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Nigeria Office: 2/4 Church Street, Opposite Celestial Church compound, Agidingbi, CBD Ikeja, Lagos.

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1 Fleet Management

With the high cost of equipment, fuel and labor, making the most productive use of your private fleet has become a business imperative. Optimizing fleet delivery planning and execution can improve utilization, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction. But there are a lot of variables involved and delivery problems can pop up quickly.

The fleet maintenance software of choice of over 4000 private, for-hire and public fleets, Dossier lowers costs

and downtime by automating control of your fleet's records, PM scheduling, repair orders and histories, fuel

costs and MPG, cost control with cost per mile/hr, parts inventory control w/ auto reordering, work pending and

campaign mgmt, budget mgmt, warranty mgmt., tire mgmt., vendor & labor control, license/permit renewals,

driver control, fleet benchmarking, VMRS codes & more.

Accident Tracking

Accounting Integration

Barcode / RFID Scanning

Billing & Invoicing

Cost Tracking

Customizable Fields

Customizable Functionality

Customizable Reporting

Data Import/Export

Dispatch Interface

Disposal Management

Driver Compliance

Driver Data

Driver Licensing Management

Equipment Replacement

Exception Notification

Fleet Vehicle Tracking

Fuel Optimization


IFTA Reporting

Inspection Management

Inventory Management

Key Performance Indicators

Labor Management

Legacy System Integration

Lifecycle Cost Reports

Maintenance Management

Maintenance Scheduling


Mileage Tracking

Mobile Access

Multiple Database Support

Purchasing Management

Repair Tracking


Systems Integration

Tire Tracking

Vehicle Information

Vehicle Replacement Tracking

Warranty Tracking

Wireless Mobile Workstations

Work Order Management

Available on the following platforms: Windows, Web Based, Mac

Support available: Regular Business Hours, Online/Self Service

Dossier Silver Edition - The Basics of Asset Management The Silver edition is ideal for those that want to start by controlling all of the basic elements of fleet

maintenance operations. It is also the edition of choice for those fleets who have their equipment maintained

by a dealership or who lease their equipment and want to track their assets more closely. The Silver edition

features include fleet asset inventory with detailed specifications, automated PM scheduling, repair orders,

parts and labor costs with cost per mile, maintenance histories, license and permit renewals, equipment

warranty management and more. This edition is best suited for those who do not need parts inventory, driver

management, or parts vendor control. This edition comes with one year of support services and program


Dossier Platinum Edition - Our Robust, Full Featured System

This Platinum edition is our most popular edition and is ideal for those who maintain their own equipment in their own shop and want a well rounded feature rich program to control all the details of managing their equipment and shop operations. It has all of the features found in the Silver edition, plus automated parts and labor costing, a self maintaining parts inventory system with automated reordering and warranty management, purchase orders, vendor tracking, mechanic productivity and driver records with license and physical renewals, automated benchmarking, downtime tracking, and more. It includes one year of toll free support services and program updates.


Dossier Fleet Management System ilete and fully featured Software under the Computerized Maintenance Management Software System (CMMS) category.

Features + Asset Management + Maintenance Management

We believe there are two crucial components that ensure the success of any CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software) deployment. And, although they might seem fairly obvious, they often get forgotten during the product evaluation process.

These two keys are:

Short Learning Curve

Ease of Use

Short learning curve and ease of use make certain that the system you pay for will actually get used. A study of CMMS Best Practices performed by ReliabiltyWeb.com, found that only 20% of CMMS deployments are characterized as successful. The study pointed to the primary causes of failure arising from complex features and difficult to learn software products that discourage wide spread use.

We know that usability is paramount and have designed our program to be absolutely easy to use and easy to maintain. We are passionate about CMMS and believe that the right system will ensure reliable operation of equipment and vehicles, proper planning and scheduling, and accurate inventories. Dossier is that right system for small to mid-sized companies.

Dossier is available in three versions from Standard to Enterprise. To see the features available in each version view our handy feature comparison chart.

And while we’ve made certain the software is very easy to implement, adopt, and maintain—we’ve not sacrificed capability. The software is powerful and feature-rich, including:

Asset Manager

Preventive Maintenance

Maximize your resources, reduce downtime and increase efficiency with Dossier. Our easy-to-use, intuitive system helps you identify potential breakdowns and prevent

equipment failure—impacting your production and profits. Dossier automatically creates work orders when preventive maintenance is due and it documents your activities making it easier to analyze trends and spot recurrent problems.


Monitor maintenance by odometer, hours, days, calendar dates, days of the week, tire depth, or fuel and oil consumption. Dossier maintenance software monitors everything that needs routine maintenance (e.g. heavy equipment, trucks, manufacturing systems, parks and zoos, city streets, buildings, vehicles, airport ground equipment, golf courses, etc.)

Repair Histories

Produce complete repair histories for each vehicle, including parts and labor. Review your repair costs in a variety of ways—geographic location, department, type, ID number, etc.

Fuel + Oil Tracking

Detect early signs of equipment and vehicle fatigue. Dossier monitors performance based on fuel and/or oil consumption. Fuel per mile/hour and oil per mile/hour reports can be printed to help pinpoint and prevent potential problems.

Tool Tracking

It's simple to find out which employees have what tools assigned to them with this optional feature. The date and time of assignment and return information is also tracked.

Work Orders

Dossier creates work orders for routine maintenance, eliminating any manual input. For unscheduled maintenance, Dossier provides an easy work description and parts entry system. Classify work orders by the type of work performed. Once completed, the inventory, history, and budget files are updated automatically.

Tire Tracking

Track purchase date, original cost of tire, re-treading and history of repairs, and tire depth. Tires can be identified by position and location on vehicle.

Sub Assets

Track maintenance and service schedules on engines and other components of your major assets.

Asset Depreciation

Dossier allows you to track the depreciation on your assets using the Straight Line Depreciation method.

Warranty Tracking

Track the warranty information on all of your equipment, tools and vehicles. Know when your assets are still covered under warranty, length of term and more.

Inventory + Expense Manager

Parts Inventory

Simple, fast and accurate — Dossier tracks all of the information you need for inventory.

Track Inventory status and eliminate costly stockouts or surpluses with the reorder and overage functions.

View a detailed list of all purchases.

Automatically generate a purchase order with the quantity needed to bring stock back to the normal stocking level.

Alternate Parts

produce alternate parts lists that can be used when you are out of a specific part—saving you valuable time.

Expense Tracking

Dossier analyzes your projected budget versus actually showing you the variance on a monthly basis. With Expense Tracking, Dossier helps you account for all of your maintenance expenses. If needed, budgets can be grouped for reporting purposes.

Purchase Orders

Quickly enter purchase orders or have them automatically generated for you when inventory items are low. Gives you complete flexibility to generate, change, delete, and print purchase orders. Purchase orders automatically update inventory quantities, as well as expenses.

Additional Features + Options

Fuel Tracking Importer

Use inbuilt fuel tracking system or Import valuable information into Dossier from your fuel tracking system (e.g. GasBoy™, Fuel Master™, Petro-Vend™, etc.). Information that can be imported includes: date, time, gallons, driver, milers/hours and downtime. The Fuel Tracking Importer saves you the time of manually entering updated information. This optional module provides several reports, including Vehicle Billing (shows fuel usage by vehicle) and Department Billing (shows departmental fuel usage).

Chemical Application

When filling out required reports, Dossier' optional Chemical Application Tracking System saves you valuable time. It's easy to enter and quick to retrieve. Compile data by chemical or area within application dates. Dossier assists you in meeting the reporting requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Ideal for golf courses, park and recreation departments, and grounds maintenance. This option includes MSDS information on CD ROM.


Dossier provides a variety of flexible and powerful reports to analyze your Fleet movement/tracking, inventory, maintenance, budgets, accounting, labor, repair histories, work orders, expenses, chemical logs, etc.

Data Importer + Exporter

Transfer data in to or out of your favorite spreadsheet, report or database program. This optional feature provides ultimate flexibility to customize reports and analyze your data from different perspectives.

2 Fuel Management Reduce Fuel Consumption - Fuel Economy Systems

Management Reduce Fuel Consumption - Fuel Economy Systems Dossier FuelLog ™ System provides the necessary tools

Dossier FuelLog™ System provides the necessary tools a corporate needs in order to manage one of its biggest operating expenses – Fuel .

As a Fleet Manager , you are constantly searching for fuel management solutions that will


Allow you control and manage access to your company's fuel stock

Improve mileage and fuel economy

Reduce fuel consumption

E – DriveThech FuelLog™, provides you with the security, accountability and control your unattended fueling operation needs.

Installing FuelLog™ - fuel economy system, is fast, easy and affordable.

In order to reduce fuel consumption in your company's fleet , you will not require excavation or underground wiring for installation. In most cases, the Fuel economy system can be installed in less than a day.

the Fuel economy system can be installed in less than a day. Dossier’s self - installation

Dossier’s self - installation kit, is simple and user friendly. Upon request, E - DT can also train a group of key employees from your organization in operating the FuelLog™ system

Once the system is installed, managing and accessing the data and information is effortless. Data retrieval is automatic.

As a fleet manager , you will decide and customize the fuel economy reports : either standard ready-made available reports, or export fuel data with WinFueltm reporting

application. You will build your own reports by the preferred parameters you require. Example for fuel economy system reports: operator, shift, geography, pump and more.

3 SmartMile - Vehicle Odometer Reading, Fuel Management product

SmartMile is a vehicle odometer reading device designed to complement Dossier's Fuel Management product – FuelLog™: Fuel economy systems.

What is SmartMile designed to do?

SmartMile™ unique device tracks and automatically transmits vehicle odometer readings and engine operational hours to the fleet managers. The purpose of SmartMile™ fuel management product is to ensure the company an accurate and timely preventative maintenance and mileage per gallon calculations.

Automatic tracking – accurate data 24/7

SmartMile™ eliminates the need for manual vehicles odometer tracking and logging so mileage tracking reports are always accurate and available online 24/7. Other applications of 's SmartMile™ product line include low battery monitoring and low power battery alerts.

Installation of SmartMile vehicle odometer

SmartMile™ unit is installed inside the vehicle and connected to the pulsar cable of the engine’s on board computer (OBC). SmartMile™ can automatically validate fuel pump usage by matching the RF ID tag number on the vehicle’s gas tank to the fuel pump control nozzle. The vehicles odometer units include an RF antennae to enable effortless data transmission to the SmartMile database at all times.

Once the data is in the SmartMile™ database, it can easily be exported to the fleet maintenance software of the organization, using the export wizard.