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ICT, Me And My Community

Company/Establishment Name: BAJ Agrivet Supply

Address: Poblacion, Maasim, Sarangani, Province

Nature of Business: Agrivet

Guide Questions:

a. What are the different ways for your customers to contact you?

Interviewee: Our business is not just as big to compare to others establishments or

business so there's no need to have methods or any system that can be used for my
customers to contact me. Simple as that, I really never use any pamphlets or even
calling cards for my customers to contact me. Our business is just simple business
though it's not that big but it is very open to those customers who have their
necessities or demands on feeds for their animals (pigs,fishes, and roosters) and also
we are very open to those customers who have their demands on rice as we also sell

b. How many times do you use gadgets in your transactions?

Interviewee: Of course, we use gadgets specifically cellphone most of the time

especially on dealing with other customers and to communicate with those

c. Do you have a website on internet? If yes, what is its importance? If no,

would you like to have it in the future?

Interviewee: We don't have any websites on the internet but as I've observed
nowadays, people in our community are having this greatest interest on social
medias and I guess internet could help us to improve or to develop my business nor
to lead our business into progression and so I would very much like to have
websites on internet in the future.

d. Why did you choose this kind of business?

Interviewee: Actually, this kind of business is not my passion and this one doesn't
has any related on me or its just that there's no particular reason why I choose this
kind of business.

e.What motivates you to have this kind of business?

Interviewee: Our friends motivates us to have this kind of business. And as I've
observed too, people here in Maasim have this interest on animals to have their own
pets as they should feed it on especially those roosters as they used to gamble these
roosters in "sabong" (in our vernacular). And so, me and my husband tried to have
this kind of business.