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ity of Miami May 23, 2019 JOSEPH X CAROLLO 3230 MORRIS LN MIAML, FL 33133-3231 33133-3231 3230 MORRIS LN CR: CE2019009565 JOSEPH X CAROLLO 3230 MORRIS LN MIAMI, FL 33133-3231 33133-3231 Folio: 0141150110100 NOTICE OF VIOLATION Potential Property Lien Subject Property: 3230 MORRIS LN Folio: 0141150110100 Dear JOSEPH X CAROLLO: ‘You ae notified that an inspection of the above property discloses that you are in violation of the following laws, including: VIOL REF¥ 2104-WORK PERFORMED WITHOUT A FINALIZED PERMIT City Code SEC 10-3 (FBC 104, 105)ZON ORD SEC 2102 ‘Correction: Based on the documentation received from the Building Department, Environmental Resources and our physical inspection of the property, the following violations were identified: 1. The wood lattice was attached to the 6ft fence after the permit was finalized. 2, The flat roof was converted into a roofetop deck, with guardrail. 3, Three carports were constructed without a permit. 4. The pavers are not reflected on the permit history report. [All items require an Afler the Fact permit from the Building Department. Please visit hips:// or call City of Miami ‘Building Department 444 S.W. 2nd Avenue, Ath floor ‘Miami, FL 33130 Office: (05) 416-1100 : 305) 416-2168 Tecate ola ea ela 9214 8965 0099 9790 1b28 1530 52 TT 30.500 mma Rane Cuahepteniny $3.50 — Bente t ramen Ctra” SS her tpammt otf og ——| $e S600 Taal Pogson Foe i i $ JOSEPH X cat op Soo fad, FL 35133-3251, s0103-231 soc At No, erro ato ty is Zee ‘le: CE2019000666 "RIOR OF COMMERCIAL OR RESIDENTIAL 23 810-24 disrepair. The shingles need to be painted and repaired. +03, 2019 and to notify the Inspector that the violation(s) has ‘ected with the approval ofthe inspector within the specified tre the Code Enforcement Board. If you are found guilty and tnt Board can impose fines of up to $500.00 per day for each 2 time period provided, ST THIS PROPERTY AND ALL PROPERTIES YOU OWN, CORDS OF DADE COUNTY. LIENS WHICH REMAIN DRECLOSED IN COURT. In addition, the Certificate of Use ig this property may be suspended or withheld. Operating a tr state and city law, and is “ punishable by criminal arrest and/or closing the business. ‘Name of Inspector: Genesis Troutman Office Address: 444 SW 2 AV Miami, FL 33130 Office Phone Number: (305) 416-2137 Email: [Ifyou have any questions, please contact the inspector atthe above listed office phone number Monday to Friday Genesis Troutman City of Miami Code Enforcement Inspector