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PHILIPS Vacuum Design DEFINITION: Incandescent vacuum lamp and gas-filled lamp with a clear glass bulb (diameter ‘A-18) single-coll filament, medium screw brass base. DESCRIPTION: * Specifically designed with long service lip fo signs and message centers ‘Multiple filament supports for extra durability, ‘Fine filament wire for quick flashing. ‘Clear bulb for maximum brightness with nominal diameter to suit many signs. ‘Vacuum design resists breakage from moisture, *Gas-flled design to maximize quick flashing, APPLICATIONS: Specifically designed for signs and message centers, a 33-Watt Sign Lamps Product Bulletin 33-Watt Sign Lamps Electrical, Technical and Ordering Data (Subject to change without notice) ax NaeD se. Overall Number Ordering Lamp Lamp Pro Longin 068677. Code Watts Vots Bulb Base GIy. Deseription Filament finches) 305480 SSATOIGRICL —33—=«130=SAD=SSCMed. Brass GO Clear) C9 3000 260 221657 S3At0I5 33190 AN®— Mad. Brass 60 Clear? «C9 Hy 8000270 4. Vacuum design 2. Gastiled design © Philips nung Company 1988 A Ouest ot Nort Amacan Beips Corporation PHILIPS LIGHTING Pins Square * PO Box 6800» Somerae, Now Jersey 08675-6800 — ITS TIME TO CHANGE YOUR BULB