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 Certified Software tester of 13 years of functional Testing and Project Management experience in
banking and finance services. Actively involved in all testing phases throughout the test cycle. currently
associated as Technical Test Lead with Infosys Technology Solutions since November 2010.
 Experience in project plan and test strategy, project execution, monitoring, controlling the project
progresses to completion, Defect Management.
 Expertise in various testing types – functional testing, System testing, End 2 End testing, Regression
 Experience working with Web based applications on Windows platform. Well versed with GUI,
Functional, System, Integration testing, Regression and Smoke/Sanity testing.

Key Domain and Technical Knowledge

 Domain : Payments, Retail Banking

 Testing Tools/Technologies: GlobalPay Plus-Fundtech, Workday, Quality Center 10, ALM,

TOAD, Green Hat Tester5.11 UNIX, Linux, Snag IT, JIRA

Academic Qualification
 BE (Electronics and Tele Communication)

 Project 1: HR Programme Edge (Testing of Workday ERP application for Absa employees
migrated from their Legacy SAP system).

Role: Test Lead.

Client: ABSA Bank South Africa.
Duration: From Aug 2018.
Organization: Infosys Limited.

Description: As part of separation of ABSA from Barclays has resulted, the existing SAP system will be
replaced by Workday and all the downstream systems will be interfaced with Workday for the data

Key Contributions:

 Leading integration team for workday to VIP payslip generation for ROA. Integration
test for all the downstream system files incoming and outgoing from Workday
 Design, creating, reviewing test cases
 Preparing integration testing scope for all the tranches and distributing to all the
 Involved in report generation from workday to help integration testing data comparison
 Involved in Infrastructure testing to test connectivity for all the downstream system
with Workday as part of cutover
 Analyzing risks, capturing dependencies, detecting and resolving defects to ensure the
production of a high quality application
 Defect Tracking
 Preparing test closure report for integration testing and infrastructure testing

 Project 2: SRP – SCM (Structural Reform Programme - Sort Code Migration).

Role: Test Lead.

Domain: Payments
Client: Barclays Bank PLC.
Duration: From Jan2017 – March2018
Organization: Infosys Limited.

Description: The structural reform programme has been created at group level to implement a
number of changes across the bank in response. Evaluated/Verified sort code migration for different
digital channels like ROLB, BMB through E2E SIT & regression phase

Key Contributions:

 Understanding and analysis the scope

 Design and Creating Test Cases
 Analyzing risks, capturing dependencies, detecting and resolving bug issues to ensure
the production of a high quality application
 Defect Tracking.
 Coordinating with different channels team to perform E2E test
 Involved in Functional, Regression and Live Incident test.

 Project 3: CRA-ALS (Credit Reference Agency – Account lending System)

Role: UAT Test Manager.
Domain: Retail Banking.
Client: Barclays Bank PLC.
Duration: From Oct 2016 to Dec-2016.
Organization: Infosys Limited.

Description: As a strategic move, the bank has decided that new business banking loans are to be
opened on the ALS system. Currently business-banking loans are opened on the UKBA system. Before
migrating the accounts on UKBA to ALS as such a change is required to the CRA file specification to
report accounts on both systems.

Key Contributions:

 Understanding and analyses the scope

 Worked as a UAT test manager and managed a team of three from onshore for CRA-
 Coordinating with different component team and stakeholders at offshore and onshore
to get delivery on time.
 Responsible for test run plan, resource planning, Estimation plans in conformance with
the deadline
 Daily Status Reporting, Preparation of test closure report.
 Identifying risks and planning mitigation, capturing dependencies and tracking
 Defect Management, QC Management

 Project 3: Account Opening (Barclays Bank)

Role: Test Lead/ E2E Test Manager.
Domain: Retail Banking.
Client: Barclays Bank PLC.
Duration: From Sept-2014 to Oct-2016.
Organization: Infosys Limited.

Description: Client onboarding for Retail and Wealth customer through various channels like web
and iPad.

Key Contributions:

 Preparing and executing test cases as per mapping specification.

 Worked at client location as a lead for five months for first release of account opening
on iPad.
 Test lead at offshore for all the releases of account opening.
 Worked as a E2E test manager for 3 months and handled a team of 4 from onshore for
all wealth investment releases
 Coordinating with different component team at offshore and onshore to get delivery on
 Identifying risks and planning mitigation, capturing dependencies and tracking
 Involved in Test strategy and TCM preparation.
 Analyzed the requirement and conduct test risk assessment workshop.
 Analyzed the test data required to execute the script.
 In test execution, executed test scripts, logged defects, conducted defect triage call,
and chased respective teams to get faster resolution.
 Daily status report and represent a testing team on daily status call.
Supported UAT team for quick execution

 Project 4: GPP (Global Payment Processing)

Role: Test Lead.

Domain: Payments.
Client: Barclays Bank PLC.
Duration: From Nov2010 to Sept-2014.
Organization: Infosys Limited

Description: Barclays one of the leading financial organizations in UK is going to replace step by
step existing payment processing system with the Global Pay Plus, Fundtech which is very efficient
payment processing tool. It includes both payments incoming to the office as well as outgoing
payments. It involves processing of different types of message like 103, 103+, 202, 202 COV, 210,
910, 191, and also messages from different financial organizations CHAPS, STEP.

Key Contributions:
 SWIFT Message processing using Green Hat Tester5.11
 Test Case execution.
 Task allocation.
 Defect Life cycle management
 Managing Regression and Sanity track.
 Daily status reporting.
 Involved in COGNOS Reporting

 Project 5: GoldenSource – Positions & Transactions

Role: Sr. Test Engineer.

Domain: Investment Banking
Client: IBM, Deutsche Bank, RBC Dexia.
Duration: From June-2006 to Nov-2010.
Organization: Golden Source India Pvt. Ltd.

Description: GS Positions is tested completely for Processing Location, Delta Snapshot for IBM (GS
8.0.x), Deutsche Bank (GS 8.1.x). For IBM, whole product was tested in DB2. Account Valuation
concept is implemented to capture Unadjusted or Adjusted balances which both include Snapshot,
Market Value and Unrealized Gain/Loss, Income Accrual, Amortization/Accretion, Estimated Annual
Income, and Dividend Accrual information.

Key Contributions:

 Test Analysis, Root Cause Analysis.

 Creating Test cases for new functionalities.
 Interacting with Overseas Colleagues to get the Bug fixes on time.
 Training testers and Support team on Positions Product and related tools.
 Assisting colleagues on client site for functional implementation.

Personal Information

• Date of Birth: 02/04/1982

• Passport Number: N5224582
• Nationality: Indian
• Marital Status: Single

I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge and

Sonali Junghare