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Asset Management system plays a typical role andacts like a link between Units of
an Organization usually acorporate
company. The main objective of Asset Management system! is tointroduce comp
uterized system in a widely spreadorganization which can be used as a resource
for privatenetwork" in order to ful#ll the basic needs of an Organizationlike
$nformation sharing" %ommunication" &ocument 'iewingas well as
sharing. This Asset Management (ystem helps in creating andmanaging a data
repository of the inventory pertaining
tothe hardware of $T resources in organization. The $Tinventory list basically cons
ists of
computers" monitors"software" network devices" printers. )lotters scanners"cartr
idges" etc*..
Asset Management (ystem is a web
basedapplication" which has two major components " anapplication for
automatically capturing the
inventory datapertaining to the installed hardware and software of acomputer an
d its associated peripherals" and secondcomponent named which helps in the ma
nagement of these inventories The second module makes use of the data
captured by the #rst and the #nancial and commercial
datapertaining to the inventory. The #nancial details include data on
purchaseorder" invoice" warranty " AM% and the commercial
detailsinclude data on suppliers" contacts " contracts etc " The#nancial and comm
ercial data have to be enteredmanually into the second Module . The data captur
ed couldbe imported into the second Module+ also manual entry of inventory
data is possible in the software.
The problem de#nition for the system is to launching theonline system for the
inventory of Technical store. The objective of the project is to setting up of
anon,line en-uiry system about the status of the availabilityof the hardware
items printer /laptop /scanner0 along withthe facility to apply online and also to
automate the issuingprocedure.
•Time &elay1 $t is ine2cient to deal with
voluminousdata manually in the e3isting system" recordstored in di4erent #les. $t
takes lot of time tosearch di4erent #les.
•5edundancy1 As the branches are located indi4erent locations" same #les have
to be stored atall branches which involve lot of complications and duplication
works thus causes redundancy.
•Accuracy1 (ince same data is compiled at di4erentbranches the possibility of
tabulating data wrong
increases also data is more" validation becomesdi2cult. $t may result in loss of
accuracy of data.
Computerizing of an organization whose
branchesare situated at di4erent locations and connectingthem through $ntranet.
This provides easy accessingof shared data and provides communication
channelbetween employees
•5eliability1 The project performs intended functionwith re-uired precision+
hence this project is veryreliable.
•6easibility1 The project maintenance is very
easyand modi#cations can be made in the e3istingsystem in future. The project
can interconnect toother groups within the organization and also to allother
branches under integrated network.
•Online )rocessing1 The online processing of theproject is very simple following th
e e3istingmanual method without changes and suitablevalidation is provided for t
he easy and correctaccess of users.
•(ecurity1 (ecurity measures are taken to avoidmishandling of database. )assword
restrictions are