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Syllabus - CIEN E4131 Principles of Construction Techniques

Columbia University – Fall 2010

Overview: In this course, you will be exposed to the techniques used in heavy civil construction as well as in building construction. You have a
tremendous opportunity to learn from guest lecturers who are leaders in the construction industry. The textbook enhances the guest
lecture with additional detail on the various subjects as well as subjects not covered by the guest lectures. Between guest lectures and
textbook reading/assignments, students gain a comprehensive exposure to construction techniques. Additionally, this course includes a
term project where student teams have the opportunity to visit an active construction project and interact with construction practitioners.
Student teams are expected to prepare a formal report as well as to present their findings to the class.

Objective: To obtain a broad understanding of civil and building construction means and methods and the challenges that face major construction
projects. Additionally, students will learn about practical construction and management techniques used to overcome these challenges
and complete projects successfully.


825 S.W. Mudd on Wednesdays from 6:50 to 9:20pm

Session Speaker Speaker’s Affiliation Topic Homework Due Today

1. September 8 1. Prof. Bill Hart Marsh USA Overview of the
Construction Consulting Construction
Princeton, NJ Process
2. September 15 2. Larry Shapiro Howard I. Shapiro Cranes Read 50 pages - Chapters 1 (Building Delivery Process,
Associates 22pp) and 2 (Governmental Constraints on Construction,
Assignment #1
3. September 22 3. Ken Lieb Skanska USA Civil Concrete Read 87 pages - Chapters 18 (Making Concrete, 31pp),
Construction 19 (Concrete I, 33pp), and 20 (Concrete II, 23pp)
Assignment #2
4. September 29 4. Paul Desser Testa Corp Demolition Read 57 pages - 30 (Curtain Walls, 25pp), 24 (Masonry &
Concrete Bearing Wall Construction, 32pp)
Assignment #3

Department of Civil Engineering & Engineering Mechanics 1/3 9/7/2010

Syllabus - CIEN E4131 Principles of Construction Techniques
Columbia University – Fall 2010

5. October 6 5. Arturo Ressi Construction Consultant Slurry Wall Read 47 pages - Chapters 3 (Building Loads, 25pp), and 4
/ Kiewit Construction (Strength of Materials, 22pp)
Assignment #4
6. October 13 6. Gus Maimis STV Steel Read 70 pages - Chapters 16 (Steel, 55pp), 17 (Light
Construction Gauge Steel, 15pp)
Assignment #5
7. October 20 Midterm Project Teams Assigned

8. October 27 7. Frank Arland and Mueser Rutledge Soil Investigation/ Read 37 pages - Chapter 21 (Soils, 37pp)
Alice Arana Excavation Assignment #6
9. November 3 8. Jonathan Hart American Bridge Bridge Read 76 pages - Chapters 26 (Exteriors I, 49pp), 27
Construction (Exteriors II, 33pp)
Assignment #7
10. November 10 9. Bob Rubin and McCarter English and Legal aspects of Read 84 pages - Chapters 12 (Manufactured Wood
Bettina Quintas NYC-Transit Authority construction Products, 24pp), 13 (Wood Frame Construction I, 42pp),
14 (Wood Frame Construction II, 18pp)
Assignment #8
11. November 17 10. TBD

12. November 24 11. TBD

13. December 1 12. Ark Latt Turner International Global

14. December 8 Team Presentations

15. December 15 Study Day No Class This Week

16. December 22 Final Exam Final exam encompasses only material covered since the

Department of Civil Engineering & Engineering Mechanics 2/3 9/7/2010

Syllabus - CIEN E4131 Principles of Construction Techniques
Columbia University – Fall 2010

Parking: There is metered and free parking on the streets around campus, but availability varies by day and time. I have usually found plenty of
free parking on Riverside Drive from 120th Street northward. That will be about a 15 minute walk to SW Mudd.

Textbook: Building Construction – Principles, Materials and Systems (ISBN 10: 0130494216 / 0-13-049421-6. ISBN 13: 9780130494214), by Mehta,
Armpriest, and Scarborough

Web: CourseWorks will be utilized for this course to post additional lecture notes, solution keys, and general communication. Please make sure
to check the site regularly.

Homework: Please submit your homework to the Teaching Assistant as per the instructions posted in CourseWorks. Late homework will result in a
penalty of 20 points for each week or part of a week that it is late.

Grading: Homework assignments (25%)

Midterm – 1st half material (25%)
Project (25%)
Final – 2nd half material only (25%)


Instructor: Professor William M. Hart, P.E.

Marsh USA / Construction Consulting Practice
1060 State Road
Princeton, NJ 08540

Cell: (973) 534-9910, Fax (815) 642-8457 / e-mail to: wmh2104@Columbia.edu
Office hours by appointment

Department of Civil Engineering & Engineering Mechanics 3/3 9/7/2010