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Philips Lighting Product Information 50-Watt Low Voltage Halogen PAR-36 Lamps e Definition Energy-saving pressed-olass reflector halogen lamp of very high luminous intensity, in two beam spreads, designed for use on Tao supply. This exclusively desioned PAR-36 lamp with a patented, easy-to- ‘gr, extended dome has a C-6 filament in & halogen burner shielded to pravent glare, and multipurpose (screw terminal base. Description ‘The helogen festure provides ineveased whiteness and brightness cover incandescent PAR-36 lamps, Sustained light output Highly elective builtin 9 conta Low voltage PAR lamps are ideal for energy savings. Benefits ‘10 derived from increased filament efficacy combined with ‘maximum beam control from the miniaturized filament. They place light where required, with a minimum of scatter. Low voltage lighting fixtures, such as track lighting, have step down transformers housed in each foxture that offer flexible solutions for accent lighting ‘maximizes light output and Compared to standard reflector lamps that have a wider spreed Of light, the low voltage lamps are 15 to 90% more efficent. They provide equal intensity in the canter of the beam while Using fewer watts, interchangeable with existing 12-volt PAR-36 lamps ‘The vary narrow spot is designed for illumination of smaller surfaces at greater distances or for dramatic contrast ‘The narrow snot provides a softer, wider beam for ighting larger areas. Applications Homes = Restaurants Museums Art Galleries Hotels Theaters Colector’s items Individual Store Displays Jewelry Displays Sales Displays = Wall Washing General lumination “Track Lighting wi Lele} PHILIPS Philips Lighting Company {a0 Ena Square Bre = RO. Box 6000 ‘Somerset, 14 08875-6800 {A Divislon of North Arserican Philips Corporation Printed mn USA 839 P6083 ‘50-Watt Low Voltage Halogen PAR-36 Lamps. Electrical, Technical and Ordering Data (Subject to change without notice) ores. Dea ah a vaso Sa Ste, Ne ame are tap fae, eR Steen Sa Wie SSE owe tse ov vara Ey SC ta ios tenomone west ES Maem ease Very Narrow Spot Narrow Spot Candlepower Distribution Curve ‘Candlepower Distribution Curve © » os Somncobnse Soanaeafonse ~» 1 Bar i i \ i € mop E i i ie i » . 6 5 RC ° ° oe ee oe eee egiaes irom Beam Axis — Horizons Distribution === Vora! Ditnbution Philips Lighting Degrees rom Beam Aus PHILIPS