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PHILIPS DEFINITION: Compact halogen reflector lamps pro- viding high luminous. intensities. ina choice of beam widths and intended for ‘operation on 12 volt power supplies. DESCRIPTION: ‘Low voltage design with a rugged file ment to resist shock or vibration and maintain brightness over its life of ap- proximately 3000 hours. «No bulb blackening allows luminous flux and. color temperature. to remain con ‘fant throughout lamp lite «Designed to transmit more than 80% of ‘heir hest (infrared) through the rear of ‘the lamp, they reduce discoloration and hheat damage to merchandise # Compact size (two inches in diameter) saves space, allows greater flexibility in esign. Provides. more light, watt for watt, than large PAR lamps, ‘High color temperature accents original merchandise color in. more appealing ‘Way, providing soft beautiful light APPLICATIONS: ‘A wide range of display applications and accent lighting in: * dowelry Stores * Restaurants * Shop windows * Showcases * Boutiques + Exhibitions © Homes, hotels, clubs Accent 1200 Halogen Display Lamps Product Bulletin Accent 1200 Halogen Display Lamps Electrical, Technical and Ordering Da‘ (Subject to change without notice) Raa ee Ane nce Ce pa A, Nusler ANSI Cinco Sorewd Ue (Meer Cie Wars Vols Bee Fllamane pa feat fey er ne ar re a0 35 ~~ 2000 gage EXCESS so 32 ew army | Fix 25 ail Texeayercos eco gS (2000 37498-3 EXN 50 i: GX5.3 cc-6 1500 40 3000 gas? EXT. DS oso 40 37497-5 EXZ 50 12, GX5.3 cc6 3000, 4 3000 37500-6 eEYC 1S 12 GX5.3 cC-6 2000 38 3500 gael EYE ssa Ges Nis00 ja (800 Light Distribution—Candlepower Distribution Bere ZX ae cam i Saw ZA Pha Dea ise Eae saad ora = ee eee Greening Sara PHILIPS LIGHTING Bloomfield, New Jorsoy 07003 Primed USA 208 Lighting Leadership Worldwide