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Policies and Guidelines
AI 子供オンライン英会話


AI Kids Online English School International Corporation


AI 子 供オ ン ライ ン 英会 話 is a Japanese online school aiming to achieve the goal of

bringing quality English education to both children and their parents. We believe in
cultivating language skills as early as possible through new and innovative, yet,
fun ways while simultaneously developing rapport between parents and children
and their love for English.
We are hiring brilliant online teachers who want to build their skills in
communication, and are open to using fresh and ground-breaking ways to impart
their knowledge. This is a great opportunity for whoever has a passion for teaching,
an interest in personal growth and great English skills.

What we need:

 Excellent written and oral English and grammar

 Able to sustain and command a conversation in English
 An enthusiastic, lively personality
 Skilled at providing appropriate corrections and feedback to students in a
polite, friendly way
 Reliability and punctuality
 Good working home computer, stable internet connection and a quiet space
suitable for video classes
 Eagerness to impart knowledge and improve as an educator
 Knowledgeable on Skype

 ESL/EFL teaching experience, preferably in an online environment

 Skill in using the Japanese language [JLPT certified]

 Can work well with a team

 Creative and flexible
 Have a positive attitude
 Can abide by the policies and standards set by the school
 Needs minimum supervision
 Open to self-innovation, honest and considerate

Our teachers will provide one-on-one learning support for our students. Instructors
will access this service from a computer where they will conduct engaging classes.

Main Tasks:

 Conduct video classes with students [children and adults]

 Review lessons with questions and activities
 Engage the student in conversations which are interesting and fun
for the learner
 Answer student questions and requests
 Provide timely feedback and corrections during the class
 Make sure that students learn something new in each class
 Give homework for review and check homework weekly/as
requested by the student
 Send daily report and class recording to the school
 Communicate with management and other teachers as needed


1. Initial Interview with one of the admins.
2. Speed Test
3. Basic Grammar Exam
4. Teaching Demo
5. Final Interview with Mr. & Mrs. Fukuyama, the school owners.
6. Successful applicants will undergo Basic Japanese Classes and a series of
trial lessons with actual students.


A. Call Flow
1. 10 minute-class
 00-03 Building of rapport
 03-05 Review of past lesson or checking of homework
 05-08 New Lesson
 08-09 Summary & Question and Answer
 09-10 Giving of homework and/or closing

2. 20 minute-class

00-03 Building of rapport

03-07 Review of past lesson or checking of homework
07-18 New lesson discussion/ activity
18-19 Summary & Question and Answer
19-20 Giving of homework and/or closing

B. Teaching Method
1. General classes Pointers:
a. Make sure to always call on time.
b. Always start the class with a smile
c. Speak slowly, clearly and kindly
d. Never scowl or scold the student
e. Be tactful in giving corrections
f. Always let the student finish talking first before speaking. Do not
g. Follow the 30/70 ratio of speaking time, 30 % for the teacher and 70% for
the student.
h. Refrain from speaking in Japanese unless it’s necessary.
i. Make sure to correct all the student’s mistakes.
j. Make sure to teach the student a new word or two in each class.
k. Answer all student inquiries in a friendly, creative manner
l. Make sure that the student understood the lesson by asking creative
m. End the call with a friendly note.
n. When a student/mother wants to use other reference materials not
provided by the school, ask the admins if the said student/mother has
been given permission by the management to do so.
o. Inform your admin if your student needs to repeat studying the textbook
they finished so the management may inform their mother.

Additional Tips:
1. Oyako
 Make sure to utilize the presence of the mother in classes
 Make sure the mother understands what the lesson is so she can
assist the baby
 Praise both parent and child in their effort
2. Junior Baby, Kids and Teens
 Be energetic in class. Young kids respond well with enthusiastic
 Make the class time seem like a game

 Refer to the child’s likes and dislikes when choosing examples and

VI: Daily Reports, Class Summary & Progress Report Format


 Please send your Daily Report every day. Deadline for submission is
12 midnight. Unless you have a bona fide emergency,late
submissions will not be accepted and will therefore result in your
shift not being credited on your salary, so if you can’t send your
report on time, please notify the adminsASAP.

 Where to send the DR:


Team Ces>ces.dailyreport@gmail.com
Team Joy>joy.dailyreport@gmail.com
ALWAYS cc: report.aikodomoeikaiwa@gmail.com
8:00-8:10 >Maho >10minutes
8:15-8:25 >Keiko>10 minutes
8:30-8:50 >Yoshi >20 minutes
Total: 40 mins/4 classes

Class Summary:

To be posted in pCloud and the student’s chat box after class:

1. Side by Side 1 pages 5-7
2. New words/sentences: kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining
3. Homework: List 5 things you can see in the kitchen.

4. Keiko cried a lot during class because she was tired from school.

 To be posted in the student’schatbox after class: Nos. 1-3 ONLY.

 Class summaries must be uploaded and sent after each class. Failure to do
so will be given the following sanctions:

1st time in a
week verbal/written warning
2nd time in a FINAL warning. NTE
week needed.
3rd time in a all classes w/o CS will
week only
be paid 50%

classes w/o CS will not

5x in a month be


Student's Name: Keiko Iioiio
Skype ID: keiko_0301
Course: Oyako
Keiko has improved in making sentences.
She has learned the names of the parts of the body, the names of the
different seasons, the colors of the rainbow and the parts of a house.

At the beginning, she was very shy and she didn't want to participate
in the class but she was able to overcome her shyness after a few
She really likes it when we sing nursery rhymes.
She can proceed to using the next book, Side by Side 2.

We will try to gradually give her more exercises in order for her to
progress as a student.
Message to the Student:
Hi Keiko!
Thank you for taking my classes! I have a lot of fun every time we sing
and study together! Please study well and always listen to your
mother and teachers. See you! ^^

VII: Classes, Hours of Work, Attendance and Punctuality

a. Classes
 Classes are conducted on Skype. Make sure student IDs are added
to your teaching account ahead of schedule to avoid
delays.Double-check your student’s Skype ID to avoid adding the
wrong account.
 If the student has not added you yet, you may resend your contact
request especially when your class is about to start. Some students
are not fully knowledgeable about Skype and sometimes, their
settings are restricted only to those in their contact list.
You can also contact the admin-on-duty regarding this matter.

For Skype Problems:

- Always do the Skype test before starting your shift and

whenever you encounter problems during the class.
- If you have problems connecting, inform both the admin-on-
duty and your student before restarting.
- Check your Skype version and make sure it’s updated.

 You must log in 30 minutes before your shift starts, then post a
message on the teacher’s GC. Format: “In for my shift”.
 You need to post another message on the GC 5 minutesbefore the
start of your shift. Format: “ready for class”
 Call stats should be posted on the Teachers’ GC before and after
class and must include the time and duration.
 ALWAYS review your student’s last lesson. If they have difficulty
understanding the previous lesson, you may use your class time to
focus on it. Students are aware that this may happen and are

willing to go through lessons again if the teachers think they need
 Whenever your student finishes a textbook, please submit their
progress report to your designated admin (see PR sample format in
Section VI for reference).
 Using the webcam

- ALWAYS use the webcam even if for some reason, the

student can’t use theirs.
- Make sure you are alone in your room when teaching.
- Avoid messy surroundings.

 All teaching needs [internet connection, headset, pc, etc.] are

expected to be prepared in advance and are working well. All
difficulties and other concerns regarding this, including student’s
technical issues should be reported before classes or a soon as
possible to the admin on duty so that assistance may be given.
 All learning tools, student IDs and information are all exclusive.
Teachers are not allowed to use them outside classes and for
personal reasons.
 All technical difficulties during classes should be reportedASAP to
the admin on duty before troubleshooting. Students must be
informed properly at all times.
 Classes are either 10 or 20 minutes long. Classes are always
expected to start and end on time.

b. Hours of Work
Working hours vary depending on the nature of roles and responsibility of the
worker in the company. However, since we are following the “NO WORK NO PAY”
policy, and since the school is open from 7:00 a.m. JTuntil 10:30 p.m. JT,
employees may request the opportunity to vary their work schedules (within
employer‐defined limits) to better accommodate personal responsibilities.Subject
to AI Kids Online English School, work assignments and Executive Director
approval, the employee’s supervisor shall determine the hours of employment that
best suit the needs of the work to be done by the individual employee.

c. Attendance and Punctuality

Attendance is a key factor in your job performance. Punctuality and regular
attendance are expected of all employees. Excessive absences (whether excused or
unexcused), tardiness or leaving early is unacceptable. If you are absent for any
reason or plan to arrive late or leave early, you must notify your supervisor and

the office manager as far in advance as possible and no later than one hour before
the start of your scheduled work day. In the event of an emergency, you must
notify your supervisor as soon as possible.
For all absences extending longer than one day, you must notify your immediate
supervisor prior to the start of each scheduled workday. When reporting an
absence, you should indicate the nature of the problem causing your absence and
your expected return‐to‐work date. A physician’s statement may be required as
proof of the need for any illness‐related absence regardless of the length of the
Except as provided in other policies, an employee who is absent from work for
three consecutive days without notification to his or her supervisor or the
Executive Director will be suspended until further notice/considered to have
voluntarily terminated his or her employment, depending on the circumstances.
The employee’s final salary will be sent a month after he/she was terminated.
Excessive absences, tardiness or leaving early will be grounds for discipline up to
and including termination. Depending on the circumstances, including the
employee’s length of employment, the company may counsel employees prior to
termination for excessive absences, tardiness or leaving early.
For Online English Instructors, the following policies on attendance shall

1. SCHEDULE REQUEST: Teachers are required to submit a two-week schedule

request addressed to their assigned admins on or before the 12th and 28thof the
month. Teachers who couldn’t submit their schedule without valid reason would
not be given classes or would be on standby for sub classes.
 Schedule Requests for the 1st-15th for the next month will be sent on the 12th
of the current month and requests for the 16th-30th/31st for the next month
will be sent on the 28thof the current month.
For Example:
Oct. 1-15 schedule >submit on Sept 15
Oct. 16-31 schedule >submit on Sept. 30

2. LOG IN: Teachers are required to log in for class at least 30 minutes before
their shift starts. If teacher won’t be able to do so, she/he is required to send an
sms saying he/she would be late for log in and the time she would go on line
should be indicated. Classes will be transferred automatically in case there’s no
word from the teacher, and instructor will be marked “absent”.

3.DISCONNECTIONS (DC) AND POWER OUTS (PO): Teachers who get disconnected
from the internet/suffer from power outs (brownout in our lingo) during classes
and therefore can’t attend his/her class or the rest of the shift must immediately
send an SMS to the admin-on-duty. Please indicate if you will be able to attend the
rest of your shift so the admins can transfer/cancel your classes.

>no internet connection/ 1st time in a
power week verbal/written warning
2nd time in
out (brownout) week verbal/written warning
>No sms will count as 3rd time in a Teachers' schedule will
NSNN week be
>No referrence number put on hold for a week
will until
count as absence service becomes stable.

Teachers' schedule will

5x in a month be
limited until service

4. TARDINESS: Tardiness is defined as being late in the class regardless of the

number of seconds/minutes late, and therefore, not able to start the class on time.
For sanctions, please see the list below:

1st time in a
month verbal/written warning
2nd time in a
month verbal/written warning
3rd time in a
month 1 day suspension + NTE

5. UNDERTIME: Is defined as cutting short the class schedules all of a sudden with
no valid reason. See list of sanctions below for reference:
1st time in a
week verbal/written warning Valid reasons with proof will not be
2nd time in FINAL WARNING. 30%
week deduc- penalized.
tion for classes affected.

3rd time in a Submit NTE and 50%

week deduc-
tion for classes affected.

5x in a month 2-day suspension

Valid reasons:
- Sudden brownout.

- Sudden internet disconnection.

- Emergencies

6. ABSENCES: Defined as whole day absent with notice affecting all the classes of
the teacher. Approved vacation leaves filed 7 days before the actual day of leave
are not counted.

ABSENCES *for invalid reasons

>notice must be given at least 1st time in a month verbal/written warning Valid reasons will not be penalized as long
3 days before. * 2nd time in a month 25% deduction for classes as the teacher can present proof.
Valid reasons: death of an 3rd time in a month 50% deduction for classes Make sure that the schedule you requested
intermmediate family member, affected. NTE needed. is FINAL. You are in charge of your own
medical emergency, calamity- 5x in a month 2-day suspension working hours, the management didn't
related emergencies. force you to submit scheds that will not
work for you unlike in a regular office
For absences with less than the 1st time in a month verbal/written warning set-up. That being said, once you have
allotted 3-day notice 2nd time in a month 50% deduction for classes finalized your schedule, the management
affected automatically assumes you will be able
For medical emergencies, pls. 3rd time in a month 60% deduction for classes to honor your commitments to the school.
send a copy of your medical affected. NTE needed.
certificate. 5x in a month 2-day suspension

7. NO SHOW NO NOTICE: Teachers who failed to notify the management regarding

their absence would be marked as “No show no notice [NSNN]” and is automatically
suspended from teaching for 2 days. Suspended teachers should send an email to
with their explanation and intention to resume work within 3 days. For more than
one case of NSNN, the following sanctions will apply:

1st time in a
week deduction of 50% for all
affected classes
2nd time in a 2-day suspension. NTE
week needed
4x in a month termination

8. ABANDONED STATION: Abandoned Station is when properly logged-in teacher is

not able to attend his/her class without notice to the admin-on-duty. Abandoning

the station the whole shift is equivalent to a 2-day suspension and 3 incidents in a
week is equivalent to 2 week suspension of classes.

9. VACATION/MATERNITY/SICK LEAVES: Vacation leaves should be filed one

month in advance. This will give the admins enough time getting sub-teachers
and/or cancelling vacant classes.
For emergency and sick leaves, the teacher is required to report to admin before
the shift and not during or after the shift. Failure to do so will render the policy
on tardiness and absences applicable.
For sick leave, we require the teacher to send scanned copy of doctor’s certificate
to their respective team leader. None submission of document will be marked

A pregnant teacher is expected to declare her status and should submit medical
certificate that she is fit to work with the expected date of delivery. Kindly submit
to the respective Admin. This will help us understand and act accordingly for the
teacher and baby's best interest. Non declaration would mean termination of the
teaching contract.
A teacher who is about to give birth will be asked to take a
compulsory maternity leave of 2 weeks before the delivery date. After giving
birth, teacher is given 1 month leave for normal delivery and 1.5 months for
caesarian delivery.

Please take note that AI Kids Online English School International Corporation
does not tolerate any form of tardiness and attendance issues.


As stated on the Teachers’ Contract, payment shall be given twice a month – on the
1st and 16th day of the month (with some adjustments if a payday falls on a
Your admin will send you a copy of your Payroll Summary so you can double check
for corrections to avoid discrepancies.
If you are unable to check the payroll summary in accordance to the deadline,
all discrepancies will be processed on the next cut-off.

IX: Teacher-Student’s Social Interaction
To protect the company, its clientele, and its employees, teachers are strictly
prohibited from communicating with students and/or their parents outside the
school’s environment. This includes social network interaction like communicating
on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
However, if a student visits The Philippines and would like to meet with a certain
teacher, he/she would have to coordinate with the management to ensure that the
company will not be held liable for any loss, accidents or any misfortunes arising
from their meet up.