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Read the following text. Then answer the question.

Jl. Plamboyan No. 89 Pemalang
2nd Pebruary 2009
Dear Jonny,
Hello! How are you? I received your letter today. I am very excited to hear that you are coming to stay with me for the holidays.
I am sure we will have a lot of fun together.
My parents have agreed to let you stay with me. They offered to pick you up at the airport. All you have to do is to tell us when you
are coming.
I will now tell you about some of the things you will experience here in Indonesia. You do not have to worry about the local
spicy food. We have a lot of fast food restaurants here like the ones you have in England.
You can also shop for souvenirs to bring home. Sarinah or Blok M are our famous shopping areas. They have many shops
selling all kinds of things. I am sure you will love them.
I am also planning to take you to a few tourist spots like miniature of Indonesia, National monument, or Safari Garden. We can also
go to the Ancol beach where you can swim, play on the beach, and have picnics.
My family and I are looking forward to your coming. I hope to hear from you soon. Good bye.

With love.

1. What is the letter about?

2. What will probably Jonny buy for his lunch while he is in Indonesia?
3. Write 3 parts of personal letter?

Read the following text. Then answer the question.

What is photosynthesis? Photosynthesis is a food-making process that occurs in green plants. It is the chief function of leaves.
The word photosynthesis means putting together with light. Green plants use energy from light to combine carbon dioxide and water
to make sugar and other chemical compounds.
How is the light used in photosynthesis?
The light used in photosynthesis is absorbed by a green pigment called chlorophyll. Each food-making cell in a plant leaf contains
chlorophyll in small bodies called chloroplasts. In chloroplast, light energy causes water drawn form the soil to split into hydrogen
and oxygen.
What are the steps of photosynthesis process? Let me tell you the process of photosynthesis, in a series of complicated steps, the
hydrogen combines with carbon dioxide from the air, forming a simple sugar. Oxygen from the water molecules is given off in the
process. From sugar together with nitrogen, sulphur, and phosporus from the soil-green plants can make starch, fat, protein, vitamins,
and other complex compounds essential for life. Photosynthesis provides the chemical energy that is needed to produced these

4. What step after the hydrogen combines with carbon dioxide from the air?
5. What are photosynthesis need?
6. What the product of photosynthesis

Read the following text. Then answer the question.

Heavy snowfall can paralyse transportation, causing activities to slow down even in areas that are hit regularly by it. It can also shut
down electricity, gas supplies, and telephone lines. Also, roads can be much more difficult to travel along because of the snow. If one
insists on traveling despite the weather, snow can trap your vehicle. Snowfall can decrease the electricity generated by solar panels.

7. Write at least 2 effects of heavy snowfall based on the monologue?

Today, many young children have started using mobile phones. Because of this, some experts fear that children today will lack social
interaction skills. As these children become more familiar with texting rather than direct interactions, there is a risk of the absence of
verbal tone in texts. Fights can occur due to misunderstandings that stem from toneless texts that fail to convey the speakers’

8. Why is it said that children today will lack social interaction?

The invention of television in the 1920s revolutionized how information is communicated and brought about great changes in how entertaintment is
provided. On the other hand, some people argue that there are other modern inventions better than television, such as computers. Some argue that the
computer is the best invention because it has made life easier. However, others might argue that the internet is the best invention. Others might argue
that inventions such as heart pacemakers are the best, because they help save lives.

9. Why do some people say that computer is the best invention?

10. Write possible answer by using expressions of cause and effect based on the following situation/question.
Situation/question Possible answer
a) A friend is asking to you, “why can you speak English fluently?” ...
b) Your teacher is asking to you, “why didn’t you come to school yesterday?” ...
c) Your mother is asking to you, “why do you always play video game?” ...