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Lesson Plan in Science

Grade v
By: Alona Mae Gali

I. Learning Objectives
At the end of 45-minute discussion, the Grade V Lansones will:
a. identify the parts of the sun.
b. draw the different parts of the sun
c. differentiate the parts of the sun.

II. Subject Matter

a. Topic : The parts of the sun
b. Materials : mock up/model, power point presentation, marker and cardboard
c. Reference : Evangeline J Mahinay, Science and Life, page 253-256
d. Value focus : Give importance to the sun.

III. Procedure
Teacher Student
a. Motivation Jade! Please lead the Classmates please stand
prayer. and let us pray.
(the students prayed)
Good morning ma’am good
Good morning class. morning classmates.

Okay! Before you sit down

please arrange your chair (the student arranged their
first. chairs)

So today I’ve prepared a

game which is called a
“puzzle game” are you
familiar of this game? Yes ma’am

So I have here the picture

and scrabble words that
you will be going to puzzle.
So before we will start the
game, group your selves
into 4 groups. (the student will group
their selves into 4 group)

So are you in your groups Yes ma’am

I’ll give you 5-minute to
puzzle the word on the
board and the first group
that done it first will be the
So your 5-minute starts
now. (the student puzzle the
word on the board)
Okay! The winner is group
Let’s clap our hands for
group 3. (the student clap their
b. Presentation Based on the game that
you’ve done a while ago.
What do you think is our
lesson for today? About the sun ma’am.

Very good!

So now! On the same

group. Let us explore what
are the parts of the sun.
List your answer here in
the cardboard.
Here’s your cardboard and
marker. I will give you 3-
minute only to do the

Done? Yes ma’am

Okay! Group 1 share your
answer to your classmates,
group 2, group 3 and lastly
group 4. (the student shared their
answer to their
Very good! Your answers classmates)
are all correct. So do you
have any question? None!

c. Discussion So now! Do you know

what’s the parts of the sun Not yet! ma’am

So now let’s get to know (the student will see the

what’s the part of the sun parts of the sun in the
is. board)
The first layer of the sun is
crust; it is the outer part of
the sun.

The second one is the

mantle; it is the interior of
terrestrial and especially
lies beneath the crust and
above the central core and
the third one is core. The
core is the most intimidate
part of the sun which it is
the hottest part of the sun.

So do you have question None!

or clarification?

d. Application Okay! I will give you 3-

minute to brainstorm the
knowledge that you’ve
learn in the lesson.

(the question projected on

the white screen)
What do you think is the
importance of the sun?

Okay! Your 3-minute is

done. Group 1 share your
answer to your classmates.
Group 2, group 3 and lastly (the student shared their
group 4. answer to their
Very good! Let’s clap our
hands for your selves.

e. Generalization So class don’t forget that

the sun in the center of
our solar system and
remember also the three
parts of the sun, the crust,
mantle and core. The most
important is to give
importance to our sun. Yes ma’am
Get it?

IV. Evaluation Okay! If you don’t have

question, get one half of
pad paper and answer
this (the question
projected in the board)
Dave please read the
instruction on the board. On one half sheet of pad
paper write T if the
statement is TRUE and F
if it is otherwise.
Thank you Dave, I’ll give
you 10 minute to answer
the question projected on
the board.
(1. _____ crust is the
outer part of the sun.
2. _____ core is the inner
part of the sun.
3. _____ mantle is the
middle part of the sun.
4. _____ sun has five
5. _____ core has two
type , the inner and the
outer core.
6. _____ sun is very
important to our lives.
7. _____ without sun,
living things can live.
8. _____crust, core,
mantle are parts of the
9. _____ the shape of the
sun is sphere.
10. _____ sun is a ball of

Are you done? Yes ma’am

Since our time is over let
just check your paper
tomorrow. Please pass
your paper in front. (the student passed their
V. Assignment Copy your assignment on
the board. (draw an
example of the sun with
the core, mantle and crust
in the sheet of band

So, if you’re done copying Goodbye ma’am

you may go. Dismiss.