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Philips Lighting Laced IWC aLCoLdaAe= LUCA Definition High pressure metal halide gas-discharge lamps having a special shaped are tube wit iodide additives of sodium and scandium in the mercury discharge to produce 100 lumens/watt. The special shaped arc tube is in a hard glass outer bulb with or without a phosphor costing Description ~ Basically metal halide lamps operate on the same principle as all gas discharge lamps. In view of the need for alight source with ‘Q00d color rendering and high luminous efficacy, the are tube Contains metal halide compounds which have the effect of improving the color appearance and increasing the luminous eificacy. Further improvement in luminous elficacy is gained by the special shaping of the ec tube. The lower end of the a tubes Considerably smaller than the other end Because of the shaped arc tube design, these lamps must be burned only in a vertical base up position +t 15°. = The phosphor coating on the inside of the outer bulb contributes to.a warmer color temperature. = Because of the high starting voltage requirements, an ANS! specified MBS ballast is required Philips Lighting MS400/BU and MS400/C/BU Lamps Ballast M59 metal halide ballasts are designed to meet the starting and operating requirements of these lamps throughout life, Lamp Characteristics = Very high luminous efficacy Good color rendering Reliable long lite = Good lumen maintenance Applications + Industrial Lighting = Commercial Lighting ~ Flood Lighting ~ Sport Lighting + Parking Lot Lighting - Automotive Sales Lot Warning “These lamos can cause serious skin burn and eye inflammation from shortwave ultraviolet radiation if outer envelope of the lamp is broken or punctured. Do not use where people will emain for more than a few minutes unless adequate shielding or other safety precautions ara used, Certain lamps that will automatically ‘extinguish when the outer envelope is broken or punctured are ‘commercially available.” PHILIPS Pips Lighting Company 200 Franklin Square Drive P.O. Box 6300 Somerset, Ni 08876-6000 ‘A Division of North American Philips Corporation Prmeesin USA” 10188 P2808 MS400/BU and MS400/C/BU Lamps Electrical, Technical and Ordering Data (Subject to change without notice) Burning Position Vertical BU + 15% Restrke Time for Hot Lamp Approx.) 10-20 Minutes. Bulb Temperature [Maximum 400°C Open Circuit Voltage @ 30° (Minimum) 382 Volts Base Temperature (Maximumn) 210°C Standard Package Quantity 6 Lamp Current Crest Factor 18 Base Mogul Warm-up Time ta 80% Brightness. 3-6Minutes Ballast Type M59) ore Wax Tbe Tara Naso Center Oval ght Bee Approx Approx Number Ordeing ANSI Lame up oh Uonath argh Ue ita Men over? code Desonmion tis ul @ Fen retest) le MMous) Camere Camere soos sme) MERUAOEU «BT Cw 7 12 RO RD) som Msaouc/ou MIERPK-a0/8U 0 «BT. Prostar couee 7 we 199 3m me m0 Footnot Approximate Spectral Distribution ‘AT atage et amp oni. Tos waraae corsuroion the sumo iar analst ‘tage. Const trot bast arash or mage eonsnd by te ‘one bts ur (21 “B7” nests "Bulge Tubv." Fue gies approximate maxinum darter agit ofan ch (31 The sted clr temperate an average vali, Tha coor of indidu ale rps arctica vary smh om ne to nat The vation dapands won ie vologe, bats, ture a le manutcting ‘oleancos Time shuld by allowed forthe imp to stare ner whan ‘urna on fer te it tne. Tho my fant seven Rowe of opera ah rare than ane tt Lmp cur oo suber fo exes vibration or shock Meta Operating Instructions WARNING: Te arc es of me Node amps ate desaned to nest under Nom presse end at ompertres up 200°C er ube pues ay ‘saan tra oute bub mah book a ee fear Pt lsh right eorared into he sraunsng error tanec ta of ope large person ry. folowing GOOD LAMP PRACTICES rus fotowad to reduce he posit fae ie ute 1. TURN LAMPS OFF AT LEAST ONCE PER WEEK FOR AT LEAST 18 MINUTES nye cn se thers operating ons eorenvous bas {ie ouraay = 7 cay roximate Survival Curve ‘Approximate Lumen Maintenance RELAMP FIXTURES AT OR BEFORE THE END OF RATED LIFE. Alowng “PP ere ‘eh lamps tot sob hey fist evn’ ond may esse pos ‘3. BURN LAMP ONLY INITS RECOMMENDED BURNING POSITION. =f} + * ‘8 OPERATE LAMP WITH PROPER CIRCUITS AND AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT. | ‘CAUTION: 2am bulb support usod, be suet nat the supp woe ‘also a svat paste decomeetson to tha bu use Go not etch ‘ne outer bulb subject to pressute as ths coud eau re utr Eto cack rshotr. ihe cuter bubs brake a pute turn att onen ad eae the lop t9 evo pose nury Hom Fazedovs shorwove ula olson Frolct lama base, socet and wig again most, enrslvesmosphres nt rene het Tako cra n mandingo posing ofthis amp, A part wacuumin te tr bat ‘ray cause goss ty the enlope issue. the ae tae brah, exo 1—t + 4 ‘Sa conse win ey f the coments organs, NOTE: The lame roy raque 10 1020 raruts to cht here @ power Philips Lighting PHILIPS