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Samantha Almazan

SCHOOL June 29, 2019

Reasons to not abandon technology use at ABC Community School
Technology can be intimidating and effective at the same time. Everyday new technology

is being invented, some for the better good. Our children are our future and we must continue to

incorporate technology in their daily lives. If we discontinue use of technology in our schools, then

we are denying our children’s education.

One main reason to keep technology at our school is that it helps engage our students.

Learning experiences can be intimidating for some and incorporating technology helps break that

fear. Children these days are used to having a tablet or using a cell phone, so including those

devises in our curriculum makes the students feel more comfortable. We want our students to have

fun when they are learning and want them to embrace technology.

With Technology we have the ability to create programs that fit for each individual student.

Technology is part of everyday life; without it we wouldn’t be advanced in our daily life as we are

today. There are many learning programs and many sites that help accommodate a student’s

education. For example, the amazon kindle. The tablet can assist a student learn how to read with

audio books.

Discontinuing use of technology is a set back not only for our students, but for the

educators. The fact that we have computers to generate and help create quizzes helps us with time

management. We want to be able to help our students along the way and not be stuck on grading

paper quizzes. Having the students engage with technology will help them for the future.

Technology is changing rapidly, and we want our student to be able to succeed in a world where

technology is all around us. We don’t want to deny our students the chance to grow and learn with

the new software that is being used today because software like Microsoft PowerPoint is used
frequently and not just for schools. “It gives students the opportunity to enhance the interaction

with their classmates and instructors by encouraging collaboration” (Mareco, D. 2017, July 28).
Technology Standards for the State of Nevada and National level
Nevada’s technology standards are to ensure that every student is proficient when it comes

to technology. Nevada’s indicator expects students to create an original, digital work as a form of

personal or group expression with minimal teacher support. Nevada understand that technology is

changing globally and rapidly. While the National indicator expects students to create original

works as a means of personal or group expression.

By the second grade Nevada is expecting children to be able to brainstorm and

communicate their ideas. They want their students to be creative thinkers and demonstrate

examples using technology. In the fifth grade out there, idea is to help students express and create

original digital work in a group setting. By then they are giving digital models and simulations that

help them with complex systems in regards to problematic issues. Eighth graders are to apply their

knowledge and generate ideas with these tools. They will be able to answer questions or solve

problems using these digital technologies. When students reach high school, they are to develop

original work that will include planning research editing and production.

Overall, Nevada has a great standard for keeping our children involved with technology

and having them prepared for the future. In reality, technology isn’t as incorporated with our

curriculum today. Many teachers refused to use technology and incorporate that in their lesson

plan. We need to have these educators prepare these technologies to be use on a daily basis so that

we are students can be prepared.

The national standard for students regarding technology is fairly equivalent to Nevada. The

national standards want students to be empowered learners when it comes to digital technology.

They are to be able to be critical thinkers in regards to the digital world. Students are to be able to

incorporate different varieties of technology when it comes to solving problems or creating new
imaginative solutions. One important fact is that the national standard is to have students become

communicators and be able to express themselves in ways of using different platforms when it

comes to digital media.

Incorporating both the National and Nevada standards, my lesson plan will incorporate

technology with regards to Microsoft PowerPoint starting at the 4th grade level. Generally,

PowerPoint on created all about middle school age. Her students and giving the billet he to have

them create their own freelance power points in regards to a lesson helps them have a feel for what

is to come in the next coming years.

Lesson Plan
Name of lesson: You’re the teacher!

Grade Level Appropriateness: 4th Grade

Technology Content Standard Addressed: 7C: Students contribute constructively to project

teams, assuming various roles and responsibilities to work effectively toward a common goal.

Other Content Standard Addressed: National Create original works as a means of personal or

group expression. Nevada 1.B.5.1 Create an original, digital work as a form of personal or group

expression with minimal teacher support.

Objective: Students will learn to incorporate media and videos on Microsoft PowerPoint, along

with creativity. Get students mind thinking about what their interest are and what they would like

to learn and teach the class. Also, see how creative students get be while working with others.

Materials needed to facilitate the lesson: Microsoft PowerPoint

Suggested group size: 3 students per group.

Procedures: You’re the teacher! I want you to think of something you want to teach the class. It

can be anything from a recipe to the history of Egypt. The project is to be completed on

Microsoft PowerPoint. A minimum of five (5) slides, your title page must include your names

and the date. The subject must be something that has not been taught in class yet and you must

get approve of the lesson to prevent multiple lessons taught. You must be creative, include

pictures and or videos. Also, you may use props for your lesson. Be prepared to present your

lesson to the class. You will be grading each other with a self and peer evaluation.
Assessment: The students will be graded on presentation, creativity and workmanship. Also, the

students will be grading themselves and each other with a self and peer evaluation.

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