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School DIEGO H.


Time & Dates Session 4 Quarter Third Quarter

The learner demonstrates understanding of concepts, principle and
A. Content Standards techniques in manicure and pedicure services.

B. Performance Standards The learner independently performs manicure and pedicure services.
LO1. Clean finger nails and toe nails
At the end of the lesson the learners are expected to:

C. Learning Competencies/ 1. Select massage movements on fingers following prescribed movements

Objectives (Write the to comfort client
code for each LC) 2. Use first-aid in case of accidental cuts and wounds
3. Ensure client’s safety and comfort is during the entire process.

Procedures of Basic Manicure and Pedicure Services (Clients Safety and
A. Subject Matter Comfort)
Integration: Wellness Massage, Health
A. References
1. Teacher’s Guide Pages NONE
2. Learner’s Material NONE
3. Textbook Pages NONE
4. Additional Materials NONE
from LR Portal
Training Regulations Beauty Care (Nail Care) NC II pg 30-31
CBC Beauty Care NC II pg 66-68
B. Other Learning client-s-comfort
Resources https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJo5DmtJ1r0

IV. PROCEDURES Teacher’s Activity/ies Learner’s Expected Response/s

A. Reviewing previous Preliminary Activities
lesson or presenting the (Prayer, Classroom Order, Motivation)
new lesson
Review on the previous lesson.
Sequence of cleaning fingernails and
toe nails.

B. Establishing a purpose Why do you need to make your clients To make the clients keep returning to
for the lesson safe and comfortable in your salon? our salon because they feel satisfied
and comfortable to our services and
they feel safe.
C. Presenting examples/ Present the video
instances of the new https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJ
lesson o5DmtJ1r0
How can you make your clients feel 1. Develop a Rewards Program
comfortable and safe in your nail 2. Create an Inviting Atmosphere.
salon? Creating a comfortable, inviting
atmosphere shows you care about
making your clients’ experience a
pleasant one.
3. Lend an Ear
Show your clients you care about their
needs—and what they have to say.
Get to know your clients, and show
that you are listening to what they
have to say.
4. Entice New Clients
Offer new clients a complimentary
service along with their next visit.
5. Host Events
Going to the salon can be a social
experience; clients get the chance to
catch up with their stylist, nail
technician, etc. Make the experience
even more social by holding fun
events every few months where
clients can sip wine while sampling
new products, getting makeovers,
and participating in raffles and
6. Personalize Email
7. Try to Accommodate
Sometimes your clients have a last-
minute emergency. Or maybe they
have an event they were invited to
and want their nails looking great!
Although you can’t guarantee that you
can make time for all last-minute
requests, try to be as accommodating
as possible. Your clients won’t forget
how you made time for them despite
your busy schedule!
8. Engage Your Followers
Once you’ve managed to attract
followers, keep them engaged by
posting content regularly and
responding directly to questions and
comments. It’ll show your followers
that you care; if you ignore someone,
you could easily lose that client.
9. Share Attention-Getting Content.
Offer promotions via email or social
media. Create a blog and/or
newsletter where clients can find out
about the latest industry tips and
10. Offer the Best and the Latest
11. Immediately apply first aid in
case of accidental cuts and
wounds assuring that they will be
D. Discussing new concepts GAME/ ACTIVITY: JUMBLED
and practicing new skills LETTERS:
#1 Group students into 6, give 1 set of Effleurage massage
jumbled letters to each group. Ask Petrissage massage
student to form the correct word. Sliding
Emphasize that the words are Circular
massage movements. By any source Stretching
that they have (dictionary, mobile Friction
phone, let each group give definition,
describe and demonstrate if possible
the massage movement)

Discuss and demonstrate massage

Effleurage massage
Petrissage massage
E. Discussing new Group students into 5 groups, Show
concepts and practice pictures of clients with accidental cuts
new skills #2 during the nail service.

Ask them what will they do during such CALL 911 IF:
incident, how will they handle the
situation. Ideas are written in Manila  The fingertip or toe has been
Paper. Each group representative will partially or
present their ideas. completely amputated.
 Major bleeding doesn't stop
after 10 minutes of pressure.

1. When to See a Health Care

Go to an emergency room or call
a health care provider quickly if:

 The finger or toe is deformed,

which may indicate fracture or
dislocation. if you are unable
to straighten and bend your
finger normally, it may
indicate a fracture or a tendon

 The wound looks deep or

long enough to need stitches.

 Discoloration or
a bruise under the nail covers
more than a quarter of the
nail or there is continuing,
intense pain.

 The nail is completely torn off

or partially cut off from a
crush injury or cut.
2. Stop Bleeding

 Apply direct pressure with a

clean cloth.

3. Clean and Protect the Wound

If the nail is torn, use sterile scissors
to cut off rough edges to prevent
further injury.

 Clean the wound and torn nail

area with soap and warm

 Apply antibiotic ointment and


4. Treat Symptoms

 For swelling, ice the area.

 For pain,
give acetaminophen (Tylenol)
or ibuprofen (Advil, Aleve).

5. Follow Up

 Continue to use ice and over-

pain medication as needed.
Pain and swelling should
clear up within a week. It can
take several months for a nail
that has separated from the
nailbed to grow back.

 Change the bandage daily. If

signs of infection develop --
such as pus, redness, or heat
around the nail or a red
streak extending from the
wound -- call a health
care provider promptly.

 The person may need

a tetanus shot or booster,
depending on the date of last
booster shot.

 If the person sees a health

care provider, the health care
provider will determine if
there is a fracture or if tissue
under the nail needs repair
and may remove the nail to
make the repair. The health
care provider may make a
hole in the nail to
drain blood and give a
tetanus shot if needed.

F. Developing mastery Role Play: Same Group .

Students will perform a role play on

how to make a client comfortable and
safe in the salon, include first aid
application in case of accidental cuts
and wounds during session.
G. Finding practical Use knowledge of first aid application
applications of concepts in case of accidental cuts and wounds
and skills in daily living at home.
H. Making generalization How to ensure your client’s safety and When establishing relationships with
and abstractions about comfort? your clients, it is important that they
the lesson feel comfortable prior to receiving a
treatment. In order to make a lasting
impression, there are many things to
take into account that will benefit, or
hinder, the client’s overall experience.
The client’s comfort level may be the
determining factor in whether or not
they return to your spa to receive
another treatment. From spa
cleanliness to listening and achieving
the client’s wants and needs, here are
10 things that will help ensure your
clients’ comfort level:
1. Ask if the temperature is adequate.
2. Ask the client about their favorite
scent and music preference.
3. Review the client’s home care
4. Wash your hands/select your
5. Listen to the client’s reason for
visiting the spa.
6. Ask the client how their day is
7. Explain the steps of your service.
8. Keep your conversation on the
9. Provide some quiet time.
10. Always keep your retail products
on display.
I. Evaluating learning Rubrics of Role Play

J. Additional activities for

application or remediation
A. No. of learners who
___ out of __ students belong to 80% mastery level during formative
earned 80% on the
formative assessment
B. No. of learners who
require additional __ students need remediation.
activities for remediation
C. Did the remedial lessons
work? No. of learners
__ out __ students have caught up with the lesson
who have caught up with
the lesson.

D. No. of learners who

continue to require _ students need a follow up remediation
E. Which of my teaching
strategies worked well?
Why did these work?
F. What difficulties did I
encounter which my
principal or supervisor
can help me solve?
G. What innovation or
localized materials did I
use / discover which I
wish to share with other

Prepared by:

Christine D. Bara
Diego H. Patigayon National High School