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Number Verb Past Simple Past Participle Definition

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Verb Past Simple
Verb Past Simple

Simple present Past Simple

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Nº Verb Past Simple Past Participle

1 be was/were been Verb

2 become became become Verb

3 begin began begun Verb

4 break broke broken Verb

5 bring brought brought Verb

6 build built built Verb

7 buy bought bought Verb

8 can could been able Verb

9 catch caught caught Verb

10 choose chose chosen Verb

11 come came come Verb

12 cost cost cost Verb

13 dig dug dug Verb

14 do did done Verb

15 draw drew drawn Verb

16 drink drank drunk Verb

17 drive drove driven Verb

18 eat ate eaten Verb

19 fall fell fallen Verb

20 feed fed fed Verb

21 feel felt felt Verb

22 find found found Verb

23 fly flew flown Verb

24 forget forgot forgotten Verb

25 get got got Verb

26 give gave given Verb

27 go went gone/been Verb

28 grow grew grown Verb

29 have had had Verb

30 hear heard heard Verb

31 hold held held Verb

32 hurt hurt hurt Verb

33 keep kept kept Verb

34 know knew known Verb

35 learn learned/learnt learned/learnt Verb

36 leave lef lef Verb

37 let let let Verb

38 lose lost lost Verb

39 make made made Verb

40 mean meant meant Verb

41 meet met met Verb

42 pay paid paid Verb

43 put put put Verb

44 read read/red read/red Verb

45 ride rode ridden Verb

46 ring rang rung Verb

47 run ran run Verb

48 say said said Verb

49 see saw seen Verb

50 sell sold sold Verb

51 send sent sent Verb

52 shine shone shone Verb

53 show showed shown Verb

54 sing sang sung Verb

55 sleep slept slept Verb

56 speak spoke spoken Verb

57 spend spent spent Verb

58 stand stood stood Verb

59 steal stole stolen Verb

60 swim swam swum Verb

61 take took taken Verb

62 teach taught taught Verb

63 tell told told Verb

64 think thought thought Verb

65 throw threw thrown Verb

66 understand understood understood Verb

67 wear wore worn Verb

68 win won won Verb

69 write wrote written Verb

70 enjoy enjoyed Nouns

71 stop stopped Nouns

72 stay stayed Nouns

73 play played Nouns

74 ask asked Nouns

75 call called Nouns

76 explain explained Nouns

77 clap clapped Nouns

78 close closed Nouns

79 cry cried

80 copy copied

81 drop dropped

82 drown drowned

83 examine examined
84 hurry hurried

85 laugh laughed

86 need needed

87 repair repaired

88 smile smiled

89 spot spotted

90 tidy tidied

91 touch touched

92 trip tripped

93 try tried

94 use used

95 worry worried
96 late lāt

97 busy bizē

98 Friday frīdā

99 Sunday səndā

100 Monday məndā

101 Thursday THərzdā

102 Tuesday t(y)ooozdā

103 Saturday satərˌdā

104 Month mənTH

105 Angry/Annoye aNGgrē

106 Cold

107 Surprised sə(r)ˈprīzd

108 Embarrased emˈbarəst

109 Damaged

110 tasty tāstē

111 tired

112 help helped

113 wash washed

114 live lived

115 arrive arrived

116 study studied

117 plan planned

118 agree agreed

119 borrow borrowed

add -ed to most regular verbs.
add -d to verbs that end in -e.
remove -y add -ied to verbs that end in -y
when a verb ends in vowel + one consonant, we usually double the consonant

Past simple Correção

Verb Past Simple Exercice 01 TREINAMENTO 01
be was/were Irregular verb was/were CORRETO
become became Irregular verb became CORRETO
begin began Irregular verb began CORRETO
break broke Irregular verb broak ERRADO BROKE
bring brought Irregular verb bronght ERRADO BROUGHT
build built Irregular verb build CORRETO
buy bought Irregular verb ERRADO BOUGHT
can could Irregular verb ERRADO COULD
catch caught Irregular verb ERRADO CAUGHT
choose chose Irregular verb chose CORRETO
come came Irregular verb came CORRETO
cost cost Irregular verb cost CORRETO
dig dug Irregular verb ERRADO DUG
do did Irregular verb did CORRETO
draw drew Irregular verb drew CORRETO
drink drank Irregular verb drank CORRETO
drive drove Irregular verb drove CORRETO
eat ate Irregular verb ate CORRETO
fall fell Irregular verb fell CORRETO
feed fed Irregular verb fed CORRETO
feel felt Irregular verb felt CORRETO
find found Irregular verb found CORRETO
fly flew Irregular verb flew CORRETO
forget forgot Irregular verb forgot CORRETO
get got Irregular verb got CORRETO
give gave Irregular verb gave CORRETO
go went Irregular verb went CORRETO
grow grew Irregular verb grew CORRETO
have had Irregular verb had CORRETO
hear heard Irregular verb hear ERRADO HEARD
hold held Irregular verb holght ERRADO HELD
hurt hurt Irregular verb ERRADO HURT
keep kept Irregular verb kelp ERRADO KEPT
know knew Irregular verb knew CORRETO
learn learned/learnt Irregular verb learn ERRADO LEARNED/LEARNT
leave lef Irregular verb 6.9
let let Irregular verb
lose lost Irregular verb
make made Irregular verb
mean meant Irregular verb
meet met Irregular verb
pay paid Irregular verb
put put Irregular verb
read read/red Irregular verb
ride rode Irregular verb
ring rang Irregular verb
run ran Irregular verb
say said Irregular verb
see saw Irregular verb
sell sold Irregular verb
send sent Irregular verb
shine shone Irregular verb
show showed Irregular verb
sing sang Irregular verb
sleep slept Irregular verb
speak spoke Irregular verb
spend spent Irregular verb
stand stood Irregular verb
steal stole Irregular verb
swim swam Irregular verb
take took Irregular verb
teach taught Irregular verb
tell told Irregular verb
think thought Irregular verb
throw threw Irregular verb
understand understood Irregular verb
wear wore Irregular verb
win won Irregular verb
write wrote Irregular verb
late lāt Irregular verb
busy bizē Irregular verb
Friday frīdā Irregular verb
Sunday səndā Irregular verb
Monday məndā Irregular verb
Thursday THərzdā Irregular verb
Tuesday t(y)ooozdā Irregular verb
Saturday satərˌdā Irregular verb
Month mənTH Irregular verb
Sit Sad Irregular verb
shake shook Irregular verb
enjoy enjoyed
stop stopped
stay stayed
play played
ask asked
call called
explain explained
clap clapped
close closed
cry cried
examine examined
drop dropped
need needed
laugh laughed
try tried
trip tripped
use used
smile smiled
tidy tidied
worry worried
repair repaired
spot spotted
touch touched
hurry hurried
drown drowned
copy copied
Pratica 01





Exercício realizado

I went to Itaúna with my wife and friends. There have a hotel your
name is Granja Glória. It’s a great hotel and expensive. There visited
every famous with Capital Inicial, Daniel, Leonardo. There we spent
1 some money but we liked it.
I went to Prata with some friends last year. It is a great city for rest.
There I studied English and slept good dream. There I bought
creamy cheese, milk and cheese. There I found and ate pequi with

I went to Itaúna with my wife and friends. There is a hotel and its
name is granja glória. It is a great hotel but expensive. We saw
famous Singer. Capital inicial. Daniel. .Leonardo. We spent some
money but we liked it.
Past Simple
I helped my mum in the kitchen
My sister studied in her room
My mom washed the green car
My granny walked to the shop
My brother listened to music
My uncle married a pretty woman
My aunt used her new laptop
My cousins arrived very late
The baby cried a lot
My dad fixed his old bike
The dogs played in the garden

We visit we visited
they like they liked
she dances she danced
I play I played
you carry you carried
he stops he stopped
you change you changed
we enjoy we enjoyed
she uses she used
you try you tried

We wash We washed
I arrive I arrived
they destroy They destroyed
you hurry you hurried
she elects she elected
you marry you married
we plan we planned
he discovers he discovered
they travel they traveled
I prefer I preferred
Eu socorrim minha mãe na cozinha
Minha irmã estudava no seu quarto
Minha mãe assistiu o carro verde
Minha avó andou para o shoping
Meu irmão esviu música
Meu tio casou com um linda mulher
Minha tia usou seu novo notbook
Meus primos chegaram muito atrasados
O bebe chorou muito
Meu pai consertou sua velha bicicleta
Os cachorros jogam no jardim

Nós visitamos
Eles gostavam
elas dançaram
Eu joguei
Você levou
eles paravam
você mudou
nós apreciamos
ela usou
você experimentou

nós assistimos
Eu cheguei
eles destruíram
você esva com pressa
ela elegeu
você casou
nós planejamos
ele descobriu
eles viajaram
eu preferi