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International Journal of Humanities, Art and Social Studies (IJHASS)


Humanities, Art and Social Studies Of International Journal (IJHASS) is an open access
peer-reviewed journal that publishes articles which contribute new results in all areas of
humanities, art and social science. The journal focuses aims to promote interdisciplinary studies
in humanities and social science and become the leading journal in humanities and social science
in the world. The goal of this journal is to bring together researchers and practitioners from
academia and industry to focus on areas of literary and social studies for a cross cultural
exploration and subsequent innovation of subjects concerned and establishing new collaborations
in these areas. Authors are solicited to contribute to this journal by submitting articles for the
development of humanities and social science fields.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following

 Humanities and social science such as anthropology

 Visual Arts
 Anthropology, Area Studies, Archaeology
 Culture and Ethics Studies
 Economics, Ethics, Geography, History
 Business studies
 Communication studies
 Corporate governance
 Criminology, Cross-cultural studies
 Demography, Development studies
 Economics
 Education
 Language and Linguistics
 History
 Literature
 Performing Art
 Philosophy
 Religion
 Media studies, Methodology
 Paralegal, Performing arts (music, theatre & dance)
 Gender and Sexuality Studies, Geography
 Industrial relations, Information Science, International relations
 Law, Linguistics, Library science, Linguistics Literature
 Political science, Philosophy
 Psychology, Population Studies
 Public administration
 Religious studies
 Social welfare, Sociology

Paper Submission
Authors are invited to submit papers for this journal through Submission System. Submissions
must be original and should not have been published previously or be under consideration for
publication while being evaluated for this Journal.

Other journals
 International Journal of Education (IJE)
 International Journal of Computer Vision and machine learning(IJCVML)
 International Journal of Mobile Robot Navigation(IJMRN)

Important Dates

 Submission Deadline :July 06, 2019

 Notification :August 07, 2019
 Final Manuscript Due :August 14, 2019
 Publication Date : Determined by the Editor-in-Chief

Here's where you can reach us : jcncjournal@yahoo.com