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Spring 2019

SAP S/4HANA and SAP Leonardo Business Intelligence

SAP HANA Finance and Controlling
Programming Human Resources
Administration and EIM Customer Relationship
Supply Chain Management, Management
Logistics, and Manufacturing
www.sap-press.com SAP PRESS Bestsellers 3
SAP PRESS Bestsellers ........................ 3 The Stefan Haas, Bince Mathew Anup Maheshwari

SAP S/4HANA ...................................... 4 ABAP Development Implementing

SAP HANA ............................................ 6
Subscription ABAP Programming Model for SAP Fiori

1 6
E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99
Programming ....................................... 8
Starting at $34.99 E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99 www.sap-press.com/4525
Business Intelligence ....................... 12 www.sap-press.com/4766
per month!
Administration .................................. 14
Certification Guides ........................ 17
Finance & Controlling ...................... 18 For more
Jawad Akhtar, Martin Murray Anil Bavaraju
SCM/Logistics .................................... 22 information, visit:
sap-press.com/ Materials Management with SAP Fiori Implementation
Human Resources ............................. 26
subscriptions SAP S/4HANA and Development
CRM/Marketing & Sales .................. 28 Business Processes and Configuration

2 7
E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99
Introductory Books .......................... 29 E-book: $79.99 Print: $89.95 Bundle: $99.99 www.sap-press.com/4401
SAP PRESS Subscription ................... 30 www.sap-press.com/4711

Support +1 (781) 228-5070, extension 200 Butsmann, Fleckenstein, Kundu Bhattacharjee, Narasimhamurti, Desai,
Vazquez, Walsh
SAP S/4HANA Embedded
We’re here for you! Logistics with SAP S/4HANA
info@rheinwerk-publishing.com Analytics
An Introduction
Our customer service team is The Comprehensive Guide

available Monday through Friday,

3 8
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from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST. www.sap-press.com/4690
Quincy, MA 02171, USA

Bilay, Gutsche, Krimmel, Stiehl Namita Sachan, Aman Jain

SAP Cloud Platform Warehouse Management

Integration in SAP S/4HANA
Connect with us!

4 9
The Comprehensive Guide
E-book: $79.99 Print: $89.95 Bundle: $99.99
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Schrank, Sboarina
linkedin.com/company/sap-press Central Finance and
Native Development for SAP HANA
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4 SAP S/4HANA www.sap-press.com www.sap-press.com SAP S/4HANA 5

Herzig, Heitkötter, Wozniak, Agarwal, Wust Butsmann, Fleckenstein, Kundu

Extending SAP S/4HANA SAP S/4HANA Embedded SAP S/4HANA Migration

Side-by-Side Extensions with the Analytics
The Comprehensive Guide
ƒƒ Develop side-by-side extensions for SAP Navigate your SAP S/4HANA journey with these guides! Take your first look at the new suite and
S/4HANA using the SAP S/4HANA Cloud SDK ƒƒ Use embedded analytics for operational understand what it means for your business. Then learn how to prepare your SAP ERP system for
reporting and process analytics
ƒƒ Test, secure, and maintain extensions in SAP migration. Follow step-by-step instructions that will help you prepare, implement, and integrate
ƒƒ Configure SAP S/4HANA Embedded
Cloud Platform
SAP S/4HANA. See what’s waiting for you with SAP S/4HANA!
ƒƒ Leverage in-app extensibility to enhance
side-by-side extensions ƒƒ Integrate with other SAP tools

E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99 E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99

www.sap-press.com/4655 www.sap-press.com/4690

Michael Jolton, Yosh Eisbart Anup Maheshwari

SAP S/4HANA Cloud Implementing

Use Cases, Functionality, and Extensibility SAP S/4HANA Finance
ƒƒ Learn what SAP S/4HANA Cloud is and how ƒƒ Migrate your financials data from SAP ERP

1 2 3
it runs your business to SAP S/4HANA
ƒƒ Understand its use cases, from startups to ƒƒ Configure the general ledger, asset account-
large enterprises ing, cash management, and more
ƒƒ Explore the best practices for a cloud ERP: ƒƒ Employ data migration best practices for
finance, manufacturing, and more SAP S/4HANA
E-book: $59.99 Print: $69.95 Bundle: $79.99 E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99 Bardhan, Baumgartl, Choi, Dudgeon, Vasavi Gottumukkala Densborn, Finkbohner, Freudenberg,
www.sap-press.com/4498 www.sap-press.com/4525 Lahiri, Meijerink, Worsley-Tonks Mathäß, Wagner
Preparing Your SAP
SAP S/4HANA Migrating to SAP
ERP System for an SAP
An Introduction S/4HANA
Stefanos Pougkas Bhattacharjee, Narasimhamurti, Desai, S/4HANA Migration
Vazquez, Walsh E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99 E-book: $79.99 Print: $89.95 Bundle: $99.99
SAP S/4HANA Financial E-book: $24.99
Logistics with SAP S/4HANA www.sap-press.com/4782 www.sap-press.com/4247
Accounting Certification www.sap-press.com/4680
An Introduction
ƒƒ Learn what SAP S/4HANA offers for manu-
Application Associate Exam
New New facturing, warehousing, procurement, and
beyond Mehta, Aijaz, Duncan, Parikh
edition! ƒƒ Learn about the SAP S/4HANA Finance certi- edition!
fication test structure and how to prepare ƒƒ Explore key SAP Fiori applications for report- New! SAP S/4HANA Finance
ƒƒ Review the key topics covered in each por- ing and analytics
An Introduction
tion of your exam ƒƒ Discover SAP Leonardo technologies
This introduction to SAP S/4HANA Finance shows you next-generation finance: accounting, controlling,
E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99 E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99
risk management, financial planning, and more. See how each process works in SAP S/4HANA, and take
www.sap-press.com/4856 www.sap-press.com/4785 your first steps toward financial transformation!

E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99

Jawad Akhtar, Martin Murray Jawad Akhtar www.sap-press.com/4784
Materials Management with Production Planning with New!
SAP S/4HANA SAP S/4HANA Janet Salmon, Michel Haesendonckx

Business Processes and Configuration ƒƒ Implement production planning for discrete, SAP S/4HANA Finance: The Reference Guide to What’s New
process, and repetitive manufacturing with
ƒƒ Configure SAP S/4HANA for your materials SAP S/4HANA has changed finance—but are you ready for change? Consult the experts’ list of the most
management requirements New! SAP S/4HANA
important innovations in SAP S/4HANA Finance. Evaluate their impact on your business users’ daily rou-
ƒƒ Configure and run MRP, batch management, tines, and learn how to make SAP S/4HANA work for you.
ƒƒ Maintain critical material and business part-
capacity planning, and more
ner records
ƒƒ Analyze your data with standard analytics E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99
ƒƒ Walk through MRP, inventory management,
and SAP Fiori apps www.sap-press.com/4838
purchasing, and quotation management
E-book: $79.99 Print: $89.95 Bundle: $99.99
E-book: $79.99 Print: $89.95 Bundle: $99.99

www.sap-press.com/4711 www.sap-press.com/4821

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6 SAP HANA www.sap-press.com/hana www.sap-press.com/hana SAP HANA 7

Jörg Brandeis Adeel Hashmi

SAP HANA Developer SQLScript for SAP HANA Implementing Machine

ƒƒ Learn SQLScript syntax and run your first Learning with SAP HANA
routine in the SQL console
The career path for SAP HANA developers is changing, but it doesn’t need to be challenging. ƒƒ Design and build machine learning and AI
ƒƒ Read and write to the SAP HANA database applications with SAP HANA PAL
With our books, developers can see how SAP HANA alters ABAP programming, learn to develop ƒƒ Integrate SQLScript with ABAP and SAP
New! ƒƒ Integrate applications with SAP S/4HANA
native apps with SAP HANA XSA, and get certified for SAP HANA 2.0. It’s time to expand your BW/4HANA
New! embedded analytics
development knowledge! E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99 ƒƒ Leverage Google TensorFlow and R in SAP
HANA applications
E-book: $29.99


Silvia, Frye, Berg Jonathan Haun

SAP HANA SAP HANA Security Guide

An Introduction ƒƒ The comprehensive guide to SAP HANA
security, from authentication to auditing
ƒƒ Explore SAP HANA in all its forms: as data-
ƒƒ Learn to develop a complete security model

1 2 3
base, as application platform, as driver for
SAP S/4HANA using practical examples and case studies
ƒƒ Learn about data modeling, data provision- ƒƒ Identify the critical settings necessary to pass
ing, and administration an SAP HANA security audit
ƒƒ Get the basics you need to speed into the E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99
world of SAP HANA
Gahm, Schneider, Swanepoel, Westenberger Alborghetti, Kohlbrenner, Pattanayak, Rudi de Louw
E-book: $59.99 Print: $69.95 Bundle: $79.99
Schrank, Sboarina
ABAP Development SAP HANA 2.0 www.sap-press.com/4160
for SAP HANA Certification Guide
Native Development for SAP HANA
Application Associate Exam
E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99 Ankisettipalli, Chen, Wankawala Cundiff, Gomes, Lamb, Loden, Suneja
E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99
E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99 SAP HANA Advanced Data Data Provisioning for
www.sap-press.com/4567 Modeling SAP HANA
ƒƒ Learn how to model complex logic in ƒƒ Get to know your options for provisioning
ƒƒ Build predictive models with R, PAL, and more ƒƒ Learn how and when to use each tool
Patnaik, Rashid, Ruter ƒƒ Use performance tuning tools to get the ƒƒ See the tools in action with in-depth case
New! SAP HANA 2.0 Administration most of out of your SAP HANA models studies

E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99 E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99
The SAP HANA 2.0 administration guide is here! Explore the main principles of SAP HANA administration:
system administration, table and object management, user and authorization management, and security. www.sap-press.com/3863 www.sap-press.com/4588
Follow example scenarios to see SAP HANA 2.0 administration in action, including step-by-step instructions
and screenshots. From installation and deployment to troubleshooting and performance analysis, get every-
thing you need to administrate SAP HANA.

E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99 Haun, Hickman, Loden, Wells Merz, Hügens, Blum

www.sap-press.com/4681 Implementing SAP HANA Implementing SAP BW on

New! ƒƒ Implement SAP HANA as a data warehouse SAP HANA
Anil Bavaraju for analytics
ƒƒ Explore your SAP BW on SAP HANA
ƒƒ Integrate SAP HANA with SAP Data Services
Data Modeling for SAP HANA 2.0 and SAP BusinessObjects BI
implementation options
ƒƒ Get step-by-step instructions for migration,
Build, manage, and secure calculation views and table functions with the SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA. ƒƒ Keep your system and your data safe by including pre- and post-steps
See how SAP Web IDE, SAP HANA Live, and SAP S/4HANA embedded analytics all interact to create ef- setting up authorizations, analytic privileges,
ƒƒ Learn how SAP HANA changes data model-
fective data models. Explore advanced modeling concepts compatible with SAP HANA 2.0, like predictive and more
ing, reporting, and administration for an
modeling and geospatial analysis.
E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99 SAP BW system
E-book: $79.99 Print: $89.95 Bundle: $99.99 www.sap-press.com/3703 E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99
www.sap-press.com/4722 www.sap-press.com/3609

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8 Programming www.sap-press.com/programming www.sap-press.com/programming Programming 9

Steve Guo Anil Bavaraju

SAP Fiori Launchpad SAP Fiori Implementation SAP Cloud Platform

Development and Extensibility and Development
ƒƒ Learn to work with SAP Fiori launchpad ƒƒ Implement SAP Fiori on AS ABAP, SAP HANA, Use SAP Cloud Platform to revolutionize your business! With our books, learn to create cloud-
ƒƒ Use client-side services in your SAPUI5 and SAP S/4HANA
native apps, integrate your existing on-premise systems with cloud solutions, and put everything
ƒƒ Customize transactional, analytical, and fact
ƒƒ Customize SAP Fiori launchpad with UI sheet apps you’ve learned together to pass your certification exam. Become an SAP Cloud Platform expert!
extensions, plugins, and custom tiles ƒƒ Upgrade to SAP Fiori 2.0 and develop your
own apps from scratch
E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99

www.sap-press.com/4556 E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99


Krishna Kishor Kammaje Goebels, Nepraunig, Seidel

SAP Fiori Certification Guide SAPUI5

Development Associate Exam The Comprehensive Guide

1 2 3
ƒƒ Learn about the SAP Fiori certification test ƒƒ Build full-fledged SAPUI5 applications
structure and how to prepare like a pro
ƒƒ Review the key topics covered in each portion ƒƒ Become an expert on MVC, models and bind-
of your exam ings, CRUD operations, OData, and more
ƒƒ Test your knowledge with practice questions ƒƒ Optimize your applications with controls,
and answers theming, security, and performance enhance-
ments Acharya, Bajaj, Dhar, Ghosh, Lahiri Bilay, Gutsche, Krimmel, Stiehl Ivan Femia
E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99

www.sap-press.com/4501 E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99 SAP Cloud Platform: SAP Cloud Platform SAP Cloud Platform
www.sap-press.com/3980 Cloud-Native Integration Certification Guide
Development The Comprehensive Guide Development Associate Exam

Dwayne DeSylvia, Jonathan Yagos Bönnen, Drees, Fischer, Heinz, Strothmann E-book: $79.99 Print: $89.95 Bundle: $99.99 E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99
E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99
SAP Build SAP Gateway and OData www.sap-press.com/4713 www.sap-press.com/4650 www.sap-press.com/4825
Prototyping and Design ƒƒ Get SAP Gateway up and running in your
ƒƒ Build interactive UX prototypes for SAPUI5 system
and SAP Fiori applications ƒƒ Build OData services for application
development Herzig, Heitkötter, Wozniak, Agarwal, Wust
ƒƒ Collaborate on projects and gather user feed-
back to improve your design ƒƒ Use SAP Gateway and OData services in SAP
Fiori, mobile, and enterprise applications
Extending SAP S/4HANA
ƒƒ Export prototypes into the SAP Web IDE to
Side-by-Side Extensions with the SAP S/4HANA Cloud SDK
jumpstart application development E-book: $79.99 Print: $89.95 Bundle: $99.99

E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99 www.sap-press.com/4724 Tailor your SAP S/4HANA system to your business needs with SAP Cloud Platform and the SAP S/4HANA
Cloud SDK. Learn to build, secure, and maintain extension apps with step-by-step instructions. Once the
www.sap-press.com/4566 apps are running, integrate them with SAP S/4HANA and customize them further with in-app extensions.

E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99

Phillip Parkinson DJ Adams

SAP Fiori and SAP S/4HANA SAP Fiori and SAPUI5 Massimo Tuscano
Large-Scale Application Implementation Debugging the User Interface
SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services
ƒƒ Implement large numbers of SAP Fiori apps: ƒƒ Find and respond to errors in your SAP Fiori
Application Development and Operations
50, 100, 200, or more and SAPUI5 applications
ƒƒ Configure SAP Fiori launchpad for large-scale ƒƒ Explore the various debugging tools at your Use SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services to develop, manage, secure, and deploy mobile applications.
New! deployments disposal With system screenshots and example code, see how to use SAP Web IDE, perform lifecycle management,
ƒƒ Troubleshoot and monitor apps and manage ƒƒ Learn basic and advanced debugging and more.
go-live techniques
E-book: $24.99
E-book: $24.99 E-book: $19.99
www.sap-press.com/4767 www.sap-press.com/4305

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10 Programming www.sap-press.com/programming www.sap-press.com/programming Programming 11

Brian O’Neill Kiran Bandari Kerem Koseoglu John Mutumba Bilay, Roberto Viana Blanco

Getting Started with ABAP Complete ABAP Design Patterns in ABAP SAP Process Orchestration
ƒƒ Learn the basics of ABAP and write your first ƒƒ An everyday reference for the ABAP Objects The Comprehensive Guide
program programmer of all levels
ƒƒ Use design patterns to write better code, ƒƒ Build and configure interfaces with AEX
ƒƒ Set up an ABAP trial system and master the ƒƒ Learn language elements, syntax, concepts, faster ƒƒ Create business processes with SAP BPM and
integrated development environment (IDE) and more
ƒƒ Implement common architectural, structural, business rules with SAP BRM
ƒƒ Develop an example application using strings ƒƒ Explore modularization, modifications, and and behavioral design patterns ƒƒ Learn how to move from SAP PI to SAP PO
and text, dates and times, and more enhancements
ƒƒ See design patterns in action with real-world
E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99
E-book: $44.99 Print: $49.95 Bundle: $59.99 E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99 SAP applications
www.sap-press.com/3869 www.sap-press.com/3921 E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99


Paul Hardy Gahm, Schneider, Swanepoel, Westenberger Erasmus, Rao, Sinha, Wadawadigi Gupta, Caparthy, Gopalakrishna, Ladia

ABAP to the Future ABAP Development SAP Leonardo Introducing Blockchain with
ƒƒ Get up to date on ABAP 7.52 and 1809 for SAP HANA An Introduction SAP Leonardo
ƒƒ Master core data services, abapGit, and ƒƒ Understand how SAP HANA changes ABAP ƒƒ Understand how SAP Leonardo enables ƒƒ Utilize blockchain with SAP Leonardo, SAP
test-driven development programming for even the most experienced digital transformation Cloud Platform, and SAP HANA
New ƒƒ Learn about the latest features of BOPF, developers New! ƒƒ Explore the SAP Leonardo toolset: IoT, machine ƒƒ Develop blockchain applications with Hyper-
edition! BRFplus, SAPUI5, and more ƒƒ Enable code pushdown to move code from learning, analytics, blockchain, and big data New! ledger Fabric and Multichain
E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99
the application server to the database ƒƒ Develop new business models to optimize ƒƒ Understand the future of blockchain in the
ƒƒ Get up to speed on the SAP HANA develop- manufacturing, logistics, asset management, SAP landscape
www.sap-press.com/4751 finance, and more
ment environment
E-book: $24.99
E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99 E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99
www.sap-press.com/3973 www.sap-press.com/4787

Spielvogel, Barnard, Bernal, Hoznek, Queck, Anne Johnson

Rumsby, Steinhauer
Design Thinking with SAP
Colle, Dentzer, Hrastnik
Using SAP Screen Personas
ƒƒ Understand the SAP design thinking method-
Core Data Services for ABAP ƒƒ Learn to use SAP Screen Personas to improve ology, tools, and processes
user experience
Dive deep into data modeling with this comprehensive guide to ABAP core data services (CDS). Get the ƒƒ Learn to organize and facilitate workshops
skills you need to create data models with in-depth information on CDS syntax, its key components, and ƒƒ Edit screens using templates and explore
ƒƒ Walk through workshops for SAP UX design
its capabilities. Walk step-by-step through modeling application data in SAP S/4HANA and developing adaptive design
and SAP business innovation
analytical and transactional application models. From creating a CDS view to troubleshooting, this book is ƒƒ Merge tabs and automate keystrokes with
your end-to-end source for ABAP CDS. scripts E-book: $24.99

E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99 E-book: $24.99

www.sap-press.com/4822 www.sap-press.com/4562

Stefan Haas, Bince Mathew Chestha Rangkarasamee, Kunnawut Yodmalai Alexander Graebe

ABAP Development for SAP S/4HANA SAP and Chatbots Hands On with SAPUI5 and
ABAP Programming Model for SAP Fiori Development and Integration the SAP Web IDE
Master the end-to-end development process for SAP S/4HANA applications using the new ABAP pro- ƒƒ Talk to SAP applications through your ƒƒ Get access to SAP HANA Cloud Platform and
gramming model. Build applications from scratch, or use SAP Fiori elements to get a head start! Then, messaging platform of choice the SAP Web IDE and learn how to use them
deploy your applications to the SAP Fiori launchpad and get the best practices you need to operate ƒƒ Program bots to send messages to and for SAPUI5 development
applications post-development. from SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA ƒƒ Code your first app by following step-by-step
ƒƒ Prepare the SAP backend to respond to instructions and examples
E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99
bot messages ƒƒ Enhance your app with UI components and
www.sap-press.com/4766 internationalization features
E-book: $24.99

www.sap-press.com/4819 E-book: $19.99


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12 Business Intelligence www.sap-press.com/business-intelligence www.sap-press.com/business-intelligence Business Intelligence 13

Anil Bavaraju Butsmann, Fleckenstein, Kundu

Data Modeling for SAP SAP S/4HANA Embedded Data Visualization

HANA 2.0 Analytics
ƒƒ Learn how to model data in SAP HANA 2.0 The Comprehensive Guide
Master the art of organizing, visualizing, and analyzing your data with these SAP solutions!
with the SAP Web IDE ƒƒ Use embedded analytics for operational Our books on SAP Lumira provide the expert knowledge you need to create data visualizations
New! ƒƒ Build calculation views and table functions, reporting and process analytics
manage models, and more from start to finish and develop interactive applications. A real-life demo scenario in our SAP
ƒƒ Configure SAP S/4HANA Embedded
ƒƒ Explore advanced concepts like predictive Analytics
Analytics Cloud E-Bite walks you through navigating your BI tasks in the cloud. Make your
modeling and SAP HANA spatial analysis ƒƒ Integrate with other SAP tools
visualizations elegant and intuitive with our guides!
E-book: $79.99 Print: $89.95 Bundle: $99.99
E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99
www.sap-press.com/4722 www.sap-press.com/4690

Manu Kohli Adeel Hashmi

Introducing Machine Implementing Machine

Learning with SAP Leonardo Learning with SAP HANA
ƒƒ Learn how machine learning makes your ƒƒ Design and build machine learning and AI
business more intelligent applications with SAP HANA PAL

1 2 3
ƒƒ Explore SAP products and tools that enable ƒƒ Integrate applications with SAP S/4HANA
machine learning New! embedded analytics
ƒƒ Apply machine learning to SAP S/4HANA ƒƒ Leverage Google TensorFlow and R in SAP
HANA applications
E-book: $24.99
E-book: $29.99
www.sap-press.com/4861 Xavier Hacking, Martijn van Foeken Chang, Hacking, van der A Pravin Datar

SAP Lumira, Discovery SAP Lumira, Designer Introducing

Edition Edition SAP Analytics Cloud
Christensen, Darlak, Harrington, Kong, Palekar, Patel, Shiralkar
Poles, Savelli The Comprehensive Guide The Comprehensive Guide
SAP BW 7.4—Practical Guide E-book: $24.99

SAP BW/4HANA E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99 E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99 www.sap-press.com/4799
ƒƒ Master the basic principles and concepts
An Introduction
www.sap-press.com/4511 www.sap-press.com/4512
ƒƒ Explore the new data warehousing solution ƒƒ Learn how to perform data modeling, ETL,
from SAP reporting, and more with detailed instruc-
ƒƒ Learn about data modeling, reporting, tions and screenshots Ah-Soon, Brogden, Marks, Orthous, Sinkwitz
analytics, and administration ƒƒ Follow along with a real-life case study to
ƒƒ Discover how SAP BW/4HANA changes your see SAP BW in action SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence
BI landscape The Comprehensive Guide
E-book: $59.99 Print: $69.95 Bundle: $79.99
E-book: $59.99 Print: $69.95 Bundle: $79.99 www.sap-press.com/3733 Bring your data presentations into focus with this comprehensive guide to SAP BusinessObjects Web Intel-
ligence. Updated for WebI 4.2, this book will teach you how to create, design, and share your reports, while
exploring the fundamentals of WebI and its extended capabilities. Punch up your reporting and analysis!

E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99

Greg Myers, Eric Vallo Ah-Soon, Mazoué, Vezzosi
SAP BusinessObjects BI Universe Design with
System Administration SAP BusinessObjects BI Chabert, Forster, Tessier, Vezzosi

ƒƒ Get your system up: sizing, installation, The Comprehensive Guide

SAP Predictive Analytics
ƒƒ Everything you need to know about the The Comprehensive Guide
ƒƒ Get your system running: security, monitor- Information Design Tool and UNX universes
ing, mobility Get SAP Predictive Analytics up and running and master predictive models—regression, time series fore-
ƒƒ Explore step-by-step universe design, from
ƒƒ Get your system current: Upgrade Manage- connecting to different data sources, to cre- casting, clustering, and more. Discover the essential tools, from Predictive Factory and the Automated
ment Tool, Promotion Management, new ating data foundations, to building business Modeler to the Data Manager and Social Network Analysis. Get predictive analysis working for you!
features layers
E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99
E-book: $59.99 Print: $69.95 Bundle: $79.99 ƒƒ Compare and convert UNV to UNX universes
www.sap-press.com/3605 E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99


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14 Administration www.sap-press.com/administration www.sap-press.com/administration Administration 15

Teuber, Weidmann, Will Sebastian Schreckenbach

SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Monitoring and Operations SAP Administration—

with SAP Solution Manager Practical Guide
Make sure your solutions are fully functional with the latest SAP Solution Manager release. First, ƒƒ Learn about the monitoring and alerting ƒƒ Dive deep into your system with step-by-step
infrastructure in release 7.1 instructions and screenshots
upgrade your current system and then dive into management and other daily tasks with our
ƒƒ See how administrative tools and root cause ƒƒ Walk through critical and specialized tasks to
guides to SolMan 7.2. Finally, discover how to make the move to SAP S/4HANA even easier analysis are used in real life keep your system up and running
with SolMan—2025 is just around the corner, after all! ƒƒ Master technical reporting, monitoring with ƒƒ Administer databases, users, security, and
various tools and systems, and more more

E-book: $69.99 E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99

www.sap-press.com/3374 www.sap-press.com/3639

Kalwachwala, Chahal, Cheekoti, Isacc, Dilip Radhakrishnan, Syama Srinivasan

Khambhampat, Quirk
Introducing SAP Master Data
SAP Master Data Governance
Governance (SAP MDG) on
The Comprehensive Guide to SAP MDG

1 2 3
ƒƒ Understand and evaluate your options for
SAP MDG installation and deployment ƒƒ See how SAP MDG has been updated and
improved for SAP S/4HANA
ƒƒ Dive into data modeling, process modeling,
and consolidation ƒƒ Learn about innovations to central govern-
ance, mass processing, and consolidation
ƒƒ Learn about advanced topics, from SAP Fiori
to BRFplus ƒƒ Explore master data remediation and more
Jereme Swoboda Christian, Pytel, Swoboda, Williams Marc O. Schäfer, Mattias Melich
E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99 E-book: $24.99
Upgrading to SAP SAP Solution Manager— SAP Solution Manager www.sap-press.com/4192 www.sap-press.com/4626
Solution Manager 7.2 Practical Guide for SAP S/4HANA
E-book: $19.99 E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99 E-book: $59.99 Print: $69.95 Bundle: $79.99 Thomas Schneider Chen, Hanck, Hanck, Hertel, Lissarrague, Médaille
www.sap-press.com/4168 www.sap-press.com/4411 www.sap-press.com/4162 SAP Performance SAP Data Services
Optimization Guide The Comprehensive Guide

Analyzing and Tuning SAP Systems ƒƒ Get to know the IDEs: Designer and Work-
ƒƒ Run your SAP system quickly and efficiently
ƒƒ Work with the main data provisioning object
Vasavi Gottumukkala ƒƒ Master core concepts like sizing, memory
types: jobs, datastores, data flows, workflows,
management, and monitoring
Preparing Your SAP ERP System for an SAP S/4HANA Migration transforms, and more
ƒƒ Explore new innovations in SAP Fiori, SAP
ƒƒ Perform important tasks like change data
Making the switch to SAP S/4HANA? Ensure a smooth transition with this guide to readying your SAP ERP Gateway, and innovations in SAP HANA
capture and unstructured text analysis
system for migration. Explore the SAP tools you need to perform readiness checks. Walk through system
E-book: $79.99 Print: $89.95 Bundle: $99.99
changes like business partner and MRP area conversion; then learn about custom code preparation and E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99
data cleanup. Learn to adapt your system to SAP S/4HANA transaction simplifications, and modify your www.sap-press.com/4370 www.sap-press.com/3688
security roles to transition confidently.

E-book: $24.99
Cundiff, Gomes, Lamb, Loden, Suneja Sven Denecken, Jan Musil
Data Provisioning for SAP S/4HANA Cloud
Densborn, Finkbohner, Freudenberg, Mathäß, Wagner SAP HANA Implementation with SAP Activate

ƒƒ Guide your SAP S/4HANA cloud deployment

Migrating to SAP S/4HANA ƒƒ Get to know your options for provisioning
with SAP Activate
data for SAP HANA
It’s time to start planning your SAP S/4HANA migration! In this book you’ll learn to implement the right ƒƒ Learn how and when to use each tool ƒƒ Learn the five phases of SAP Activate project
migration scenario for your business requirements—cloud, on-premise, or hybrid. Step-by-step instructions methodology: prepare, explore, realize,
ƒƒ See the tools in action with in-depth case
will help you prepare, implement, and integrate SAP S/4HANA. See what’s waiting with SAP S/4HANA, and deploy, and run
start your migration today! ƒƒ Use SAP Activate for brownfield and green-
E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99 field projects
E-book: $79.99 Print: $89.95 Bundle: $99.99
www.sap-press.com/4247 E-book: $24.99


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16 Administration www.sap-press.com/administration www.sap-press.com Certification Guides 17

Lehnert, Luther, Christoph, Pluder, Fernandes John Mutumba Bilay, Roberto Viana Blanco

GDPR and SAP SAP Process Orchestration Pass your exam with flying colors!
Data Privacy with SAP Business Suite and The Comprehensive Guide
ƒƒ Build and configure interfaces with AEX
ƒƒ Comply with the EU’s GDPR regulation and Achieve success with the only certification guide series endorsed by SAP! Master the different types
ƒƒ Create business processes with SAP BPM and
avoid costly fines
business rules with SAP BRM
of exam questions, study real-world scenarios, and find the comprehensive coverage you need to
ƒƒ Design your IT environment to meet data
ƒƒ Learn how to move from SAP PI to SAP PO
pass the test and advance your career.
privacy requirements
ƒƒ Explore the SAP software solutions that E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99
protect sensitive personal data Stefanos Pougkas Theresa Marquis, Marjorie Wright
E-book: $99.99 Print: $109.95 Bundle: $119.99 SAP S/4HANA Financial SAP S/4HANA
www.sap-press.com/4652 Accounting Certification Management Accounting
Guide Certification Guide
Application Associate Exam Application Associate Exam
Eacrett, Hartz, Saha Eichert, Łuka, Nowak New New!
Introducing SAP Data Hub Interface Monitoring and edition! Preparing for your financial accounting Ace the SAP S/4HANA CO exam for version
exam? From general ledger accounting to 1709 or 1809 with this certification study
ƒƒ See how SAP Data Hub simplifies the data Error Handling with SAP AIF financial close, this guide will review the key guide! Understand the test structure, then
landscape technical and functional knowledge you walk through each topic area, from product
ƒƒ Monitor and troubleshoot interfaces with need to make the grade. Up to date for SAP cost planning to profit center accounting
ƒƒ Explore data pipelining, orchestration, and transactions /AIF/ERR and /AIF/IFMON
governance capabilities S/4HANA 1709 and 1809! and beyond.
ƒƒ Set up alerts and authorizations
ƒƒ Learn how SAP Data Hub integrates with
New! ƒƒ Integrate SAP AIF with other monitoring E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99 E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99
existing SAP products
tools, such as SAP Solution Manager www.sap-press.com/4856 www.sap-press.com/4886
E-book: $24.99
E-book: $29.99
www.sap-press.com/4714 Ivan Femia Krishna Kishor Kammaje

SAP Cloud Platform SAP Fiori Certification

Certification Guide Guide
Development Associate Exam Development Associate Exam

From application development to the Inter- Review core concepts including SAP Fiori
Joe Markgraf, Alessandro Banzer New! net of Things, this guide will review the key architecture, configuration, and security;
SAP System Security Guide SAP Cloud Platform knowledge you need then test your knowledge with detailed
to pass with flying colors. Your path to SAP questions and answers. From SAP Fiori in-
If you’re a Basis administrator looking to keep your SAP system under lock and key, this is the book for Cloud Platform certification begins here! stallation and SAP Fiori launchpad configu-
you! Discover information on security-relevant issues, from identity and access management to network ration to OData and UI extensibility, solidify
and backend security. Get the technical know-how to identify vulnerabilities, defend your system from E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99 your expertise and pass with flying colors!
internal and external threats, and pass audits. Secure your SAP system from the ground up! www.sap-press.com/4825
E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99
E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99

Rudi de Louw Puneet Asthana, David Haslam

SAP HANA 2.0 ABAP 7.5 Certification

Jonathan Haun
Certification Guide Guide
SAP HANA Security Guide Application Associate Exam Development Associate Exam

How do you protect and defend your SAP HANA database and application development platform? This Get certified in SAP HANA 2.0 with this Gearing up for your ABAP C_TAW12_750
comprehensive guide details your options, including privileges, encryption, and more. Learn how to se- guide to the SAP Certified Application As- certification? Refresh your knowledge with
cure database objects, provision and maintain user accounts, and develop and assign roles. Then take an sociate test for SAP HANA (C_HANAIMP_13 coverage of key concepts and important
in-depth look at authentication and certificate management before seeing how to enable auditing and and C_HANAIMP_14)! Understand the terminology. Study up on the latest in ABAP,
security tracing. Up to date for SAP HANA 2.0! structure of the exam and review the key like SQL statements, CDS views, ABAP classes,
concepts you’ll be tested on, from SAP ABAP data types, and more.
E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99 HANA XSA to CDS views.
www.sap-press.com/4227 E-book: $59.99 Print: $69.95 Bundle: $79.99
E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99

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18 Finance & Controlling www.sap-press.com/finance-controlling www.sap-press.com/finance-controlling Finance & Controlling 19

Hilker, Awan, Delvat Piotr Górecki

SAP S/4HANA Finance Implementation Central Finance and SAP Introducing Consolidation
S/4HANA with SAP S/4HANA Finance
ƒƒ See how Central Finance taps into SAP S/4HANA for Group Reporting
When it comes to learning SAP S/4HANA Finance, you need resources you can count on. These to improve financial processes and reporting
guides introduce next-generation finance in the new suite! Get insight into the most important ƒƒ Walk through consolidation in SAP S/4HANA:
ƒƒ Implement and set up a Central Finance data collection, currency translation, inter-
innovations, step-by-step instructions for system conversion, and a path for certification. From landscape New! unit reconciliation, and more
introduction to implementation, update your skills for the next generation of SAP finance. ƒƒ Use Central Finance to achieve your com- ƒƒ See your reporting options in SAP Fiori and
pany’s finance and IT transformation goals SAP Analytics Cloud
E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99 E-book: $24.99
www.sap-press.com/4667 www.sap-press.com/4871

Peter Jones, Charles Soper Onur Bekmezci

Implementing SAP Business Business Planning and

Planning and Consolidation Consolidation with SAP:
ƒƒ Implement standard and embedded SAP BPC Business User Guide
ƒƒ Facilitate fast and accurate reporting with ƒƒ Get hands-on insight into your SAP BPC tasks

1 2
expert tips
ƒƒ Input data for planning, budgeting, and
ƒƒ Set up consolidation: ownership, inter- forecasting activities
company eliminations, journal entries, and
ƒƒ Create custom reports to analyze SAP BPC
data and processes
E-book: $79.99 Print: $89.95 Bundle: $99.99
E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99
Mehta, Aijaz, Duncan, Parikh Janet Salmon, Michel Haesendonckx www.sap-press.com/4600
SAP S/4HANA Finance SAP S/4HANA Finance: The
An Introduction Reference Guide to What’s New
Sharma, Ayuluri, Darla, Kilaru Sandeep Bagchi
E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99 E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99
Introducing SAP BPC for Introducing the SAP
www.sap-press.com/4784 www.sap-press.com/4838
SAP S/4HANA Finance Financial Closing Cockpit
ƒƒ Get a good look at the powerful SAP BPC for SAP S/4HANA
functionality in SAP S/4HANA Finance
ƒƒ Learn how SAP S/4HANA manages financial
ƒƒ Explore innovations in budgeting, planning, close
forecasting, and consolidation
ƒƒ Manage your entity close with the SAP
ƒƒ Jump-start your project with pre-packaged Financial Closing cockpit dashboard
SAP BPC content
ƒƒ Explore key SAP Fiori applications
E-book: $19.99
E-book: $19.99

3 4
Narayanan Veeriah David Burns

Configuring Financial Financial Accounting in SAP

Accounting in SAP ERP ERP: Business User Guide
ƒƒ Configure FI to match your accounting ƒƒ Master your daily tasks and transactions in FI
Anup Maheshwari Stefanos Pougkas requirements ƒƒ Get practical instructions for major FI
ƒƒ Set up SAP General Ledger, Accounts Payable, processes: G/L, AP, AR, AA, and more
Implementing SAP S/4HANA Financial Accounts Receivable, and more ƒƒ Avoid common pitfalls and troubleshoot
SAP S/4HANA Finance Accounting Certification Guide ƒƒ Consult real-world examples and step-by- accounting errors
Application Associate Exam step instructions
E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99 E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99
E-book: $79.99 Print: $89.95 Bundle: $99.99
www.sap-press.com/4525 E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99 www.sap-press.com/4593

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20 Finance & Controlling www.sap-press.com/finance-controlling www.sap-press.com/finance-controlling Finance & Controlling 21

Theresa Marquis, Marjorie Wright John Jordan

SAP S/4HANA Management Product Cost Controlling Hofmann, Lim, Mabborang, Teunissen
Accounting Certification with SAP Lease Accounting with SAP: IFRS 16 and ASC 842
Guide ƒƒ Walk through product cost controlling from SAP RE-FX and SAP Lease Administration by Nakisa
Application Associate Exam end to end
New! ƒƒ Master integrated planning, product cost Jump-start your leasing project with this guide to SAP Lease Administration by Nakisa and SAP RE-FX. Run
ƒƒ Learn about the SAP S/4HANA certification planning, cost object controlling, reporting, compliance readiness checks, configure your leasing system, and perform transition accounting. Once
test structure and how to prepare and more your system is live, manage your leases the right way. Get compliant before your leasing deadline!
ƒƒ Review the key topics covered in each ƒƒ Use SAP HANA to reduce long run times
portion of your exam E-book: $109.99 Print: $119.95 Bundle: $129.99
during month-end processing
E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99 E-book: $79.99 Print: $89.95 Bundle: $99.99
www.sap-press.com/4886 www.sap-press.com/3920

Kathrin Schmalzing Janet Salmon Dayakar Domala, Koti Tummuru

Configuring Controlling in Controlling with SAP ERP: SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting and IFRS 15
SAP ERP Business User Guide The IFRS 15 standard is here—is your company ready? See how the five-step framework for revenue rec-
ƒƒ Configure the CO module to meet your ƒƒ Master your daily tasks and transactions in ognition affects your business processes, and dive into best practices for implementing and configuring
business needs SAP ERP Controlling SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting. From there, discover how to migrate old data, process contracts,
and produce reports. Don’t delay: Make sure your business is IFRS-compliant!
ƒƒ Improve interaction between CO and other ƒƒ Get step-by-step instructions for reporting,
modules planning and budgeting, actual postings, and E-book: $89.99 Print: $99.95 Bundle: $109.99
ƒƒ Learn how SAP HANA impacts your financials period close
processes ƒƒ Learn how SAP HANA and SAP Fiori improve
your CO processes
E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99
E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99

Kathrin Schmalzing Dirk Neumann, Lawrence Liang Marie-Luise Wagener Christian, Iyer, Sudhalkar

CO-PA in SAP S/4HANA Cash Management with Introducing Governance, Implementing SAP
Finance SAP S/4HANA Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Governance, Risk, and
Business Processes, Functionality, and Functionality and Implementation in SAP S/4HANA Compliance
ƒƒ Configure your cash management processes ƒƒ Dive into embedded GRC with SAP S/4HANA ƒƒ Effectively implement and configure the
ƒƒ Master the profitability analysis functionality in SAP S/4HANA entire GRC 10.0 suite
ƒƒ Explore the new solutions for audit manage-
in SAP S/4HANA Finance
ƒƒ Perform your cash management operations ment and business integrity screening ƒƒ Proactively manage regulatory change,
ƒƒ Set up your value flows, reporting, and in on-premise and cloud SAP S/4HANA meet business needs, and direct corporate
ƒƒ Learn how SAP S/4HANA handles your GDPR
planning processes compliance
ƒƒ Migrate your cash data into SAP S/4HANA requirements
E-book: $79.99 Print: $89.95 Bundle: $99.99 E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99
E-book: $79.99 Print: $89.95 Bundle: $99.99 E-book: $29.99
www.sap-press.com/4383 www.sap-press.com/4479 www.sap-press.com/3373

Rogerio Faleiros, Paul Ovigele Paul Ovigele Ravi Ravipati Oona Flanagan

Introducing the Material Material Ledger in SAP Introducing Financial Introducing New Asset
Ledger in SAP S/4HANA S/4HANA Reporting Tools for SAP Accounting in SAP S/4HANA
ƒƒ Explore currencies, actual costing, and more Functionality and Configuration S/4HANA (FI-AA)
ƒƒ Configure and run actual costing with SAP ƒƒ Understand the native reporting capabilities ƒƒ Explore new asset accounting functionality
ƒƒ See how data model simplifications impact New! S/4HANA in SAP S/4HANA in SAP S/4HANA
your Material Ledger processes New!
ƒƒ Master parallel valuation: group valuation, ƒƒ Explore SAP Fiori apps, SAP BusinessObjects ƒƒ Unlock key fixed asset transactions for
ƒƒ Preview your migration from SAP ERP or profit center valuation, balance sheet valua- BI, and more capitalization, retirement, and more
third-party systems tion, and more
ƒƒ Develop tool selection criteria ƒƒ Plan your migration
E-book: $24.99 ƒƒ Analyze your results with SAP S/4HANA
reporting tools E-book: $24.99 E-book: $19.99
www.sap-press.com/4885 www.sap-press.com/4415
E-book: $79.99 Print: $89.95 Bundle: $99.99


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22 SCM/Logistics www.sap-press.com/logistics www.sap-press.com/logistics SCM/Logistics 23

Sandy Markin, Amit Sinha Jandhyala, Kusters, Mane, Sinha

Materials Management in SAP S/4HANA SAP Integrated Business Sales and Operations
Planning Planning with SAP IBP
Functionality and Implementation ƒƒ Set up and use SAP IBP for sales and opera-
Looking for materials management in SAP S/4HANA? Follow along with our guides to MM, sourc-
tions planning
ing and procurement, and both MRP and DDMRP. See the big picture, and then get the step-by- ƒƒ Configure and use the S&OP, demand,
response and supply, and inventory planning ƒƒ Perform demand planning, constrained and
step instructions you need! applications unconstrained supply planning, and more
ƒƒ Measure your progress with the SAP Supply ƒƒ Build planning views and dashboards to
Chain Control Tower report on your KPIs

E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99 E-book: $79.99 Print: $89.95 Bundle: $99.99

www.sap-press.com/4615 www.sap-press.com/4589

Atul Bhandari Ravi Patwardhan, Shashikanth Sammiti

Configuring and Executing Configuring and Running

an Inventory Plan with Demand Sensing with

1 2 3
ƒƒ Set up a monthly inventory plan with SAP IBP ƒƒ Set up demand sensing with SAP IBP using
for inventory step-by-step instructions
ƒƒ Run your plan: validate the inputs, assess ƒƒ Run SAP IBP for demand to predict short-
drivers, and do what-if analysis term consumer behavior
Bhattacharjee, Narasimhamurti, Desai, Jawad Akhtar, Martin Murray Justin Ashlock
Vazquez, Walsh ƒƒ Reference a case study to see inventory ƒƒ Evaluate your supply chain business processes
Materials Management Sourcing and planning in action and IT infrastructure
Logistics with SAP
with SAP S/4HANA Procurement in SAP E-book: $24.99 E-book: $29.99
S/4HANA Business Processes and Configuration S/4HANA www.sap-press.com/4611 www.sap-press.com/4692
An Introduction
E-book: $79.99 Print: $89.95 Bundle: $99.99 E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99
E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99
www.sap-press.com/4711 www.sap-press.com/4551
Wang, Chandna, Kusters, Bhandari

Inventory Planning and Optimization with SAP IBP

How much inventory is ideal? From setting service target levels and lead times to managing demand
variability, learn to calculate and plan the best way to handle your inventory. Configure SAP Integrated
Business Planning for inventory and model your supply network. Then optimize your inventory practices
and measure your performance through KPIs, reports, and dashboards. Plan and control your stock levels
with this all-in-one guide!

E-book: $79.99 Print: $89.95 Bundle: $99.99


4 Caetano Almeida
5 Ferenc Gulyássy, Jawad Akhtar
Jawad Akhtar

Production Planning with SAP S/4HANA

Allocate your materials, personnel, and machinery with SAP S/4HANA! This comprehensive guide will
show you how to configure production planning in SAP S/4HANA for discrete, process, and repetitive
manufacturing. Next, you’ll learn to run those processes using step-by-step instructions. Master produc-
Introducing Material Introducing Demand- tion workflows, like batch management, S&OP, demand management, PP-DS, and MRP. With industry
Requirements Planning Driven Replenishment examples throughout, this guide is your one-stop shop for PP with SAP S/4HANA!

(MRP) in SAP S/4HANA (DDMRP) in SAP S/4HANA E-book: $79.99 Print: $89.95 Bundle: $99.99

E-book: $24.99 E-book: $24.99
www.sap-press.com/4649 www.sap-press.com/4569

Save 10% on your next purchase with coupon code SPRCTL10! Pre-orders excluded. Other restrictions apply.
24 SCM/Logistics www.sap-press.com/logistics www.sap-press.com/logistics SCM/Logistics 25

Martin Murray, Jawad Akhtar Matt Chudy, Luis Castedo

Materials Management with Procurement with SAP MM: Justin Ashlock, Rachith Srinivas
SAP ERP Business User Guide SAP Ariba
Functionality and Technical Configuration ƒƒ Master your essential procurement tasks and Business Processes, Functionality, and Implementation
transactions in SAP MM
ƒƒ Configure MM to reflect your requirements
ƒƒ Get detailed coverage of major procurement Manage your procurement activities with this comprehensive guide to SAP Ariba. Get step-by-step
ƒƒ Maintain critical materials data
processes instructions for supplier communication and collaboration, contract and invoice management, trend
ƒƒ Master functionalities like batch manage- analysis, and more. From deployment to use, see how SAP Ariba fits into your procurement landscape and
ƒƒ Save time with helpful SAP MM transaction
ment, inventory management, purchasing, connects to SAP S/4HANA and SAP ERP. Get your procurement needs squared away with SAP Ariba!
codes and menu paths
and quotation management
E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99 E-book: $79.99 Print: $89.95 Bundle: $99.99
E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99
www.sap-press.com/4355 www.sap-press.com/4769
www.sap-press.com/4062 New

Elke Roettig Ashlock, Paschert, Schuster Lauterbach, Sauer, Gottlieb, Sürie, Benz

Inventory Management and Introducing Central Procure- Transportation Management with SAP
Optimization in SAP ERP ment with SAP S/4HANA Navigate the changing landscape of transportation management! With this comprehensive guide, learn
how to configure and use TM functionality in both SAP TM 9.6 and SAP S/4HANA 1809. Start with the TM
ƒƒ Master daily inventory processes using ƒƒ Explore centralized procurement with SAP
fundamentals: solution options, architecture, and master data. Then walk step by step through key TM
processes such as transportation planning, subcontracting, and charge management. Using well-tread
ƒƒ Create a sustainable inventory strategy to ƒƒ Walk through central requisitions, contract industry best practices, optimize TM for your business!
optimize stock levels management, and purchasing
ƒƒ Monitor inventory performance and measure ƒƒ Consider implementation options to connect E-book: $79.99 Print: $89.95 Bundle: $99.99
results your ERP systems www.sap-press.com/4768
E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99 E-book: $24.99 edition!
www.sap-press.com/3977 www.sap-press.com/4800

Uwe Goehring Jawad Akhtar Namita Sachan, Aman Jain Kannapan, Tripathy, Krishna

Materials Planning with SAP Quality Management Warehouse Management in Warehouse Management
ƒƒ Implement, customize, and use SAP ERP for with SAP ERP SAP S/4HANA with SAP EWM
materials planning
ƒƒ Set up an essential Quality Management ƒƒ Run your warehouse operations with ƒƒ Improve warehouse productivity from in-
ƒƒ Evaluate and monitor your materials plan- master data foundation embedded EWM in SAP S/4HANA bound processing to storage and operations
ning process to outbound processing
ƒƒ Optimize your QM business processes for ƒƒ Configure embedded EWM to meet your
ƒƒ Model your materials planning calculation planning, notification, and inspections organization’s needs ƒƒ Configure SAP EWM for your requirements
using simulations
ƒƒ Integrate QM with your supply chain in ƒƒ Master basic and advanced warehouse ƒƒ Integrate SAP EWM with SAP ERP
E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99 SAP ERP functionality, from goods issue to kitting
E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99
www.sap-press.com/3745 E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99 E-book: $79.99 Print: $89.95 Bundle: $99.99
www.sap-press.com/3755 www.sap-press.com/4547

Jacques, Moris, Halloran, Lecour Stefan Kienzle Wenzel, Reinhardt, Scheuermann, Sehn, Sasarean Martin Murray, Sanil Kimmatkar

Implementing SAP Global Introducing Advanced Introducing SAP Yard Warehouse Management
Trade Services Variant Configuration (AVC) Logistics with SAP ERP
ƒƒ Effectively implement and configure SAP GTS with SAP S/4HANA ƒƒ Explore yard management: planning, Functionality and Technical Configuration

ƒƒ Use compliance, customs, and risk manage- execution, and settlement

ƒƒ Explore AVC for engineering, sales, and ƒƒ Configure Warehouse Management in SAP
ment functionality for your trade processes manufacturing ƒƒ Discover reporting and monitoring tools ERP for your warehouse requirements
ƒƒ Manage regulatory changes and meet your like the Yard Cockpit
ƒƒ Learn how the new AVC engine improves ƒƒ Use basic and advanced warehouse function-
organization’s trade requirements MTS, MTO, and ETO products ƒƒ Preview SAP S/4HANA, SAP EWM, and SAP alities for moving stock in, out, and around
TM integration your warehouse
E-book: $79.99 Print: $89.95 Bundle: $99.99 ƒƒ Preview your migration to AVC in SAP S/4HANA
E-book: $24.99 E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99
www.sap-press.com/4651 E-book: $29.99
www.sap-press.com/4743 www.sap-press.com/4069

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26 Human Resources www.sap-press.com/human-resources www.sap-press.com/human-resources Human Resources 27

Badgi, Smit, Sajid Ana Lucia Soler Villanueva

SAP SuccessFactors Personnel Administration Introducing Introducing SAP Jam for

SAP SuccessFactors SAP SuccessFactors
Ready to move your HR into the cloud? With these guides, you can explore the SAP SuccessFac- Employee Central Payroll ƒƒ Explore SAP Jam as a collaboration tool
for SAP SuccessFactors
tors suite, migrate your data from SAP ERP HCM to SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, and ƒƒ Understand the Employee Central Payroll
business case and landscape ƒƒ Boost your recruiting, onboarding, and
learn how to use its extensive HR functionality. Whether you’re looking to breach the surface of New! learning processes
ƒƒ Walk through payroll processes
SAP SuccessFactors or dive into Employee Central, these guides will take you to new depths! ƒƒ Improve personnel data management
ƒƒ Explore available integration tools and
with Employee Central
implementation paths
E-book: $24.99
E-book: $24.99

Kandi, Krishnamoorthy, Leong-Cohen, Imran Sajid

Padmanabhan, Reddygari
The Payroll Control Center
Integrating SuccessFactors
for SAP ERP HCM and
with SAP
SAP SuccessFactors

1 2 3
ƒƒ Integrate SuccessFactors with SAP ERP, SAP
ERP HCM, and third-party applications ƒƒ Improve payroll efficiency and accuracy

ƒƒ Explore SuccessFactors deployment models ƒƒ See how to integrate with SAP ERP HCM and
through in-depth case studies SAP SuccessFactors

ƒƒ Implement SuccessFactors APIs and standard ƒƒ Walk through Payroll Control Center work-
integration templates flows as managers and administrators
Amy Grubb, Luke Marson Luke Marson Marson, Mazhavanchery, Murray
E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99 E-book: $19.99
SuccessFactors with SAP SuccessFactors SAP SuccessFactors www.sap-press.com/4226
SAP ERP HCM Data Migration Employee Central
Business Processes and Use SAP ERP HCM to Employee Central The Comprehensive Guide
Dirk Liepold, Steve Ritter Soham Ray
E-book: $59.99 Print: $69.95 Bundle: $79.99 E-book: $24.99 E-book: $79.99 Print: $89.95 Bundle: $99.99
SAP ERP HCM: Technical Organizational Management
www.sap-press.com/3702 www.sap-press.com/4324 www.sap-press.com/4480
Principles and Programming in SAP ERP HCM
ƒƒ Learn how to work with the SAP ERP HCM ƒƒ Set up and maintain organizational structures
architecture and data models and units
ƒƒ Program for custom enhancements, reports, ƒƒ Use OM tools like MSS and MDT, the Organ-
Smith, Yang, Churin performance, and more ization and Staffing interface, General
SAP SuccessFactors Learning ƒƒ Understand what SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Structure, and Expert Mode
HANA, SAP Fiori, and HR Renewal mean for you ƒƒ Integrate OM with HR processes for on-prem-
The Comprehensive Guide
ise SAP ERP HCM and with SAP SuccessFactors
E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99
From routine training to certification updates, this book shows you how SAP SuccessFactors handles learn- E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99
ing management. Configure and use key SAP SuccessFactors Learning functionality: instructor-led training, www.sap-press.com/3698
content management, on-the-job training, and more. Apply experts’ best practices so your SAP SuccessFac- www.sap-press.com/3996
tors Learning project makes the grade.

E-book: $79.99 Print: $89.95 Bundle: $99.99 Sanjiv Agarwal Ringling, Smith, Wittmann

www.sap-press.com/4577 Time Management with Concur: Travel and Expense

SAP ERP HCM Management with SAP
Amy Grubb, Kim Lessley Business Processes and Configuration ƒƒ Set up and use Concur Travel, Concur
SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting and Onboarding ƒƒ Configure and use work schedules, absence Expense, and Concur Request
The Comprehensive Guide and attendance types, and time evaluation ƒƒ Find out how to optimize your T&E policies
tools with Concur
This go-to guide for SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting and Onboarding spans functionality, implementation, ƒƒ Record time in CATS, ESS, and MSS ƒƒ Integrate Concur with SAP solutions and
and integration. Walk through essential HR processes such as creating job postings, evaluating candi- third-party apps and services
dates, and onboarding new colleagues, and optimize your SAP SuccessFactors system. Consult notes on ƒƒ Integrate Time Management with SAP ERP
project planning and integration with SAP ERP HCM, Employee Central, and third-party systems. and third-party systems like Kronos E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99

E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99 www.sap-press.com/4262

E-book: $79.99 Print: $89.95 Bundle: $99.99

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28 CRM/Marketing & Sales www.sap-press.com/marketing-sales www.sap-press.com/introductions Introductory Books 29

John Burton Chandrakant Agarwal Bardhan, Baumgartl, Choi, Dudgeon, Carl Britton Lewis et al.
Lahiri, Meijerink, Worsley-Tonks
Introducing CRM in SAP SAP CRM SAP Business One: Business
S/4HANA Business Processes and Configuration User Guide
An Introduction
ƒƒ Discover SAP S/4HANA for customer man- ƒƒ The complete resource for implementing SAP ƒƒ The comprehensive guide to running your
agement CRM for marketing, sales, and service ƒƒ Learn what SAP S/4HANA offers your business with SAP Business One
ƒƒ Explore architecture and functionality for ƒƒ Set up product determination, campaign ƒƒ Step-by-step instructions for key processes in
sales and service management, service functions, and more ƒƒ Explore key business processes and system financials, sales, purchasing, manufacturing,
architecture banking, and more
ƒƒ Preview migration paths from SAP CRM to ƒƒ Apply expert tips for maximizing your SAP
SAP S/4HANA CRM solution ƒƒ Consider your deployment options and im- ƒƒ Tips and tricks from SAP Business One experts
plementation paths to save you time
E-book: $24.99 E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99
E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99 E-book: $59.99 Print: $69.95 Bundle: $79.99
www.sap-press.com/4811 www.sap-press.com/3648
www.sap-press.com/4782 www.sap-press.com/4326

Chudy, Castedo, Lopez Sanjjeev K. Singh, Karan Sood Olaf Schulz Krishnamoorthy, Murray, Reynolds, Teesdale

Sales and Distribution in SAP SAP Sales Cloud Using SAP SAP Transaction Codes
ERP: Business User Guide Sales Force Automation with SAP C/4HANA An Introduction for Beginners and Your Quick Reference to Transactions
Business Users in SAP ERP
ƒƒ Master the key sales and distribution ƒƒ Implement SAP Cloud for Customer’s sales
functions and tasks functionality in your CRM landscape ƒƒ Learn to easily navigate the SAP system ƒƒ Easily find all important transactions in
ƒƒ Work with SAP components step by step SAP ERP
ƒƒ Use SD in your daily processes: sales, shipping, ƒƒ Manage leads, opportunities, quotes, orders,
billing, and more and more ƒƒ Includes many examples and detailed SAP ƒƒ Access codes by application, task, and short
screenshots text
ƒƒ Troubleshoot common problems and pitfalls ƒƒ Integrate with SAP ERP, SAP CRM, and
third-party solutions ƒƒ Learn when and how to use each transaction
E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99 E-book: $24.99 Print: $29.95 Bundle: $39.99
E-book: $79.99 Print: $89.95 Bundle: $99.99 E-book: $44.99 Print: $49.95 Bundle: $59.99
www.sap-press.com/4526 www.sap-press.com/4155
www.sap-press.com/4372 www.sap-press.com/4070

Singh, Messinger-Michaels, Feurer, Vetter Erasmus, Rao, Sinha, Wadawadigi

SAP C/4HANA SAP Leonardo

An Introduction An Introduction

Dive into the new SAP C/4HANA suite! Understand how SAP C/4HANA handles marketing, commerce, This guide to SAP Leonardo shows you how new technologies—from machine learning to blockchain—in-
sales, service, and customer data processes—and identify which solutions fit your organization’s CX needs. tersect with existing processes to transform your business. You’ll walk through practical examples of SAP
Then explore integrations to SAP S/4HANA, extensions using SAP Cloud Platform, and applied artificial in- Leonardo tools at work in manufacturing, product management, logistics, finance, and more. From using
telligence using SAP Leonardo. Learn how you can serve your customers better—from the demand chain machine learning for smart manufacturing to leveraging IoT and big data for a connected fleet, you’ll get
all the way down to the supply chain! the hands-on introduction to SAP Leonardo you’ve been looking for!

E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99 E-book: $69.99 Print: $79.95 Bundle: $89.99
edition! www.sap-press.com/4852 New! www.sap-press.com/4787

Vishnoi, Verhoog, Messinger-Michaels Riches, Robinson, Ryan, Vincent

SAP Commerce Cloud SAP: An Introduction

Commerce with SAP C/4HANA Next-Generation Business Processes and Solutions

Connect and integrate your commercial channels with SAP Commerce and SAP Commerce Cloud! Learn What comes after SAP Business Suite? Can the “new SAP” meet your existing business requirements—and
to handle content, catalogs, and orders, configure essential components, and perform support and service if so, how? This book is your big-picture introduction to how SAP solutions address your day-to-day busi-
tasks with step-by-step instructions. Get more from your implementation by improving your customer-fac- ness and IT processes in the post-SAP Business Suite landscape. Learn about up-and-coming SAP applica-
ing search functionality and tweaking language and currency settings. Finally, integrate SAP Commerce tions, from SAP S/4HANA, to SAP C/4HANA, to SAP IBP. Follow a central business case to get a clear idea
with your backend system and see how successful organizations apply best practices. of how the new SAP portfolio can work for you, now and in the years ahead!

E-book: $79.99 Print: $89.95 Bundle: $99.99 E-book: $59.99 Print: $69.95 Bundle: $79.99

www.sap-press.com/4621 www.sap-press.com/4563

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