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Retail Invoice (Original)

Aars & Vees IT Solutions Invoice No. Dated

1570, Church Road, 2nd Floor, RVAITS/0210/2014-15 2-Feb-2015
(Opp. I.P. University Main Gate), Mode/Terms of Payment
Kashmere Gate, Delhi - 110 006 Cheque
E-Mail :ritinaggarwal@yahoo.com Supplier’s Ref. Other Reference(s)
Product & Services Bill
Buyer’s Order No. Dated
Adsat Engineers Pvt. Ltd. Terms of Delivery
207, 2nd Floor, SSG East Plaza,
On-Site Hand Delivery &
Local Shopping Centre, Mayur Vihar Phase-III, UPS & Battery Installation Services
Delhi - 110 096

Sl Description of Goods VAT % Quantity Rate per Disc. % Amount


1 Amptek 4.5Ah 12V Battery 12.50 64 Pc 775.00 Pc 49,600.00

DVat Output Tax @ 12.5% 12.50 % 6,200.00
UPS & Battery Installation 1,958.00
(Battery Bank Replacement for 2 Nos. 3kVA Online
UPS @ Rs. 979/- Each, Job Done by Engineer On-Site)
(Category : Business Auxiliary

Service Tax (On Assessable Amount 1,958.00) Nil 12 % 235.00

Education Cess Nil 2 % 5.00
Secondary and Higher Education Cess Nil 1 % 2.00

Total 64 Pc 58,000.00
Amount Chargeable (in words) E. & O.E
INR Fifty Eight Thousand Only VAT % Assessable Value VAT Amount
VAT Amount (in words) 12.50 % 49,600.00 6,200.00
INR Six Thousand Two Hundred Only ( 6,200.00)

Company’s VAT TIN : 07910357077

Company’s CST No. : 07910357077
Company’s Service Tax No. : AFFPA9540MST001
Warranty by Principal Company Only. No Warranty on
Physical Damage & Burnt Products. Goods Once Sold will
not be taken back. Please Check & Ensure the Contents
of the Goods Purchased, for Quantity & Price before
Leaving the Premises. Cheque received against advanced
or balance payment if dishonored will be dealt under
Negotiable Instruments Act. at your cost with Interest @ for Aars & Vees IT Solutions
18% P.A. from date of Invoice. Cheque dishonored
Charges Rs. 250/- will be Charged Extra.
Authorised Signatory

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