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Fill in the blanks using BUY WALK RESIST

“should” or shouldn’t APPLY
and a suitable verb WEAR USE BLOW
from the list GIVE TAKE
1.-If Thomas has earache, he shouldn’t put on his headphones.

2.- Paul has had toothache since yesterday. I think he should go to the dentist.

3.- Dave can’t stop trembling. -Yes, I know. He should see the doctor.

4.- When you go to the beach, you should always apply sun lotion to prevent burns.

5.- If you have a sore throat, you should buy some syrup at the chemist’s.

6.- Mark is always coughing. Yes, he should give up smoking.

7.- Dave shouldn’t eat so many hamburgers. Then, he has stomach-ache.

8.- He’s just hit his finger with the hammer. He should be more careful next time.

9.- Peter shouldn’t visit Sue until she gets over the measles.

10.- Pam has a sprain. She should wear a cast for at least one month.

11.- Ted´s got a broken leg. He should walk slowly to prevent himself from falling


12.- Children shouldn’t use sharp tools because they can easily cut themselves.

13.- Bob has got a bump on his forehead I think that he should have an X'ray taken.

14.- Dan has got a terrible headache. He should take an aspirin and lie in bed for a


15.- If you have a cold you shouldn’t blow your nose when you are at the table eating.

16.- If you have a temperature, you should call a doctor immediately.

17.- If you have tonsils, you should have them removed or they’ll give you a lot of


18.- Dan didn´t turn on the light and hit himself against the wall. He should be more


19.- Don’t go out if you have the flu. You should stay in bed.

20.- If you have backache you should resist the temptation to lie flat on your back.