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/LAB/001 D:-July 22, 2017

To,Mls. Wedcast Ndt Service
Survey No.256 Plot No.110 B/H Shapar Estate
Opp. Maa Bhagwati Metal Treatment
Shapar-Veraval, Rajkot - 360024

Kind Attn. : Mr. Ravikumar Zalavadiya

Sub :- Permission to carry out Radiography Work in our Premises

Dear Sir,

In connection to the above subject we are pleased to inform you that we are allowing your Radiography Personnel to carry out
test in our premises as per following instructions. : -

1.The Radiography work will be on visit / call basis only.

2.We shall inform you well in advance as and when require.
3.You will send your team along with necessary equipments and accessories for Radiography work and we shall provide light,
scaffolding and helper during work progress.
4.You shall carry out Radiography work in our premises during night shift or on week holiday only.
5.You have to take care of all radiation safety during work progress.
6.You will take back your radiography camera or X-ray machine to your premises as soon as work is over.
Also note that above permission valid for ONE year only.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,

For, your Company Name .

QC Manager