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Seaway Moxie
Vessel Info Full specification overleaf Fast Facts
Seaway Moxie is an installation support vessel designed and equipped to allow • 5t 3D motion compensated offshore crane
quick and safe ‘walk to work’ access to offshore installed assets such as offshore • Active motion-compensated (AMC) Gangway System
wind farms. • Award winning vessel design
• Length 74m x breadth 17m • Offshore access gangway transfer system • Ability to work in significant wave heights up to 3.5m
• Deck area 190m² • Accommodation for 60 persons
• 3D motion-compensated
extendable boom crane
Seaway Moxie

General Information Cranes Accommodation

Type Offshore Service Vessel Macgregor 3D motion Berths 60 person
Classification DNV *1A1 with the following class compensated crane
notations: SF, E0, BIS, DYNPOS- Capacity SWL 5t at 25m outreach
AUTR, CLEAN DESIGN, COMFV(3), Hook height 30m above sea level
MSC.266(84) - Code for Special Anti-Heel System
Purpose Ships, 2008. Active anti-heeling system
Flag Isle of Man Wing tanks 2x
Pump with electric motor 1x capacity approx. 400 m3/h
Principal Dimensions
Length overall 74m Safety System
Length between Fast Rescue Crafts 2x with aluminum hull, inboard
perpendiculars 70.7m diesel engine and water jet
Breadth 17m propulsion basin
Depth from deck 8m Single-point davit LARS 2x inclusive of active heave
Maximum draft 4.6m compensated winch system for
Design draft 6.0m Fast Rescue Crafts
Deck load 500t, 5t/m2 Life rafts 6x, 35 persons each, 3 on each side
Deck space 190m2
The vessel has safety equipment according to SOLAS and flag state
Gross tonnage 4,367
Net tonnage 1,311

Power and Propulsion Workability

The vessel has been designed and has proven its ability to operate
Main Propellers 2x Voith Schneider ECS Propellers
in up to 3.5m significant wave height, both for personnel transfers
and Cycloidal
via gangway and cargo transfers using its specialized crane within its
Rudders and associated

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area of operation.
Power 1,850kW approx. Transfer Gangway
Motor speed 0 – 1,200rpm
Blade orbit diameter 2,800mm An uptime-supplied motion compensated gangway (transfer system)
Blade length 2,340mm is installed on the C-deck mid-ship. The transfer system is based
No. of blades: 5 on an active motion compensated gangway system and can work in
various modes.
DP Systems Access to the transfer system is arranged directly from the C-Deck
The vessel is equipped with a DP-2 (Dynpos AUTR) system on a permanent basis thus allowing for easy and safe access of
comprising the following reference system and sensors: personnel.
2x Wind sensors with heating
3x Motion Reference Units
(x-y direction)
2x Differential GPS Systems
1x Cyscan Laser Reference www.subsea7.com
1x Radarscan Relative
Position Sensor
Our Differentiators
The Subsea 7 fleet comprises of vessels that have exceptional versatility, capable of operations worldwide including; pipelay, construction,
survey, remote intervention, diving support, heavy lifting operations, renewables and decommissioning.
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