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A brother, a friend and lover

Chapter 1


I woke up quite nervous.

It was seven o' clock in the morning, it was Monday and I've been awake all night to
finish my English homework. Marshall had been asking me for it for a very long time,
but I've cancelled doing it for repeated times.

I went to the bathroom still sleepy, hoping that Dickey-Moe was not in the shower. My
stupid step-brother was the person I hated most in the whole world, and I was looking
forward going to the college just to get rid of him. I hated my life since my mother left
me. She died of cancer when I was two months old, and since I had no other
relatives, I've been taken to an orphanage. And than Esme Cullen found me so
helpless, so she decided to adopt me, so her idiot son had someone to care for.

As I stepped in the bath I felt something soft on the floor. Wait a second! We don't
have a carpet in the bathroom! I said to myself. Oh my God! Dickey-Moe left his
boxer shorts on the floor again! And the boxer shorts weren't clean. Grows!

I and Edward were sharing the same bathroom. The room had two doors –one from
my room, and another one from Dickey-Moe's fucking room.

Gosh, I hated him so much! He was considering himself so superior; meanwhile I

was the stupid and boring step-sister. All the girls from Forks-High loved Edward –
maybe because he fucked them all, but I was the exception. Edward was a beautiful
guy, nothing to say, and he was also talented with the guitar. But, just because he
was so successfully with the girls he was considering himself "The King of the

While he was the beautiful and reputable son of the Cullens, I was just the stupid,
ugly and untalented daughter. Besides I was a virgin and I was a rare species in the
whole high-school.

"Dickey-Moe!" I yelled at him, while I was picking up his boxer shorts from the floor.
"What are your stinking boxers shorts doing on the floor?"

"Have you called, sis?" he asked popping the door.

"I'll throw those shitty boxers on your throat! How many times have I told you to take
your shitty underwear after you finish your activity in the bath?" Idiot! He was doing
all this deliberately just to fuck my nerves of.

"What's the matter with you, sis, you dreamed that you were having sex or what?"

"Fuck you!" I grumbled while I threw his boxers right on his face. 'Ok, B, you've
pissed him up, now make sure he won't try to hit you with those shitty boxers too!"
"I'm so sorry, Bella!" Edward said on sarcastic tone. "I've never intended to piss off
mom's little princess!" he started laughing, and I've always hated that laugh. Ever
since we were little he was making fun of me, but I've learned how to pay him off for
all. Selfish mother fucker!

"I'm really sorry for you, Bella!" said than on a normal tone. What the fuck? Oh, shoot
me now; he's just making fun of you! Do you really think that he would ever apologize
to you? Bull shit!"

"Leave me alone, you ass!" I yelled and than hit him with his tooth-brush. I should
have put poison on that thing long time ago, or throw it in the toilet. And after
throwing in the toilet to put it back as if nothing has ever happened. Isabella Marie
Swan, you're a genius!

Edward closed the door, and than I started preparing myself for a new and boring
school day. After I had a shower and brushed my teeth, I went to pick some clothes.

I picked a mauve blouse, a pair of black jeans and I brushed my hair in a ponytail.
And I was ready for a new day in that place called school and that was actually a

I went downstairs where the kitchen was to have breakfast. I gave mom a kiss on the
cheek, and than I occupied my place at the table.

"You don't look very happy today miss" noticed mom. "Do you have again problems
with your teachers?"

"Mom, when I've ever had problems at school! I'm just bored, that's all!" I sighed and
threw my eyes outside.

"You forgot what day is it?" a big smile appeared on her face. Wait a second! "Bella,
Bella, Bella…" she sighed.

"Oh my Gosh, today I'm getting eighteen!" I jumped from my chair and gave mom a
big hug.

"Happy Birthday, sweet heart!" she kissed me on the forehead, and after that she
gave me a little box from one of the shelves.

"Mom!" she knew how much I hated gifts. The only thing that ever mattered to me
was the family, and of course I loved my adoptive parents because they've been
treating me like their biological daughter.

"No, Bella, you deserve it! You are a great daughter and I still hope Edward learns
from your example" Edward to learn from my example? You gotta be shitting me,
right! Where the fuck is the hidden camera?

"Morning mom! Hello Mrs. Parachute!" said Dickey-Moe entering the room.
"Edward Anthony Cullen!" said mom a bit angry. "You forgot about Bella's birthday,
didn't you?"


Idiot! Of course he forgot, he is the biggest ass from the entire world! Gosh, how I
hated him! Why God, why?

"Well, than…happy birthday, sis!" he was looking like shit because he forgot, or he
was pretending in front of mom. Anyway he was still Dickey-Moe…

"No problem, bro! You're still a jerk!"

"OK, Parachute!" I replied while I was opening mom's present. I opened the box
anxiously, and after that I discovered the little jewel. It was a silver necklace, with a
little, but elegant pearl hanging on it. It was so simple, but so valuable. It must have
cost mom a fortune.

"Thanks, mom, I love you!" I exclaimed while hugging her.

"I love you too, Bells! You're a great daughter…" mom almost cried. I guessed she
was proud of me, because there wasn't any reason for crying. "You'd better leave,
because you're getting late for school! Come on!"

"Bye mom!" me and Edward greeted her.

Then we left like every morning with Edward's Volvo. Edward was driving like an
idiot, like the road was his own propriety. We almost had an accident on the road, but
I got to school safe and sound.

Barely had I got out of the car that Alice came at me with a huge smile on her face
and a big, pink box in her hands.

"Happy birthday, Bella!" she yelled as the whole city could hear. "Oh my God, you're
getting eighteen! I'm so excited!"

"Alice, calm down, ok! It's not such a great thing…"

"Happy birthday, Bell!" said Jasper appearing from nowhere. "A big day, isn't it?"

"Come on, guys! I hate this day!"

"As every day from her fucking life!" completed Edward. "You two shouldn't bother for
her, she's such an ungrateful bitch…"

"Thanks, Alice…and Jasper! You two are the best, know that."

"Our pleasure, Bell!" laughed Alice. "We have another surprise for you…this is the
first one only…" an evil smile appeared on her face, as she was opening my box.
I couldn't say anything because she showed me the content of the box. A beautiful,
blue dress appeared from the box. It was quite short, and with no braces, but the
color was a beautiful one. The dress was perfect!

"I would like you to wear it at a very special occasion…" giggled Alice.

"What occasion –you're wedding with Jazz?"

"No, silly! It's the other surprise I'm preparing you…"

"Sounds creepy, you know that?"

"I'm sure you'll love the surprise…am I right Jazz?"

"Yes, you're right. Edward, you know the plan don't you?"

"I know the fucking plan, don't you worry! Can I go now; I think I'm getting sick
watching this whole scene…"

I watched him leaving, and than Tanya-Fuck-Me-Now appeared near him, kissing
him. Grows…so, who was going to vomit now? I think I was going to…

It was disgusting to watch him kissing that public toilet. He was my brother, and I
loved him in a very strange way.

As I was walking to the English class I started to think at Alice's second surprise…
what it could have been?

Chapter 2


After I gave to Tanya a cigar, I went straight to the biology class-room. In my hand I
was carrying something that supposed to be Bella's present.

She was already at our table, reading some of her shitty books –"Wuthering Heights".
Grows! I hated those types of romantic books, with happy endings. But it was Bella –
she was a stupid little girl.

"Happy birthday, Mrs. Parachute!" I said sitting next to her. "Sorry for the boxers
today in the bath!"

"Ok, you freak…What have you done with my brother Edward?"

"You are such a bitch! Take your fucking present, and shut your fucking mouth! I'm
sick of your voice!"

"You are such an ass-hole! But what is it?"

"A present, you freak! Just open it and leave me alone!"

Bella removed anxiously the present, and than she saw what I bought her. It was a
cd with her stupid favorite band –Muse. The guys were great, but a little weird.
Maybe that's why Bella was the number one fan.

"The Resistance? Oh my Gosh, Edward, I love you…in a platonic way…don't you


"You wish I was your boyfriend –you are so hypocritical, Bella! I bet you had a wet
dream with me last night."

"What the fuck? You conceited, son of a bitch! You think that the whole universe
wants to marry you?" her face was red, than purple, than green. She was very mad
and she was probably thinkin at hundreds of ways to kill me with the cd. But she
calmed down after Mr. Banner got into the class.

"Stupid, mother fucker! Wish you were dead, do you hear me?"

"Why are you hiding, Bella? It's more than obvious that you are in love with me. So,
you better accept that…"

"No, I hate you! You are one selfish, son of a bitch! Leave me alone, you jerk!"

"At least read the note…"

"The note? What note?"

"The one in the box. Just read it!"

She started seeking for the note I rote her at the music class. It was a very short and
explicit one. I started laughing, thinking at her immediate reaction.

"Happy birthday, sis! I hope, now that you're eighteen, that you will get rid of your
virginity, and have sex with a real man. Let's be honest –you really have that scent of
girl desperate to have sex…"

"Edward, what is this?" asked Bella a bit confused.

"A note, duh! What do you think is this –a pet?"

"Ok, and why are you telling me I need to have sex –you want to have sex with me?"
she raised one eye brow and showed me her little evil smile. She was gorgeous with
that suspicious face…What the fuck, Cullen, is your sister! You're not thinking to fuck
her before going to college, are you?

O my Gosh that was my plan –to fuck my sister before going to college. For me it
would have been a night full of sexual pleasures, and for her it would have been the
experience of her life. I was such an evil ass!
But my parents loved her as their daughter, not as my girl. But they could make an
exception for their son –the unique one. Bella was just an intruder in my life. Maybe
that was the reason for I wanted to have her in my bed –revenge.

Bella was the last virgin in the whole school –what a loser! But maybe she dreamed
to become a nun. So un-sexy in that non costume. And besides, I was fucking scared
of nuns! They looked like aliens and they were acting like them.

And my problem was still Bella, with her thin and sexy body, that voice and of course
her capability to help me with my electric guitar…what was I thinking at? I was going
nuts for my sister! Cool, a good subject for a bestseller. Bella could have write it
–"How to sleep with your step brother" by Isabella Cullen. I forgot to mention that she
was a good writer too.

But I would have ruined my reputation if I would have hanged out with her. But
comparing her with Tanya, Bella was more beautiful and more natural than the No-

Emmet sent me a note from his place near the door.

'Dude, Alice told me to come over her place tonight. What is she planning? Is just
Monday –no Saturday…?'

'Is Bella's birthday today' I wrote back to him.

'Is Bella's birthday? O my Gosh, what am I suppose to bring her?'

'Bring just a couple of condoms and I'll take care of the rest!'

'Kinky stuff tonight, hm? Is your sister, Ned!'

'Don't give a fuck, Emmet! Go fuck yourself!'

I saw him staring at Bella, just as he was trying to warn her about my evil plans to
fuck her in Alice's bathroom. Like this was going to happen. First of all I needed a
drunk Bella, and Bella hated drinking. No chance to screw her life. You're such a
loser, Cullen!

The bell rang and than I ran outside to smoke some crap of mine. I hated to stay near
Bella for such a long time, without doing something to her.

And I was NOT IN LOVE with Bella! God dam no! That would have been the biggest
incest in the whole galaxy. If dad would have found out my plans I would have been
sent to the military academy right away. And that shitty green made me look fat.
Edward Cullen –the Prince Charming of Forks was not made for the military
academy, and not for working either.

He was made only to produce pleasure to willingly ladies. At least I wasn't a male
prostitute. But Tanya was a public toilet, and I was going to use her o take Bella out
of my head.
Another sexual intercourse with the imaginary Bella. And I was starting to go nuts for
her –and 'nuts' was not the right word. Maybe 'mad' was suitable. Bella Cullen was
completely forbidden for me –like the forbidden apple, and I assure you –Bella was a
ripe apple.

"Hello, Tanya!" I greeted her with a big and stupid smile on my face.

"Someone is in a bad mood today!" she pointed. "What happened, darling?"

"Could you please use your mouth to do something more constructive? I'm very
angry today…"

"Ok, babe. Where shall we go?"

"In my car, in the girls bathroom…I don't give a fuck! Just do it!"

Wow, I was angry…angry and horny. I started to wonder what was Bella doing, and
in that moment I saw her talking to Newton-the-Beach-Ken.

Not even in your dreams, Newton! Bella is mine, and if you want her we have to fight
for her!

Ok, I was mad already. And I was having an erection. Fuck, fuck, fuck! Wish I had
Bella in my arms…to throw my anger on her, what an intelligent guy!

I went straight to Bella and Mike, and threw my hand possessively around Bella's
shoulders. Mike was looking at us like we were two freaks. That was okay for me –
Bella was the only freak.

"Edward, I think Tanya is waiting for you!" said Bella full of anger. "Why don't you
fuck off?"

"Bella, you stupid little girl! I want to talk to you…in private!"

"I'm busy!"

"Mike, you can talk to Bella tomorrow either. Now we have to solve our problem!"

"Se you, Bell!" greeted Mike, and than left a bit upset. What a pussy!

"Edward, what the fuck is your problem? I was talking to Mike!"

"Now you're not anymore. That guy is such a Pussy!" I started laughing, imagining a
woman Mike Newton. So fucking funny!

"So?" asked Bella angrily. "What is your problem?"

"Is about tonight, and I just want to warn you…that dress is so…"

"You're jealous? O my God, you're jealous! Wait till the girls will find out!"
"You wish I was jealous. Know that I hate you…"

"If you say so…Let's go home, Alice told me that at four o'clock you should take me I
don't know where…"

She started walking and even her walk was sexy. So dam sexy, and so unspoiled!
Wish I was her boyfriend!