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'National News Monday, July;1 ,'2019 7

more than 100 l{ouse membem. not all" of the majority ol the Housg mem- political parties and inlluential blocs last Castro, who is for Romuladez, said the
"Insisting on term-sharing is indica- bership; lnew that Congressman Madin weelr Albay R€p. Joey Sarte Salceda, a speakership bets should lead the natio.nal
President D'uierte's dec- tive o.f wealmess if not political sloth. Romualdez had the mrmbers. Byftaving stalwaft of the PDP-Laban, said at least debates on pressing issues.
laration that he would not en- They want to be spoon-fed, bereft of any term-sharing it would easily cancel him 17B congressmen, including 40 PDP-La- . "Instead of insisting being anointed,

dorse his choice for speaker, mandate ftom memb€rs of the llouse of out." ban.members, already signed a hanifesto under the masquerade of term.sharing,
lawmakers now consider the Representatives," Casho, president of the IIe said since President Duterte
has supportingr Romualdez. the candidates should move on tbrough
pmpo'sed term-sharing for the speaker- National Unity hrty rNUP), said in an in- spoken and even asked former speaker Oriental Mindoro's Salvador Leachon a more democratic of plTcess of fasl,ing
ship as'dead, and warned that reviving it terview Gloria Macapagal-Aroyo to name her strongly rejected term-sharing, saying it their votes and spare the Pl€sident frlm
pould be a sign of 'kealiness" and "politi- "Is this cowardice indicative of ab- succrsso4 the baU is now in the hands of "abdicates firom members their supreme being accused of usurping if not. depriving
cal sloth." sence of numbers in support of their con- the House members. firedom to choose their leader" the members of the House of rcpresenta-
Capiz Rep. FYedenil "Fled" Castro and venient dream to speaker of tlte house?" "It will be up to each member of Con- "Tenufe of thee years is in lact one of til€s of their opportunity to vote based
Anakalusugan party-list nep. Mike Defen- Castro, who served as Deputy Speaker gr€ss to vote for who they think is best to the wont attributes of the Constitution as on the dictate of their conscience without
sor said having the term-sharing pact be- and majority leader during the previous lead Con$ess and to be part of the na- it does not address continuity but moreso mentioning that it is a patent disrespect,
tween Marinduque's Lord Allan Velasco ' 1?th Congress, added. tional leadership in pushing this nation disrupts existing good prcgrams that in- if 4oq downdght defiance of the wishes of
and Taguig-Pateros' Alan Peter Cayetano Defensoq a former Malacanang chief forward under the adirinislration of Presi' cumbents wish to implement - splitting it the P{esident to observe and reinforce the
is aimed at eliminating Lej'te's Martin Ro- of staff, said tern-iharing was proposed dent Dutette," Defensor said. more 00 two makes insensible House lead- establish principle of separation of gov-
mualdez. who already has the backing of
in the past "because I would think many if . During the coalition caucus of major ership," he said.
ernment powers,'l he said. ,

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