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Today was undoubtedly the most interesting and fun day at IIMA.

I was excited of what the OB

induction had in store for us, and today’s events managed to exceed my expectations by a big
margin. Entering the Auditorium at around 8.40am, I just found orange caps outside. Turns out all
the other caps were taken as I was one of the last to enter the Auditorium. Starting with sitting with
people wearing caps of a different colour, to the rotational chair exercise, I was meeting a new
person every 5 minutes. It was an enriching experience to be around such diverse people and get
to know them at such a rapid pace. The blindfolding exercise was supposed to take place next, and
I was one of the lucky ones to actually get blindfolded. I never knew how such simple exercises
could teach us great moral values like trust, leadership and faith, all of which I came to know in
the session that followed. The session was an analysis of what the exercise was actually about, and
understanding what it takes to lead, and have people following you who you are responsible for,
was an entirely new and motivating experience for me. The afternoon session was about teamwork,
and taught us to understand each other and work together with new people. The interactions
brought me close to my study group members, and we came up with innovative ideas on
redecorating the underpass. The analysis that followed made me understand how a good team
makes completing almost any task easier, fun and efficient.
This day was quite a learning experience for me, and it taught me more than the entire week
combined here at IIMA. Core values, the ability to work in a team, understanding and respecting
the opinion of a person regardless of his stature, and proper interaction and discussion in building
an idea, is what will support any vision and shape the culture in any organization that I work in.
The values that I learnt today might turn out to be the guiding principles that I decide the way I
work. Positivity is another important factor for a team, as it requires every team member to be
optimistic even in the most drastic of situations. If every team member is truly motivated, the tasks
seem simple enough for everyone. The blindfolded exercises taught me how in my firm, sometimes
the best move to make is to place your trust in the leader and take his advice. When we’re not an
expert on a topic, sometimes it’s a better decision to follow someone who does. The above-
mentioned values hold such an importance in a workplace, then when out of alignment, the result
is nothing but chaos. People work with different goals and hence different outcomes. All it does is
damage work relationships, reduce productivity and decrease the potential of all the employees.
Hence, values are the “why” that’ll keep us motivated and creative throughout our work life. And
if we are sure of the “why”, we’ll spend less time examining what we need to do and more on
working towards the firm’s growth and success.