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Republic of the Philippines

Region XI
Division of Davao del Norte
Sto. Tomas East District
San Vicente, Sto. Tomas, Davao del Norte

School I.D No.: 128747

Accomplishment Report on Science and Mathematics Enhancement Program


I. Rationale

Enhancing the Training of Mathematics and Science Teachers Program is driving a major improvement in the
quality of mathematics and science teachers by supporting new pre-service programs in which faculties, schools or
departments of science, mathematics and education collaborate on course design and delivery, combining content and
pedagogy so that mathematics and science are taught as dynamic, forward-looking and collaborative human endeavors.

In this connection, the Division of Davao del Norte has implemented this program for equipping and enhancing the skills and
knowledge of teachers who are teaching Mathematics and Science. Thus, fully equipped teachers can affect greatly to the
academic performance of the pupils in the field of Science and Math subjects.

II. Objectives

1. This program aims to improve the skills and knowledge of teachers who are teaching Math and Science.
2. Improve learners’ academic performance through fully equipped teachers.
3. Provides more innovative strategies in teaching that will be shared by co teachers.

III. Activities/Strategies

1. Attend district seminar/workshop.

2. Lesson planning
3. IM’s making
4. Observing demonstration teaching

IV. Recommendation:

Based on the findings after a series of seminar/workshop, we can really say that the program is helpful to us
especially the main goal is to improve the learners academic performance in the classroom based on what we have
learned. And with that, we highly recommend to continue this program especially to the new teachers who are needed
to be trained on how to teach Science and Math subjects effectively in the classroom.

Prepared by:

SMEP Coordinator


School Head