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Learn strategies to

Communication interact with the

Positive tramatic memories or
and mindset
relationship events
Reduced versus Develop
exposure to building with negative shared
triggering caregiver appraisals understanding
PTSD can events Use 'I' statements of event that
occur at any
- avoid triggers
mindreading response

Are there
What are some Art
preventions for
recommended strategies for therapy
this disorder?
Symptoms begin those who have the disorder?
typically within Teaching Strategies?
the first three At what age Counselling interventions?
months after the can a
trauma diagnosis and
'label' be
assigned? Help make
Symptoms between
must be thoughts and
evident for Auditory feelings
over one Posttraumatic Stress Disorder pseudo-hallucinations
month to be
'labelled' Dissociative

Frequency of Difficulty
the disorder in regulating
What are the emotions
the general symptoms and
population the frequency of
them for
Criteria for diagnosis of a
Diagnosis conditon

Exposure to Duration of
actual or more than
threatened Marked one month
In the USA - 8.7%
traumatic change in
projected lifetime risk. In
event(s) baseline
most other parts of the
world the rate is between
Developmental Paranoid
0.5 - 1 %
regression ideation

Loss of
characteristic Duration of the
disturbance is language
following more than one
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(2006). Counselling for post-traumatic stress disorder (3rd ed.). traumatic
London;Thousand Oaks, Calif;: SAGE Publications. event