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Chinmaya vidyalaya 4. Which of the following is true about the colour of leaves?

Srimathi Lingammal Ramaraju Mat.Hr.School a. Leaves are never brown in colour.

Std: III Science Detailed Assessment Work sheet -1 b. Leaves are always green in colour.
Parts of a plant c.Leaves are always yellow in colour.
I. Choose the correct answer: 4x1=4 d. Leaves can be of different colours.

1. Which of the following tree has the smallest leaves? 5. In which part of the plant do we find seeds ?
a. coconut tree b. mango tree c. banana tree d. neem tree a. fruit b.stem c. flowers d. leaves

2.Shown below are two plants with their roots. 6. Shown here is how a corn plant starts growing from a corn seed.
Which of the following statements is true ? Under normal conditions, which of the following will be the next to
develop as the plant continues to grow?

a. Plant P has tap roots and plant Q has fibrous roots a. seeds b. flowers c. stem and leaves d. fruits and seeds
b. Plant P has fibrous roots and plant Q has tap roots.
c. Both plant P and plant Q have tap roots. 7. Which of the following is/are the function(s) of a stem?
d. Both plant P and plant Q have fibrous roots.
P. to provide support
3. Which of the following is an example of underground storage Q. to transport water and minerals to all parts of the plant
of food? R. to distribute food to all parts of the plants
1234 S. to produce seeds
b. a. only P b. only P and Q
c. only P, Q and R d. all - P, Q, R and S
8. Which of the following is/are the function(s) of a root?

P. to provide support
Q. to make food
R. to absorb water and minerals
S. to produce seeds
a. only P b. only R
c.only P and R d. all - P, Q, R and S
9. Kiran collected some leaves from her garden. 11. Arrange the following fruits from the largest to the smallest.

a. mango, watermelon, lemon, grape

b. watermelon, mango, lemon, grape
c. grape, watermelon, lemon, mango
She then put them into two different groups (as shown below). d. mango, lemon, grape, watermelon

12.Students grew some seeds in a plastic bag. They then took a picture
each day to keep a record of growth. They have to arrange the photos
date-wise in ascending order(from lower to higher). Which of the
following options shows the correct ascending order of the photos?

She divided the leaves according to their _______.

a. size b. shape c. colour d. length

10.Shown below is a representation of a plant.

In which part does most of the photosynthesis take place?

a. P b. Q c.R d. S 1 a. aa.a.Q-S-R-P b.P-Q-R-S c. S-P-Q-R d. S-Q-R-P