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Texturing in Maya

Elmedin Selmanovic, WMG

• Creating new materials

• Using images as textures

• Bump-mapping

• Seamless texture repetition

• Placement and projection

Create a new project
• File → Project Window
• Click New button
• Enter the name: Barrels
• Set location to C:\CGcourse\Tutorials
• Click Accept button
• Save the scene (File → Save)
Create Floor
• Create a plane (Create → Polygon
Primitives → Plane)
• In INPUTS set Width and Height to
• Assign new lambert material (Right
Click on the plane → Assign new
material… → Lambert)
• Name it mt_floor
Add a texture to the floor
• Click on the small checkerboard icon
to the right of the Color slider
• Select File
• Click on the folder icon next to the
Image Name field
• Select concrete_d.jpg
Place texture
• Select place2dTexture1 tab
• Set Rotate Frame to 90
• Set Repeat UV to 4 in both boxes
• Go to Create UVs → Planar Mapping
• Click on the small box on the right
• Select Y axis
• Make sure that Keep image width… is
unchecked and click Project
Create Wall
• Create a polygon plane 30x9
• Assign new lambert material (name it
• Use bricks_d.jpg as input for colour
• Project texture using Z axis
Create Barrel
• Create a polygon cylinder
• Set Hight to 3 and move it up
• Assign new phong material (mt_barrel)
• Use barrel_d.jpg as the input for colour
• Open Window → UV Texture Editor
• Select top circle as faces
• Ctrl + Rigth click (on one of the orange
lines) and select To UVs
Create Barrel
• Move and scale UVs so they
correspond to the top of the barrel
• Repeat this for bottom and side of the
• Duplicate (Ctrl + D) and arrange barrels
as you like
• Create are light (Create → Lights → Area
• Scale it to 3.5 in all directions
• Move it out and rotate it so it faces the
• Open Attribute Editor (Ctrl + A) and
change intensity to 2
• In Attribute Editor enable Raytrace
Shadow Attribute → Use Ray Trace…
• Right click on the floor and go to Material
• Go to mt_floor tab
• Click on the checkerboard box next to the
Bump Mapping field
• Select File
• Set Bump Depth to 0.03
• Click on the box next to the Bump Value
• Using folder icon open concrete_b.jpg
Bump Mapping
• Repeat for the wall plane (Bump Depth
0.1 and Image Name is bricks_b.jpg)
• Repeat for barrels
• Change
Use as: to Tanget Space Normals;
Bump Depth to 0.5;
Image Name to barrel_n.jpg