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Self Realization or Self Assessment of your Actual Interview:

Life is full of challenges, if you don't have the prowess or confident to face it all
courageously, then you can't overcome those difficulties. Overcoming those difficult tasks serves
us our experiences and lessons can be learned through experiences. From the interviewee's
crater, she mentioned all his good and bad experiences. Sometimes she experienced hardships
and failures in her business but setting goals to aim success leads her into improvements that
serves as her achievements. It is essential for us to experience difficulties in life, it might be
suffering but we should not give up on what we are doing instead just keep on going. It might
take too long but if we have the "will" and "determination", we can also have those achievements
in our palms. The businesswoman I've interviewed also mentioned about building up her
business even if it is not really her passion. Simply as that, her friends motivates her a lot. From
it, I realize that there's really nothing wrong on trying things even if you are unsure nor having
any doubt on it. Just believe in yourself that you can do it. There's no limitation on trying things.
And at the end, an interviewee reveals her secrets in her business and that is to be true to
yourself. Indeed, we should be true and honest to ourself. If we are true to ourselves then other
people might have the trust to us specifically those customers. We should be honest to them in
order for us to have their honesty in return. Having this kind of task which is interviewing a
businessman/woman about his/her business really satisfies not just my enjoyment but also
satisfies my own self as I've learned a lot of fresh things to keep.