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College of Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering

Spring 2019
ELE 490 – Electrical Engineering Design Project I

Smart Coffee Machine

Testing and Validation

Team Members
First Name Last Name ID
Ahmed Abdel Hak B00063256
Rashed Alzaabi B00063515
Fatma AlFalasi G00052985

Due date: Monday March 25th, at 10:00PM

Engineering requirements:

1. Production cost should not exceed %10 more than the price of a coffee machine
(consider a coffee machine that cost 1000 price shouldn’t be more than 1100 AED)
2. Responding time shouldn’t exceed 2second s
3. Dimensions must be less than 32 x 20 x 25 cm
4. Should be able to receive instruction from a mobile application
5. Should be able to understand voice command that will be sent from the mobile
6. Must operate using 2.4GHz Wi-Fi range
7. Can ground different coffee brands of coffee pods
8. Could have a saved profile for each user that stores each person taste and know it’s
favorites coffee
9. Must operate on 220 Volts, 60 Hz, and shouldn’t exceed 1300 Watt

Testing Errors:

1. Test the new price

2. Test the responding time of the machine
3. Test the size
4. Test the mobile application
5. Test if it understands voice commands
6. Check its Wi-Fi connection
7. Check if it can ground different coffee brands of coffee pods
8. Check if it can save profiles
9. Check if it operates at 220 Volts, 60 Hz, and it power don’t exceed 1300 Watt

Methods of testing:

Test 1:

After building the coffee machine we will compare its price with the price of the normal
machine that we are considering, 1000.

Test 2:

We will give an order and use a timer to measure that time it take to respond. It should be less
than 2 seconds.

Test 3:

Measure the size of the machine using a measuring tape.

Test 4:

Turn the machine on and give an order by the mobile application and check if it is working
Test 5:

Give a voice command via the application and check if it understands it.

Test 6:

Check if it can connect to Wi-Fi by giving the order from the mobile, this is related to test 4 if
this didn’t work test 4 will not work also.

Test 7:

Insert different pods from different brands and see how it functions.

Test 8:

Create random profiles and thin give an order to create your favourite coffee and check if it
really does.

Test 9:

Using a Multi-meter, you could find the voltage, and the power, and if it worked then it will
be working on 60 Hz.