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The Wolves of Steel 2

Setup notes:
Game installation and settings
Make a clean SH5 installation and update your game to official version 1.2.0! Make sure
that your install location is not write protected and that you own full administration
rights over it! Some Win/8/10 users may also need to run SH5.exe in Windows7
compatibility mode in order to play the game. Always launch your installers and games
with administration rights and apply permanent administration privileges in
SH5.exe/Compatibilty tab!
In order to verify your installation, make sure to launch stock v1.2.0 game at least once
before you install TWoS megamod.
It is strongly recommended to deactivate/pause your AV protection during the mod
installation process due to possible false positive warnings.
If you own Steam version, “Accept” Steam Conversion Tool* which will be offered during
the mod installation.(*Steam shouldn't be active in the background while doing this)
Note that regardless of selected language options during the stock game installation,
TWoS will adjust your game for gameplay with English language texts and German

Mod Installation
Step 1:
Download The Wolves of Steel _SH5 Expansion Pack_vx.x.x_Full and install the archive to
your main Silent Hunter 5 install folder (e.g. "C:\Ubisoft\Silent Hunter 5"). Make sure to
specify the correct path when asked!

Step 2:
The Generic File Patcher window will pop-up automatically after Step 1 is done *. Select
desired language and properly activate the Patcher:
· Click "File" - "Open" and start hitting "enter" key ("Yes", 40 times or so) until all 9 patches are
visible in programs window.
· Now, click "File" - "Restore snapshot" and double click TWoS 2.0_Snapshot.gps file.
· Close the Patcher.
*Make sure that SH5, Uplay or Steam are not active in the background while activating the Generic File Patcher. In case of
unsuccessful patching, restart your PC and repeat the whole procedure.
Step 3 (optional, can be done later as well):
Start your Generic Mod Enabler (desktop shortcut, TWoS-JSGME) and, if necessary,
enable appropriate Aspect Ratio Fix which will match your in-game resolution settings
(e.g. res. 1680×1050=8×5, 1280×960=4×3 ect). By default and without any AR Fixes
enabled, TWoS is optimized for 16×9 aspect ratio in-game resolutions.
Chose and enable other available optional TWoS mods in order to further customize the
game per your liking.

Launching the game and new career start:

Start the game but note that modded SH5 may now need several minutes to load so
don't panic when your screen goes black after the initial loading screen (the game is still
allocating files in the background, be patient).
Start new campaign and save the game when you appear in the bunker for the first
time. Then, exit to the main menu and load your gamesave again. This procedure is
necessary for correctly initiated campaign start and it should be done every time you're
about to start new career or advancing to the next campaign chapter...

Uninstalling TWoS
If you wish to uninstall TWoS, then simply uninstall your Silent Hunter 5, delete all the
leftover files and folders in your installation directory (e.g., C:\Ubisoft\Silent Hunter 5)
and delete the "SH5" folder in the "My Documents" folder.

Full game reinstallation is highly recommended!

TWoS v2.2.9 is not gamesave compatible with previous versions, start new career!
DO NOT combine TWoS with any additional or unsupported mods if you are not 100%
sure what you are doing or you may induce all kind of stability and gameplay related
Keep in mind that most of the standalone mods for SH5 are incompatible with this
expansion without advanced manual tweaks.
Please don't discuss in TWoS thread any potential issues caused by your own custom
modlists and unsupported mods.
Also, make sure to pay special attention to Quick Start Manual documentation and feel
free to ask in TWoS thread for any additional elucidation.

Happy Hunting Herr Kaleun!