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1. Who are the parents of Mary?

A. Joachim and Anne C.
Zechariah and Elizabeth B. Joseph and Hannah
D. Anna and Simeon
2. By whom was the invocation “Queen of the Holy Rosary” introduced?
A. John Paul II B. Pius XII C. Leo XIII D.
Benedict XVI
3. Mary was greeted by St. Gabriel the Archangel to announce the birth of
the Son of God. What was her reply to this greeting?
A. "I don't want to." C. "No, thanks.
I'll take a pass."
B. "My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior."
C. D. "Be it done unto me according to your word."

4. The prayer "Hail Mary" is one of the most loved Marian prayers. The
portion of the response which says "Holy Mary, Mother of God" was
based on the words of which character in the Bible?
A. The angel Gabriel B. Herod C. St. Joseph
D. St. Elizabeth

5. There are four Marian dogmas confirmed and approved by the Catholic
Church. Which of the following is not a Marian dogma?
A. The Perpetual Virginity of Mary C. The Immaculate
B. The Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary D. The Divine
Motherhood of Mary

6. Do Catholics worship Mary?

A. Yes, because they consider her the Mother of God.
B. Yes, because they carry her statues.
C. No, they venerate her.
D. No, because they consider her only an ordinary woman.

7. As Simeon the Prophet foretold, Mary experienced Seven Sorrows that

modern Catholics commemorate. Which of the following is not included
in the list?
A. The flight into Egypt C. The loss and finding of the
Child Jesus
B. The death of Elizabeth D. The crucifixion of Jesus

8. This event is seen in the tradition of the Catholic Church wherein the
Lord did not permit that the body of Mary would experience decay. She
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was taken body and soul into heaven. What is this event which is a
Marian dogma?
A. The Coronation of Mary C. The Ascension of
B. The Queenship of Mary D. The Assumption
of Mary

9. Where did the angel Gabriel appear to Mary when he asked her to be
the mother of the Redeemer?
A. Bethlehem B.Jerusalem C.Nazareth of Galiliee

10. How old was Jesus when Mary and Joseph presented Him at the
Temple in Jerusalem?
A. Three weeks old B. One year old C. Eight days old
D.Forty days old

11. When does the Catholic Church celebrate the birthday of Mary?
A. August 15 B. September 8 C. January 1
D. December 8

12. Which Marian prayer is recorded in the Gospel of Luke?

A. The Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary B. The
Angelus C. Hail, Holy Queen
D. Magnificat, or Canticle of Mary

13. Which famous Marian pilgrimage site is the home of the

apparitions where the Blessed Virgin appeared to Bernadette
A. La Salette, France B. Fatima,
Portugal C. Lourdes, France
D. Amsterdam, Netherlands

14. What was the occupation of Mary's husband Joseph?

A. Carpenter B. fisherman C. tent maker
D. tailor

15. What did Mary do right after the angel appeared to her?
A. visited Elisabeth. C. married Joseph.
B. went to Bethlehem. D. went to Jerusalem.

16. What happened when Elisabeth heard Mary's greeting?

A. The child she was carrying leapt in her womb.
B. Elisabeth sang a song of greeting.
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C. The child she was carrying died.
D. Elisabeth was very distressed and left the house.

17. What was the feast that Mary and Joseph went to Jerusalem for
each year?
A. Passover B. Purim C. Feast of Tabernacles D.
Festival of Booths

18. What did Mary tell the servants to do when Jesus turned the
water into wine?
A. Whatever the headwaiter told them to. B. Whatever Jesus
told them to. C. Get only new jars. D. Get the
jars and fill them with water.

19. When the angel spoke to Mary, he said, Hail, thou that art
highly favoured, the Lord is with thee and...
A. blessed art thou among women.
B. B. whomever you shall bless shall be blessed.
C. your cousin Elisabeth is even now with child.
D. from henceforth all generations shall worship you.

20. Mary is said to be descended from which character of the Old

Testament through her father?
A. Aaron B. David C.Rebekah D.

21. On which date is the feast of Our Lady of the Annunciation

celebrated, in Roman Catholicism?
A. December 24 B. February 28 C.April 2
D.March 25

22. In 1531, a vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared twice to

Juan Diego, a member of the Aztec nation and a convert to Roman
Catholicism. Which title of Mary was given to her after her appearance
in Juan's little village, which today is a suburb of Mexico City?
A. Our Lady of Juarez C. Our Lady of
B. Our Lady of Guadalupe D. Our Lady of
Santo Domingo

23. Of all the New Testament books, the Gospels of Matthew and
Luke speak about Christ's conception and birth the most. Mary gave
birth to Christ in Bethlehem, but she was only visiting there. In which
city did she herself live?
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A. Jerusalem B. Cana C. Magdala
D. Nazareth

24. According to Luke 2:41-51, Mary and Joseph found Jesus Christ in
the Jewish temple when He was twelve years-old. Prior to that, they
had lost Him and He had been missing for three days. What was Mary's
response after Jesus told her that He needed to be in His Father's
A. She argued that Jesus was too young to be a Rabbi, and she said this
because He was acting like He was a Rabbi.
B. She told Jesus that Joseph was His legal father and He needed to start
respecting him.
C. She said nothing. She treasured His words in her heart, though.
D. She cried and asked Jesus to come back to her home.

25. According to traditional depictions of Mary, Christ's mother, what

colors does she commonly wear?
A. Pink and red C. Black and white
B. C. Blue and purple D. Blue and white

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