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Blinking Error Error U E

In Code No.
2x No Paper in the rear tray 1000 ---- E02
No Paper in the Cassete 1003 ----
No Paper in thr manual feed slot 1005 ----
No CD/DVD tray 1001
No CD or DVD 1002
3x Front tray closed/paper output tray closed/front door is closed 1250 ---- E03
Paper output tray open 1251 ---- E03
Paper Jam 1300 ----
Paper output support error 1300
Paper jam in cassetePaper jam in the rear guide 1303
Paper jam during automatic duplex printing 1304
Paper in the manual feed slot 1306
Paper jam in the rear cover 1307
4X No ink /Ink may have run out 1600 U041
Ink may have run out 1600 U044
Ink tank Not installed 1660 U043
Ink cartridge not completely installed 1687 E04
Clear ink is low 1692 U045
5x Print Head Not installed /ink cartridge not installed 1401 U051 E05
Faulty Print Head ID 1401 U051
Print Heat temperature sensor error 1403 U052 E05
Faulty EEPROM data print Head 1405 U052
Non Supported Ink cartridge is installed 1485 E05
6x Paper not set properly in the manual feed slot 1330 ----
Inner cover error 1841
Inner cover open during printing on paper 1846
Inner cover open during printing on paper 1851
Inner cover open during printing on paper 1856
Inner cover closed during cd/dvd printing 1850
Inner cover closed during cd/dvd printing 1855
Time out in CD / DVD print operatrion 1830
7x Multiple ink tank of the same color installed 1681/1487 U071 E07
Ink Tank wrong Position 1680 U072 E07
8x Warning: Waste ink absorber becomes almost full 1700 ---- E08
9x The connected digital camera doest not supported 2001
10x Paper size not supported for automatic duplex printing 1310 ----
No Cassete 1282 ----
11x Failed in automatic print head alignment 2500 ----
Paper size smaller than specified 1062
Smearing on paper feed roller 1870*1
12x Ink tank replace during printing 1350*1
13x The remaining ink amount unknown(raw ink present) 1683 U130 E13
14x Ink Tank not recognized 1684 U140 E14
15x Ink tank not recognized 1410 to U150
Ink cartridge hardware error 1682 E15
Acces Cover open (1200) 1200
16x No ink (No Raw ink) 1688 U163 E16
No Clear ink (During printing) 1693 U165
No Clear ink (Printing is not performed 1694 U166
Clear ink Tank not installed 1696 ----
17x No ink (no raw ink) 1688,1698 U172
18x Remaining ink amount unknown 1683,1699 U182
19x Non Supported Hub/USB 2002 ----
Time out for scanner device 2700 ----
Blinking Error Error 7- E
In Code seg
Orange LCD
2x Carriage error 5100 P02
3x Line feed error 6000 P03
4X Purge cam sensor error 5C00
5x ASF (cam) sensor error 5700 P05
6x Internal temperature error 5400 P06
7x Ink absorber Full (Main Absorber is Full-Non Japan) 5B00 P07
Ink absorber Full (Main Absorber is Full- Japan) 5B01
No wetting liquid 5250
8x Print head temperature rise error 5200 P08
Reactor error B300
9x EEPROM error 6800 P09
10x VH monitor error B200 P10
11x Carriage lift mechanism error 5110
12x APP Position error 6A80,6A00
APP Position error during intial purging 6A81
PG Position error 5C10
13x AH position error 5710
PF position error, Paper feed cam sensor error 6B00
RR position error,Paper feed cam sensor error 6B10
14x APP sensor position error 6A90
PS cam sensor error 5750
15x USB Host VBUS overcurrent 9000
16x Pump Roller sensor error 5C20
Valve sensor error 6C00
17x Motor driver error 6D00
Paper eject encoder error 6010
19x Ink Tank position sensor error 6502
20x Other errors 6500 P20
21x Drive switch error C000
22x Scanner error 5011 P22
Flatbed motor error 5012
23x Valve cam sensor error 6C10
Scanner motor error P22