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Visual Planimetry Planogram

Planogram is a tool used for planimetric
Visual marketing Research studies Instrument for measuring flat surfaces purposes. Planograms are diagrams of
have shown that buyers represent up used for planning physical areas because accessories and products that illustrate
to 80% of the purchase decision right 3D spaces can be represented. where retail products should be displayed
in the store

The distribution of the products on

Visual Merchandise is a tool to the shelves must be done in
achieve sales, objectives and accordance with the needs and
improve objectives of the stores. It means
that it changes permanently

Use season-based screens to

introduce new customers to It is important that the design and
customers, which increases overall look of the store work
conversions in a planned and together to attract customers and
systematic way motivate them to buy

Visual Merchandisers can help

economies by avoiding costly Aspects for layout
mistakes, since an expert can guide stores
retailers and save time and money

Traffic floor Product placement Floor space

This factor refers to the distribution of This article should consider the
This variable refers to the commitment with
the customer in the store. Analyze if assignment The product in such a
the manufacturers, in terms of sales.
you have provided comfort, security Figures by individual product, promotions way that creates harmony between
and enough space to move and seasonal considerations the shop of images and
comfortably. merchandising purposes.
Free flow design Circuit or track layout
Grid layout

This organization is common in The design of loops or race tracks is

supermarkets and pharmacists. Advantage useful for discount or departmental
Retailers consist of a linear shelving stores. They allow buyers to walk and
system where accessories can explore merchandise as they follow A
be arranged vertically or horizontally Generates sales and profits perimeter traffic corridor.
to create aisles through the store by impulse purchases

Motivate the buyers to

spend more time in the Advantage
Advantage disadvantages store and explore the
This design facilitates the This design is expensive to
The linear pattern is impulse buying The design, build and maintain
It is efficient, convenient repetitive and create a merchandise of fashion.
and strategic monotonous environment It is prominently displayed
in these main corridors.
The flow of traffic is not
smooth and customers'
Design and cost are
The primary corridors are buying patterns could be
more advanced than the unpredictable
goods secondary ones.
It allows a better visibility
of goods The space store has an
inefficient use
The client's movements
can be track with
precision and traffic.

The control can be more