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Read te folowing account and give reactions afterward 1990 Bagulo Cty Earthquake (Source: ew copies com) Looking back, t was exacty 426 am. an Manday 16 July 1990, thet hilar earthquake unexpectedly hit and evlensively devastated tho Cy of Bogu. As ‘epared the powertltemblor measured 7.7 nthe epenended Recher scale and foxed fr 45 seconds. It waa sad tobe the most destructive earthquake on record within the Cordlera Region. Thre were numerous aftershocks tat flowed and the stangest, which occured at 3:15 a.m. of July 18, sted freight seconds. ‘and measured 5.3 on the Fleer sal Fearing for ther ves, many of Baguo's 120,000 people slept outdoors on Monday night. The oly sured the mod in trms of destruction fe properties and ‘numerous deaths. Meny commercial and goverment buildngs, hotels, is, and residences were heaviy damaged. The death tol continued fo rio as rescuers pled more bodies from the rubbles. It was estmatod that as many 35 1,000 ‘people ware trapped and klein damaged buildings. ‘The five-star Hyatt Terraces Plaza sustained tho worst damage whon feraced font cotpsed ona tho iby are, king about £0 people. The Baguio Park Hotel along Harrison Road was @ ffl wreck. Tho luxurious Nevade Hot! Inti s located right eeress from the main gato of Camp John Hay wes ripped In half by the quake, leaving 2 huge gash m the middle of the structure. The Saint Vincent Catholic Church long Naguilan Road was spared by the strong ‘quake, owever a portion oft retaining wall and parking area was damaged and {Cols tothe road below, The church, whic has withstood typhoons, bombings ‘uring the 2nd World Wr, and cher disasters, sufered only minor demege. At the University of Baguio (UB), was intally reported that 29 people, mostly students, wee led when tho supporting structure of the commerce bung gave way. Nearby the FRB Bulking slso crumbed fo the ground. The FRE bung and UB ae both owned by Ferando Bautista, Sr. and his famiy The Phigpine Mitary Academy at Fo ba Pa nas sso one of tho wort ht porns in Be iy The arte gtd misrooned fo. 8 font ety whore codels pched tenis iter tir barracks were deatoyed ‘Thee were many otter Cultings ord {E famiter ‘andar of Baguo sch ttre damaged” and_clesied a3 fovarie.Tevenced the Skyror Contoninun snd Conor Crtor = along Session Road, The Royal inn at Magsaysay Avenue, and the controversial Bau Hitop Heel which wae consncted an hi behind the Boguo Pu Martel, Because of to extensive devestaton, Baguio Cly wos described t bea virua “wor zane Aso, was rng lw on water. fa food. and eer tscafaneos base necessties 1 ide mic needed meds forthe hued rd sc peop. Rescue crows and rf suppfos began f ele no Bogus hope faged for hres of people beloved rapped under colepsed bulings 3s rest of Honey seorrqate Mosandsofessent they hud atord tsa Imatost sles prs and stots. Orensred by Cay ran, many comple? Ita oy od no ea, wal” or medi. Dost working under Unbrale on ‘Sets f plastic advected nar 00 0 he jure. THe’ tro Nossal wars at tareped end wot poner Aersocks ContnvedDroughout edo, Het Sci orm ht Traces se vo tossed 0 st no ress operons were evident ros _at schools, office buildings and factories. cet mahal Thottee man css roadso Baguio were locked landslides tht hun of metasts wae stick along the Pighvays. The oods were ttly pasate ‘che en tg ah yh tr ater Kennan Road Marcos ghey. or Nag Road Diloent prions ‘aceon Rod waa bake by ade Ts endorses nals as ‘ical needed aio tnecty npostie. Loakan atporthodt bo orhonc go {oconmerc gts alow on, sples oqupmen and esas facene a transported usa mary and soe prio Seed