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Changes in the reported

Ahmet:”There is a birthday
TODAY THAT DAY party today
CAN COULD Ahmet sait that there was a
MUST HAD TO/MUST birthday party that day.

Fill in the blanks with the correct words. B) Write the sentences in reported speech.
My mother: “I’m very happy today.” Kaan: “ We are very good friends.”
My mother said that _________ very happy ___________________________________.
_______. Şeyma: “ They aren’t at school.”
Kerem: “I don’t want to go out tonight.” ___________________________________.
Kerem said that _________ go out ________. Mehmet: “ I’m curious about the film.”
Meltem: “We like playing tennis.” ___________________________________.
Meltem said that _________ playing tennis. Serkan: “We play football tonight.”
Su: “My mother is at hospital now.” ___________________________________.
Su said that _________ at hospital _______. My sister: “I’m worried about my teacher as she is
Deniz: “We want to go to the cinema tonight.” ill.”
Deniz said that ________ to go out _______. ___________________________________.
Kemal: “ I’m interested in playing chess.” Our English teacher: “ You are very successful
Kemal said that _________ interested in playing today.”
chess. ___________________________________.

Serkan and Sevgi are listening to their teacher. She is talking

about the jobs.

Teacher: “A doctor helps sick Teacher: “An engineer designs and

people.” builds engines, roads, bridges etc.
The teacher said that _____________________________
___________________________ _________________________.

Teacher: “A police makes people obey Teacher: “A nurse takes care of sick
the law and prevents crime. or injured people.”
___________________________ ___________________________
___________________________. ___________________________.

Teacher: “ A driver’s job is to drive a Teacher: “ A tailor makes clothes for

vehicle.” people.”
_____________________________ _____________________________
_________________________. _________________________.

Teacher: “A dentist takes Teacher: “A carpenter makes Teacher: “ A postman collects

care of people's teeth. wooden objects.” and delivers letters.”
_____________________ __________________________ ________________________
_____________________. __________________________ _______________________.

Teacher: “ A farmer manages a farm.” Teacher: “ A secretary works in an office and

____________________________________ deals with letters and telephone calls.”
__________________. _____________________________________