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PHILIPS PRODUCT BULLETIN © Westinghouse Lamps DEFINITION: DESCRIPTION: APPLICATIONS: ‘HO tuorescentiampsared North American Philips Lighting 1800 ma___The VHO lamp ean be used in open type operated at -S amperes 1500 me) forthe fluorescent lamps are made in several fnturdawhere the ambient temperate highest lumen output per length of any types, each designed for maximum iat over 80°F fuorescent amp ‘tpatuncer sectic operating condions: Bh scobs oot VO Tor indoor apptestions i Veio-D tan ees steal VHO-O for outdoor enclosed fixture ure - sopteations calusovem multcang Peeipaormetonasnnss Ee erummanin e osermanior sae eet ign ‘The jacketed VHO-O lamp should beused where ambient temperatures aro below ‘reszing o-20° F Typical applications ar In open fixtures, freezers, cold storage ‘areas and parimeter ighting where tem- peratures seldom rise above freezing 1500 ma Fluorescent Lamps 1500 ma Fluorescent Lamps METALL Eid ers Bra VHO ‘AINAPLC VHO typo lamps ae equipped with ‘anexclsive Faia’ teaturatoprevantther falling vote atthe end of ite. \When any lamp reaches the end ot lie, is mode of failure, unlike other lamps, must be controlled. For example, an F40 lamp reachesits ond oflie when the emission mat fal is sputtered off either col, and the lamp {ceases to operate. In a 1500 ma lamp, how ‘ever, the high curentillconinusthe arceven though the col no longer contains any ems sion material. This emissionless col and the Connecting metal paris can become so ot that they might molt andlor sag against the bulb wall causing ito break and lamp ofa ut of the fate METALL aa vs VHO-O ‘TheNAPLC allsaledesign employsametalic getter paint that's appbed arecty tothe leads 2nd directly tthe poss area. as shown inthe ‘mount photographs. arcing ooours a alu, the arc takes the path of least resisiance, ‘down the metalic gata and tough the thin ‘lass ofthe press. With the press glass pune. {ured, air enters the amp satel to extinguish {he are. This provision for the sae aie ofa +500 ma lamp approaches teoretical periec: tion. The special paint is electcally cond: live and unaffected by heat and age. AS a result forms a permanent and posive elec: vical path betwoen the inne lead wires anc the proximity of the stom pross — no metal ‘strips to bend or warp, no welds to come loose, andno extra parts ofallotinease ol shock or bration CU ee Uke 100 ed ener Reactor Cireut a ry eens Pe un kaa ato Hy coon Creer) | TYPICAL LUMEN MAINTENANCE ean