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Sap S4 HANA Procurement Process Cucciculum

Topics Duration In Hours

Overview of Production Planning in SAP ERP
Introduction to SCM 3
Introduction to core production process 2
Demand Management
Introduction to Demand Mangement 1
Planning make to stock production 1
Availability checks 1
Material Requirements Planning Execution
Setting up MRP 1
Executing MRP Run 2
Planning MRP 1
Technical Processes of Requirements Planning
Net Requirements 2
Scheduling 2
Bom and Routing 1
Additional MRP Processes
Long term planning 2
MRP areas 1
Production Orders
Introduction to Production Orders 1
Processing Production Orders
Order Creation
Production orders without master data, based on planned orders, without planned orders 1
Scheduling production orders 1
Order Release
Material Availability 1
Planning capacities 1
Material Staging 1
Confirmations 1
Goods Receipt 1
Order settlement, archiving and deletion 1
Information systems and Automation 1
Total 30