD to start preparation of home study report. The adopter must wait for the
approval of the application.
3.If approved, DSWD will facilitate matching or family selection.
4.There will be pre-placement of the child with the prospective adoptive parents. The child will be placed with the adoptive parents when
everything is cleared.
5.Supervised trial custody will start to see how the child adjusts to the new environment.
6. If the supervised trial custody is passed, Adoption Decree/ Certificate of Finality will be issued to the family.
7.The amended birth certificate of the adopted child will also be given to the adoptive parents.
8.Provision of post-adoptive services will be offered also by the family.

What are the costs involved in adopting a child in the Philippines?

The fees and charges involving the adoption may vary depending on applicants who are either former Filipinos or foreigners permanently
residing abroad. It is best that you may contact someone who successfully adopted a child and can advise you on this.

For domestic adoption, the following are the fees and charges you should prepare:

1. Lawyers’ fee

2. Newspaper publication of the adoption petition. The total cost for the publication could be as low as Php 7,000 if small-time newspaper or
could be as high as Php 50,000 if big-time newspaper.

3. Court fees (docket fee, stenographic notes)

4. Fees for adoption registration and issuance of amended birth certificate.

5. Required documents which may provide fees like birth certificates, marriage certificate, proof of financial capacity (like ITR, bank deposit, etc),
clearances (barangay, police, NBI, fiscal, court), and others as proof of good moral character, good health, etc

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