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PIONEER elementary - TEST: Module 7

Test: Module 7

A. Choose a, b or c.

1. How many of tomato sauce do we need from the supermarket?

a. bowls b. cans c. pieces
2. The only vegetable Patty eats is .
a. broccoli b. beef c. kiwi
3. Finally, the cake in the oven for 45 minutes.
a. fry b. make c. bake
4. The dessert is very . How much sugar did you use?
a. sour b. spicy c. sweet
5. I have a great for chicken soup. Try it. It’s delicious.
a. recipe b. ingredient c. menu
6. I don’t often order out. I prefer home- meals.
a. product b. fresh c. cooked score 6

B. Complete with the words in the box.

vegetarian tasteless weight mayonnaise appetiser avoid flavour contain

1. I don’t like meat. I’d like a dish.

2. Would you like a(n) before the main course?
3. These crepes are absolutely . I can’t eat them.
4. This juice doesn’t any sugar.
5. I eating junk food because I don’t want to put on .
6. Do you want or ketchup with your chips?
7. You can add chilli peppers to this dish for .
score 8

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PIONEER elementary - TEST: Module 7
Choose a, b or c.

1. A: Would you like some pizza? 4. A: Do you eat fish?

B: B:
a. Just a few. a. Yes, I’d love to.
b. Just a slice. b. No, what does it come with?
c. Just some. c. No, it’s disgusting.
2. A: Are you ready to order? 5. A: Why don’t we have a barbecue next Saturday?
B: B:
a. I’d like a salad, please. a. Waiting for your reply.
b. Actually, I prefer a club sandwich. b. I hope you can make it.
c. Yes, could I have the bill? c. How can I say no to that?
3. A: Could I have some cheesecake?
a. I’m afraid we don’t.
b. Certainly. Is that all?
c. Maybe some other time.
score 5

A. Complete with some, any or no.

1. Have we got mushrooms? I want to make

mushroom soup for lunch.
2. There is butter in this. I made it with olive oil, instead. Here, have
3. You can add pepper if you like. I didn’t put
pepper on your steak.
4. A: Could I have a sandwich and onion rings, please?
B: I’m afraid we haven’t got sandwiches and there are

onion rings left. Sorry!

score 9

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PIONEER elementary - TEST: Module 7
B. Choose a, b or c.

1. I’d like to add sugar to my coffee.

a. much b. a little c. a few
2. There aren’t eggs in the fridge. Just two.
a. any b. a few c. many
3. There’s lasagna. Would you like some?
a. no b. lots of c. a lot
4. I don’t drink milk. I don’t really like it.
a. much b. a little c. no
5. Hey, Brad! Give me chips. I’m hungry!
a. lot of b. many c. a few
6. Put butter on the baked potatoes while they’re still hot.
a. much b. some c. many score 6

Listen to the dialogues and answer the questions. Choose a or b.

1. What does the woman order for dessert?

a. cheesecake
b. apple pie and ice cream
2. How much junk food does the man eat?
a. A lot
b. Not much
3. What did the man do to the potatoes?
a. He cut them.
b. He washed them.
4. The man...
a. accepts the woman’s invitation.
b. refuses the woman’s invitation. score 8

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PIONEER elementary - TEST: Module 7
Read the text and answer the questions.

Chocolate 1. Who could drink the Mayan

chocolate drink?
The first people to make chocolate were the central American
Maya, about 1,000 years ago. They made a drink from the
beans of the cacao tree, but it wasn’t sweet. Only important 2. Where does the word chocolate
people drank it. The word chocolate is similar in most come from?
languages and comes from the Nahuatl language of the
Aztecs, chocolatl.
3. What did the Europeans do to the
The Europeans took the ancient cacao drink and added
ancient chocolate drink?
sugar and milk to make a different kind of drink. In the 19th
century, John Cadbury from Birmingham, England, created
the first chocolate bar. His company became one of the 4. Which kind of chocolate is healthy
biggest chocolate companies in the world. in small amounts?
Today, there are three kinds of chocolate: white, milk and
dark. All of these have fat and sugar, so eating lots of
chocolate isn’t good for you. However, scientific tests show
that small amounts of dark chocolate can be good for your
heart. Remember, dark chocolate has many of the health
benefits of dark green vegetables like spinach and broccoli.
Don’t forget, though, that it is still high in fat and in calories,
so try to eat only a little chocolate.

score 8

Imagine you are organising a get-together. Write an email to a friend inviting him/her to your
get-together. Mention:

• where and when it is going to take place

• what is going to take place during the get-together
• any other information he/she needs to know.

score 10


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