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Request Form for Bulletproof Vest Senior Design Project

Dr. Reza Shirazi

July 20, 2015

 Project Title:
Design of a light flexible bulletproof vest using smart materials

 Is the project CONFIDENTIAL? Yes / No

 Pl. identify critical Design Component(s)?

Computer Simulation
Finite Element Analysis
Knowledge of Engineering Materials

 Expertize needed to address the design component (pl. circle ALL that apply)
Statics, Dynamics, Thermo, Fluids, Controls, K&D, Heat Transfer, Materials, FEA, …..
Pl. add anything else you feel needed. Thanks.

 Special software expertise needed?

Matlab, LabView, Algor, Solidworks, …..
Pl. specify if there’s anything else? Thanks. Knowledge of Finite Element is Valuable

 Is Machine shop expertize needed? Yes / No Minimal

 Pl. mention MINIMUM Measurable Outcome(s):

 Is there any Key Performance Indicator (KPI) you plan to use to measure progress towards
Measurable Outcome?

Computer simulation
Design improvement
Experimental Validation of Various Designs
Economic Analysis

If you’ve a write-up you want to add, pl. do so either as an attachment or type/write below & over.

Bulletproof vests are used every day by the military service men and women who

protect our country. These vests are vital to keeping our soldiers alive in foreign lands such Iraq,

where there is a constant possibility of danger and harm. They must protect them by keeping
shrapnel, rifle and handgun rounds from penetrating their body and causing harm to vital

organs. Preventing penetration is the initial defense, but it is also important to remember that

each of these objects carry such a high force from impact, that high trauma may occur even

when objects don’t penetrate. Thus, trauma protection and prevention is vital when designing a

vest for military and law enforcement use. Protection of these individuals is the main focus, but

another important factor is making sure that soldiers and law enforcement are as comfortable

as possible while being protected. Soldiers often times complain about the heat and weight of

bulletproof vests [Error! Reference source not found.], as well as the stiffness and

maneuverability they have when within them. The main focus and task of this project was

to develop and create a vest that is lighter and cooler, while still providing all the required

protection standards for use in the field. Last year bulletproof testing pads consisting of Kevlar

KM2 and Spectra 1000 were created & tested in varying configurations to determine how to

decrease trauma and increase comfort. The aerial weights of the fabrics were compared to that

of a real life vest with Goldflex IIIa body armor. The configurations created ended up being less

reliable in terms of trauma due to smaller impact areas, but were able to be more comfortable

because of a lack of lamination, increasing air flow. Based on these experimental results, we

believe that it is possible to design a better bulletproof vest that will as reliable as the

commercial one yet a whole lot more comfortable due to breathability of the design.

Objectives of continuation of the project include validating them by computer

simulation and finalize the design for potential commercial applications. Design will show

reduction in weight and increase in comfort due better air circulation and/or maneuverability

of the vest.

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