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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Region III
Division of Cabanatuan City
Cesar E. Vergara Memorial High School
Brgy. Lagare, Cabanatuan City

I. Training Details

I. Title of Activity:
In- Service Training of Teachers and Staff
RE: Seminar on the Legal Mandates of GAD and Focal Point
System on Gender Mainstreaming

II. Training Objectives:

1. Increase the level of awareness and understanding of the CEVMHS

Faculty and Staff on GAD concepts, issues, concerns, and laws on
2. Strengthen and build capacity of GAD Focal Point System.

School/ District/ Division: CEVMHS/ District 10/ Cabanatuan City

Venue: School Covered Court

Proponent: Mrs.Imelda D. Sison (Principal I)

Date: December 13-15, 2018

Participants: CEVMHS Faculty and Staff

II. Narrative Report of the Training

Different factors affect one’s attitude and behaviour towards gender roles and
responsibilities. Family orientation, environment, acquaintances, even personal
experiences influence our perspective that makes this topic a debatable one. As for
teachers who serve as role models and who, consciously or unconsciously influence
their students regarding their outlook on issues like these, we deem to build a work
environment that promotes fairness and positive mindset regarding sensitive issues
about gender equally that are often target of debate. Thus, this year’s GAD Planning
Committee composed of Mrs. Imelda D. Sison, Dr. Cecila J. Miguel, Mr. Darwin B.
Manalastas, and Mrs. Apple Grace Sebastian came up with a three- day seminar on
the Legal Mandates of GAD and Focal Point System on Gender Mainstreaming.

The said seminar was held on December 13-15, 2018 at the newly erected school
covered court among the 45 faculty and staff whereas no registration fee was
collected among the participants for expenses were covered from the school MOOE
fund of 2018.

The three- day seminar commenced at 7:30 in the morning where participants
register for the activity. It was followed by a short opening program consisting of
national anthem, prayer, DepEd March, nationalistic song, and energizer was led by
the Science Department. In the absence of the intended speaker for the seminar, Mr.
Mark Kevin Vidar, Teacher III of our Senior High School Department who is also
currently pursuing law, shared his knowledge on different legal bases by delivering
the first two lectures of the seminar specifically the Memorandum Circular No. 2009-
1 and the GAD Code held in the morning and afternoon session respectively. The day
ended productively with a fruitful sharing of ideas regarding the lectures rendered for
that day.

On the second day, Math Department led the management of learning prior to the
lectures intended for the day. As intended in the training matrix, Mr. Mark Kevin
Vidar once again rendered lectures on GAD Related Mandates and Framework in the
morning of January 14 as well as the Memorandum Circular No. 2011-01 in the
afternoon of that day. From morning until noon, participants were actively engaged in
the discussion because of the fun activities and striking issues brought to the floor by
the proficient speaker.

The third and final day started with an opening program facilitated by the
Language Department. It was evident that everybody was very excited not only for
the conclusion of their seminar but were all set for the early Christmas vacation for
them to spend time with their loved ones. The rest of the morning session was spent
on the discussion GAD Focal Point System on Gender Mainstreaming which was
delivered by Mr. Darwin B. Manalastas, Teacher I from the Language Department
who also happen to be the GAD Focal Person of the school. The afternoon session
was allotted to the crafting of the 2019 GAD Plan as spearheaded and guided by
expertise of non- other than our skilful Principal, Mrs. Imelda Diego Sison.

During the entire seminar, participants were served enough refreshments in

between breaks as assisted by chairman of the Food Committee, Mrs. Connie San
Gabriel. The three- day seminar concluded with a simple awarding of certificates
spearheaded by Mr. Christian Jay Umali as the chairman of the Program and
Certificates Committee. Close monitoring and supervision of the entire seminar
proceedings was held by our diligent Principal Mrs. Imelda D. Sison and OIC
Assistant Principal in the SHS Department, Dr. Cecilia J. Miguel.

Prepared by:


Chairman, Documentation Committee

Noted by:

Principal I