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PHILIPS Lighting DEFINITION: Energy saving, colored pressed-glass. reflector lamps designed for indoor of out door sign use. These 55-watt PAR-38 lamps, avaiable in ed, bug, green and yellow, have a coiled-coil (CC:8) flament and a medium skirted base. DESCRIPTION * Colored PAR-88 sign lamps that provide ‘energy savings of 45% by consuming loss wattage than comparable 100.walt standard PAR-38 lamps, + Provide 50% longer life than standard PAR-38 color lamps. * Durable, hard-pressed glass construc. tion resists chipping, scratching and weathering, * Sturdy, coiled-coil (CC-8) filaments resist shocks, bumps and vibrations that frequently occur in sign useage. * Bright, longiasting colors are ideally suited forall types of sign applications, including sequential, directional arrow signs. APPLICATIONS: Numerous commercial and industrial sign applications. ‘= Mossage Centers ighway Approaches + Exk Signs * Sequential Directional Arrow Signs * Scoreboards = Advertising Signs PAR-38 lamps can be installed outdoors without protection provided they are us- ‘ed in watertight lemphoiders. A. heat resistant rubber ring should be fitted bet- ‘ween the lamp and the lamp-holder., 55-Watt Colored PAR-38 Sign Lamps Product Bulletin 55-Watt Colored PAR-38 Sign Lamps Electrical, Technical and Ordering Data (Subject to change without notice) Vax Faved NEO 2 Sweat Aen Nomber Ordering Lamp Lamp Pe Coram 8 auming Giger’. Code” Wate __Vots__—u__—amn__—y_—_—Dosaiton_—_—Fuamant_—_‘faches)__fhcws)__Ponon wares SSPAAR se 20190 PARGE ed Ske 12 PAR Ret fos COS She «9000 Any bees Spa 420190 Panga Med Ske 12 PAR et Bue Cos Ss S00 np zur Sseawe 55 {20190 PARGE Ned Se 12 PAR fet Gwen Gos = St 000 Any memes ESpany 5 feoim Panga Ned Se 12 PAR el low COS See 3000p © Pips Lhting Company - 198 [ Disign of Noth Amerean Pris Corporation PHILIPS LIGHTING Pips Se» PO Box 6300 « Somerat, Naw Jersey 08675-6800 ee TTS TIME To CHANGE YOUR BULB Printed i USA. 366 P2058