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Business Proposal for ‘Pitskelly Equestrian’

May we put forward our proposal and 5 year projected plans, using funds generated
by the business to further develop it, ourselves and the site.

Jessica Probst comes from a background in Science, Computer Technology and

marketing. She has managed all aspects of her own dog behaviour business for 4
years including website design, marketing and book keeping. She works with
numerous animal charities and recently started a project together with Dundee City
Council to run dog-training classes for less financially viable families. She has
worked with equines for the past 5 years and is frequently called upon to help with
behaviourally challenging horses. She also backs youngsters and rescue horses using
Natural Horsemanship techniques and other desensitisation methods employed by the
police, for the overall effect of safer riding.

Lisa Graham has worked in the NHS as a charge nurse for a over 10 years and very
much enjoys working with people. Lisa and Jessica were originally neighbours in
Dundee who formed a working relationship through their dogs. Lisa has helped run
puppy classes and workshops for the past 3 years, and been invaluable in
rehabilitating rescue dogs. Lisa has her own horses and a dedicated interest in horse
behaviour, and in-depth knowledge of the horse and horse care, but also recognises
gaps in her knowledge so is currently researching courses that will certify her skills
and abilities in Stable Management, to enable our two man team to reach it’s full
potential as an equestrian business

Our aim is an exclusive venture of like-minded individuals, in a rapidly growing new

culture. Natural Horsemanship is different than just horse riding, as the emphasis is on
the horse, not the rider. The horse owner’s primary interest is their horses mind, and
learning how to have a relationship with a horse based on understanding horse
communication and behaviour, instead of the traditional; forcing human designs onto
the horse.
Along with that we aim to maintain the site at Pitskelly, bring money into the local
community with our ideas within the business, and create new job opportunities for
our future employees.

Year 1
We start by slowly building our client base of 10-15 liveries. These would be vetted
owners and their horses with an existing interest in Natural Horsemanship. Lisa and
Jessica would initially take on the responsibility of pasture management (including
times horses are in and out), stable management, everyday husbandry of mucking out,
feeding and maintaining the health of the horses in our care. In time, we would hope
to train another employee to tackle the everyday tasks.
Alongside, the equine business will co-operate with Hounds at Home, the successful
existing dog training business run by Jessica and Lisa - dog training and behavioural
help. The more recent barn area and smaller sand school have the potential to be used
for an evening class, occasional workshops, agility training and demonstrations for
the enjoyment of the public. (This is covered by a separate existing insurance than the
equestrian business)

- Begin website for Pitskelly Equestrian, spread the word about our unique selling
point, to include educational points and future endeavours
- Research current trends for equestrian stores in the area.
- Employ stable hand and start them on certified courses
- acquire BHS riding instructor for group/private lessons exclusive for paying liveries
(Andy Bruce already interested)

Years 2-3

Refurbish/replace front hut for Equestrian Supplies store, particular emphasis for
Natural Horsemanship products, but can also stock food and other consumables, tack
items, grooming products.
Potential to employ weekend stablehand and shop assistant, dependant on growth.

Ideas for retaining existing liveries, including monthly games/competitions

specifically aimed at safer riding with ‘bombproof’ horses - eg. obstacle course with
objects normal horses would find scary, dressing up contests for younger riders,
playful ‘jousting’ competitions, pre-planned orienteering adventures (check
permissions from estate/farmers)

Hosting Natural Horsemanship/Parelli workshops/weekend seminars for the public,

advertised nationally on other equine websites, as well as our own. Invite renowned
speakers, horse behaviourists, vets.

Increase prominence and standing by marketing website, potentially selling products

online and growing our reputation nationally about Natural Horsemanship/Parelli
workshops hosted here – forging links with hotels/guest houses in the area who may
want to work with us to host our groups overnight.

Years 4-5
If the potential exists, to discard part of the unused sheds in current disrepair (no
roofs), and in their place erect bright windowed log cabin to house the coffee shop.
The coffee shop sources local organic produce for it’s home baking and traditional
Include plans to modernise and upgrade toilets.

Any future workers that we take on would be educationally developed by us, sent
away on certified courses etc. We want to motivate and inspire and hopefully, retain a
loyal group of employees.

Finally we are both aware that we are undertaking a huge task, building a new
business from scratch, as well as maintaining the dog training business as per normal.
We expect the first year to be hard physical work and long days. Our initial plan is to
start slow, to find our feet in our new venture. Financially we have no urgency to fill
our client list, we would rather take our time and do it right.

A big factor in this new challenge is relocation, because of the nature of the business,
dealing with animals, we do feel that it is important to have someone live near the
premises, which is why we would require Pitskelly lodge as part of taking on this
business venture (although it is understood that the rental agreements are separate).

We would very much appreciate your consideration of our proposal, and welcome
your comments and feedback.