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Safe space to give and grow


CHOOSING a charity or organisation to start

volunteering at can be tough with the
diverse range of charity work available.
There is then an added barrier when looking
for a suitable place for your child to
volunteer, as most non-governmental
organisations (NGOs) do not allow the
participation of children and individuals
below the age of 18 in their volunteering
However, there is a valid reason for this.
World Vision Malaysia chief executive officer
Daniel Boey explains, “Some NGOs do not
have suitable volunteering work that is
relevant to a child’s age, while some do not
have proper guidelines or procedures to
protect child volunteers.”
He adds that child safety is always a
priority. Therefore, it is not suitable for
children to volunteer at public events, for
example, as there may not be sufficient
manpower to look out for their safety.
Nevertheless, there are countless benefits
in introducing your child to volunteer and
the sooner you do so, the better. Your child
can still volunteer at NGOs whose activities
are more child-centric or child-friendly, such
as administrative work, packing care parcels
and interacting with other children, senior
citizens or animals. Even though volunteering can help with your child's development, always keep their safety in mind.

Nurturing what is natural development, but also impacts NGOs and the
recipients of the volunteer activity.
safety are valid reasons children may not
always find their place at various NGOs.
treats, walk small dogs, pet cats and engage
in general play. Teenagers, on the other
The benefits of giving could impact Paws Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) However, Boey provides some advice for hand, can help with work that is more
children as young as two years old. Studies public relations officer Jonathan Yeoh says, NGOs who wish to include children in their physical, such as cleaning food bowls,
have supported the notion that one feels “Children are, in many cases, more genuine efforts. NGOs must: animal cages and enclosures.”
happier when giving up something of his and sincere in helping. They do not look l Have proper guidelines to protect Boey says children above the age of 15
own to help another person. In 2012, three forward to being praised or getting children when they volunteer are usually computer-literate and thus able
psychologists from the University of British rewarded for their efforts.” l Adhere to safety policies religiously to perform tasks such as data entry. They
Columbia, Canada, published a journal This perspective gives older volunteers a l Have clear objectives of volunteering are also capable of doing stock checks and
article titled Giving leads to happiness in fresh outlook, especially when things get for the children packing items. With proper delegation of
young children. hectic or stressful and one forgets why she l Inform children on how their work work, children can proudly contribute to
The article explored toddlers’ reactions started volunteering. Boey shares this will contribute to the big picture the organisation they volunteer at.
when they were instructed to give a treat of sentiment, as he says children are often
their own to a puppet versus a treat that was
passed to them by an adult. In the
fascinated by things adults deem mundane,
bringing fresh perspectives and ideas to an
He adds that NGOs can educate parents on
the benefits of volunteering and encourages
Be the example
experiment, it was observed that the organisation. They are interested in learning parents to volunteer along with their René Bekkers of Utrecht University in the
toddlers projected a higher scale of and often eager to try new things. children. Children generally mirror the Netherlands published a journal article in
happiness when they gave their own treat to Yeoh adds that when a child starts actions of their parents, so when they see 2007 titled Intergenerational Transmission of
the puppet, in contrast to when they gave the volunteering at a young age, they get used to their parents’ positive reactions to Volunteering. In the paper, she investigated
puppet something that wasn’t theirs in the the idea of volunteering and understand the volunteering, the child will also associate the strength of intergenerational
first place. impact their effort makes in the lives of the volunteering with a positive outlook. transmission of volunteering for non-profit
Contrary to the belief that children are people they help. Therefore, they are more In line with this, schools can also take the associations in the Netherlands.
naturally self-centred, these results suggest inclined to continue volunteer efforts as they initiative to expose their students to Bekkers found that parents who
they are actually altruistic. Thus, it is crucial get older, in contrast with children who are volunteer work. Inviting NGOs to give talks, volunteer at religious or quasi-religious
that parents and guardians hone children’s not exposed to volunteer activities in the exhibitions and workshops will not only be associations increased the likelihood of
natural gift of giving to ensure kind, first place. informative for students, but also provide their children volunteering for secular
empathetic and responsible future adults. experiential knowledge of what is being associations, even though this occurrence
Unity in saving the world done to help the vulnerable. was largely caused by how the parents’ and
Small in size, big in love It is a given that not all NGOs are able to
Boey says, “By working with schools, NGOs
can involve children in actual projects that
social status culture is naturally passed
down to the child.
Instilling the values of volunteering and accept children as part of their volunteer help communities. NGOs can also work long- Consistent with the explanation of value
social work in children at a young age do teams. The nature of the job, skills or term with relevant societies in schools. For internalisation, where a child naturally
not just benefit your child’s character certifications needed, and environmental example, they can encourage schools to set adopts the norms and actions of his
up a volunteering club to recruit volunteers surrounding society, this spillover was not
and allow NGOs to submit requests for because of the direct social pressure of
volunteers.” parents.
For example, World Vision Malaysia The results of this study still ring true
carries out school engagement with its today. Yeoh advises, “While we encourage
Global Citizens Programme, where lectures parents to inculcate the spirit of
are given at school about the programme volunteering in their children, we also hope
and children are equipped and encouraged parents will set a good example by joining
to take up the challenge of fundraising as a their kids in the volunteering activities and
response to what they have learnt. not just drop them off and pick them up.”
Children hone their humanitarian nature
Learning as they help when they interact and understand each
other’s perspectives through personal
Children of different ages are capable of experience. When volunteering and helping
different responsibilities. Therefore, it is up people in need, they are exposed to living
to the parents to understand their child’s experiences outside of their bubble of
abilities when choosing a volunteer activity family and friends.
for him or her. Therefore, volunteering should be
Yeoh gives some examples of how PAWS considered an important part of child
delegates tasks to volunteers of different development to build a future society of
ages. “Younger children can give the animals kind, empathetic and responsible adults.
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Inculcating a
love for science
SCIENCE is the study of phenomena and
events around us through systematic
observation and experimentation.
Even though it is now considered a core Embracing the learning
subject across curricula in all countries, it
became a recognised school subject only at
of science will enable our
the end of the 19th century. children to lead responsible
The study of science remained a pursuit
of society’s elite until the mid to late 20th
lives, by encouraging them
century. Of course, since those days, we to learn independently, deal
have seen many major reforms in science
education. Not the least being a major
with new and unknown
move away from a focus on content, to situations, reason critically,
emphasising inquiry, the scientific method
and the social, economical, historical and
think creatively and make
philosophical aspects of science. informed and intelligent
Embracing the learning of science will
enable our children to lead responsible
decisions to solve
lives by encouraging them to learn problems.
independently, deal with new and
unknown situations, reason critically, To enhance students’ scientific literacy, elc’s teachers take students through investigative
think creatively and make informed and examining evidence. activities that involve planning, measuring, observing, analysing data, designing and
intelligent decisions to solve problems. Even though the importance of evaluating procedures and examining evidence.
Science education develops lifelong skills technology in teaching cannot be
that allow them to generate ideas and undermined, a good curriculum should distinctions (A* to A) in all science papers help them meet changes and challenges
understand the evidence behind public incorporate and have a balance of three sat (combining biology, chemistry and in society.
policymaking. main themes – content, process and physics papers). Much emphasis is laid on the 4Cs of
elc emphasises the scientific method by context. The content, pedagogy, outcomes elc prepares students for a future in 21st century skills, namely, critical
teaching students how to think, learn, and assessment must be integrated with science, equips them with the practical thinking, creativity, collaboration and
solve problems and make informed each other and informed by a process of knowledge and skills that they need when communication. These skills are vital for
decisions. These skills are integral to every educational research based on good they leave school, build their scientific a student to be recognised in the job
aspect of a student’s education and life, scientific enquiry. literacy to enable informed participation market. With the ever-evolving education
from school to career. To enhance As a school, elc is committed to students' in science competitions, develop their system, we must equip our students to
students’ scientific literacy, elc’s teachers learning and consistently produces skills in scientific thinking, appreciate the face the challenges of the modern world
take students through investigative outstanding results in the International work of past and present scientists who and bring out the best in every child. –
activities that involve planning, General Certificate of Secondary Education have contributed much to enhance our by Deepa Krishnamoorthy, Head of
measuring, observing, analysing data, (IGCSE). In the 2018 Cambridge IGCSE lives, respect and care for the environment Science, elc International School
designing and evaluating procedures and exams, elc scored an average of 81.5% in order to facilitate sustainable living and Cyberjaya Campus.
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High-strength, clinically
proven supplement for kids
THE human gut consists of a complex 1g sachet as well as three clinically proven
community of microorganisms known as probiotic strains that have gone through
gut microbiota. A child’s gut microbiota is extensive strain-specific clinical trials that
more susceptible to infections compared involve young children. These three
with an adult’s, as children are born with probiotic strains have been clinically
sterile intestinal tracts. Gut microbiota only proven to promote the growth of beneficial
start developing after birth through gut bacteria, improve bowel function and
interactions with the environment. support child growth and development.
This early establishment of gut Biogrow Probiotics KIDS Powder is
microbiota may be easily disrupted by suitable for children above one year old,
factors such as a caesarean delivery, including those who are vegetarian. Take
formula feeding and use of antibiotics. A one sachet orally or mix the powder with a
disrupted gut microbiota balance may small amount of room-temperature water
result in weakened immunity, cases of or milk to give your children clinically
diarrhoea, constipation or upset stomachs proven gut health benefits.
in children. Biogrow Probiotics KIDS Powder:
Probiotics, as defined by the World l When taken daily, it can restore your
Health Organization (WHO), are live child’s gut microbiota balance
microorganisms that, when administered in l Has six billion CFUs per 1g sachet
adequate amounts, confer a health benefit l Has three clinically proven probiotic
on the host. Clinical studies have shown strains:
that introducing probiotics to growing – Bifidobacterium lactis, BB-12
children can help improve their intestinal – Streptococcus thermophilus, TH-4
function and restore the balance of gut – Lactobacillus paracasei, L.casei 431
microbiota. l Contains 500mg of inulin (prebiotic) to
However, WHO confirms that health support the growth of probiotics in the gut
benefits from probiotics are strain-specific. l Is orange-flavoured
In other words, the probiotics used in a l Is sugar-free
supplement must be clinically proven and l Requires no refrigeration
well studied to ensure the safety and
efficacy of the product. n For more information, call 03-7956 2220
Biogrow Probiotics KIDS Powder is (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm), email
specially formulated for growing children, info@biogrow.com.my or visit www.
especially those with poor gut health, facebook.com/BiogrowKIDS
digestion and appetite and who fall sick This is a supplement product
easily. It is made in Denmark and contains advertisement. The consumption of probiotics can help improve intestinal function and restore the balance
six billion colony-forming units (CFUs) per KKLIU No.2920/2018 of gut microbiota.
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KTJ believes that a boarding

education gives students the

The worrying world

best opportunity to thrive and
become well-rounded individuals.

of convenience
WE live in an age where
everything is quite literally at our
fingertips. You can teleport to a
desired location in a matter of
seconds through Google Maps, or
FaceTime someone from the other
side of the planet as if you were
there. What about ordering in? You
could have someone deliver food
right to your doorstep with a few
clicks of a button on a smartphone
If you put some thought to
the structure of the many Dr Glenn Moodie
conveniences we use daily, you’ll their children, it is vital that I’ve worked in boarding schools Many parents dismiss boarding
come to find a hidden compromise Principal of KTJ convenience doesn’t slide into for over twenty years and to me without any real consideration of
which most of us are comfortable compromise. this is their real value. They can what it could offer their children. I
living with. Let’s take the food compromise, if the convenience Let’s take time, for instance. It is offer children these opportunities would recommend all parents
delivery app, for instance. Many a satisfies a different outlet the enemy of every parent out and remove the stresses and carefully consider whether they are
time, we pay more for the food altogether – in this case, hunger. there, having to juggle their work conflicts which can invade the making education decisions for their
because of delivery costs. We also But is this convenience model with family life and ensuring their lives of many families with two own convenience. At KTJ, we firmly
do not get the experience we really something we want? Having children grow up with a broad working parents. believe that a boarding education
would have in a restaurant. There spent most of my adult life in range of experiences which isn’t Many parents think they would gives our students the best
are times when the delivered food education, I think not. It’s no doubt dominated by Netflix and Food not be able to cope with their kids opportunity to thrive and become
doesn’t have enough hot sauce, its that the education landscape is Panda. Sports, music and a rich being away from home. However, well-rounded individuals who will
meat is under or overcooked, side rapidly changing, and some aspects variety of other extracurricular apart from the confidence, make a positive impact on the
vegetables do not match or the of learning have become far more activities are essential in building independence and character world.
order simply lacks that all- “convenient”, from the availability character and giving students the which boarding builds, parents Come visit the school to see it in
important serviette. of international education to “edge” when it comes to applying find that boarding strengthens action. I would be delighted to meet
I’ve come to realise that for technology which allows young for university and graduate jobs. their relationships with their with you and discuss your child’s
consumers, what may seem like a people to learn anything, Busy working parents either children. When their children future.
serious problem when dining in anywhere at any time. exhaust themselves ensuring their come home for the holidays,
has somewhat become negligible But does this convenience children have such experiences everyone is able to commit time n Kolej Tuanku Ja’afar is the region’s
where food delivery is concerned. impact upon the quality of and have a negative effect on the to their family relationships. premier British International School
After dissecting this model of education? Given that the choice of quality of their family dynamics Conversations between parents for students aged three to 19 years.
convenience, I find that we are a school is perhaps the biggest as a result or feel guilt for not and their teenage children become For more information, call 06-758
inadvertently succumbing to decision parents make on behalf of being able to offer such things. richer and bonds become stronger. 2561, or email registrar@ktj.edu.my
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Singular focus on quality

NEW Zealand’s premium goat milk formula
Baby Steps BBs-3 is traceable, authentic and
On top of ensuring your milk formula is
genuine and safe for your baby, goat milk
has a ton of benefits for your toddler.
Baby Steps BBs-3 has none of the
“musky” taste usually associated with fresh
goat milk. Goat milk is also known to be
gentle on little tummies, thanks to its fat
globule size that is a mere third of that of
cow milk, and its proteins form softer and
lighter curds, all of which result in easier
digestion for your toddler.
Baby Steps BBs-3 is also exceptionally
high in DHA – the gold standard of all milk
formulas today – with 115mg of DHA
(omega-3 fatty acid from fish oil) per 100g
of milk powder. DHA aids crucial mental
development during your toddler’s
growing-up years.
Goat milk is also less allergenic, because
while both cow and goat milk contain the
allergenic alpha-S1 casein protein, goat
milk only has an average of 4% compared
with the 36% present in cow milk.
Additionally, goat milk is naturally high in
A2-type beta-casein and none of the A1
type, which is abundant in cow milk and
can cause inflammatory response in the Baby Steps BBs-3 is dedicated to ensuring that your toddler only gets safe, nutritious goat milk.
digestive system of some toddlers, resulting
in abdominal discomfort, cramping and visited regularly. independent New Zealand government labs date. With such a singular focus on quality,
bloating. Baby Steps BBs-3’s farms are located no for quality assurance. efficacy and authenticity in its milk
more than 30 minutes from the factory, so Baby Steps BBs-3, which is certified halal, formula, discerning Malaysian parents
Straight from the source the freshness of the milk is always
maintained. Free of antibiotics, gluten,
may be new to the local market, but has
remained one of the top brands for goat
and children can now experience the
nutritional goodness of Baby Steps BBs-3.
Because providing optimal nutrition for hormones and pesticides, the fresh milk is milk formula in New Zealand for 35 years.
your children takes priority, Baby Steps tested for quality prior to going through a Scan the QR code or key in the serial n For more information, call 1800 880
BBs-3 is extremely stringent with its quality special wet-blend process with other number on the bottom of each can and CARE (2273) or email customer_service@
control process, from farm to factory. It has essential ingredients to ensure uniform you’ll be taken right to Baby Steps BBs-3’s caremark.com.my. Alternatively, visit
its own farms and particular attention is mixing of all nutrients and spray dried into website, which provides parents with the Facebook page at @babystepsbbs3 or
given to the health of the goats from which powder. information including the batch of milk follow the Instagram account at
it sources the milk. The farms are also The final full product is then tested by formula, its manufacturing date and use-by @babystepsbbs3.
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Equipping children
with future skills
THE world has become extremely benefiting from the direction set by Students should be able to
competitive and is rapidly the Ontario Ministry of Education. independently monitor, assess
changing. To be self-sustaining, Students under the Ontario and revise their plans to complete
knowledge alone is not enough. curriculum are not only assessed tasks, meet goals, use class time
Strong learning skills and positive for their knowledge and appropriately and follow
work habits are often an indicator understanding of each subject, but instructions with minimal
of future success in school, at home also evaluated for six learning supervision.
and in life in general. Learning skills and work habits as part of l Initiative involves students’
skills and work habits will appear their learning. The evaluation of ability to demonstrate their capacity
differently in individuals as they these aspects will appear in their for innovation and risk-taking,
grow and mature. report cards. curiosity and interest in learning,
Understanding the importance The six learning skills and habits taking up new tasks and looking
of these skills and habits, the are responsibility, organisation, for, as well as acting on, new ideas
Ontario (Canada) Ministry of independent work, initiative, and opportunities for learning and Sunway International School teachers work with students and their
Education has further emphasised collaboration and self-regulation. self-improvement. parents to ensure that the students are absorbing work and learning
the significance of developing Each is explained below. l Collaboration involves the skills.
learning skills and work habits in l Responsibility is the students’ interplay of cognitive, interpersonal
youth in school to provide them accountability in fulfilling and intrapersonal competencies from others will be able to understand learning skills and
with the tools to be self-sustaining, commitments in class and school, necessary to participate effectively move forward efficiently. work habits as well as their
lifelong learners. meeting submission deadlines for and ethically in teams. It requires Students self-regulate to become importance in the students’ lives.
The Ontario education system homework and assignments and versatility and depth of skill applied lifelong learners and reflect on Students benefit when teachers
is ranked among the best in the managing their behaviour in class. across diverse situations, roles, their thinking, experience and model the skills and habits and
world in preparing students for l Organisation measures each groups and perspectives in order to values, as well as the critical explain how they will be
academic excellence (according student’s ability to create and co-construct knowledge, meaning feedback they receive, to assessed and evaluated.
to the 2015 Programme for follow a plan to complete work, and content. Students must be able enhance their learning. Teachers also ensure
International Student Assessment) stay organised in planning the to learn from and with others in assessments and tasks assigned
and future success (according to execution of tasks and evaluate his physical and virtual environments. The Ontario curriculum provide students with
the 2018 Worldwide Educating for capacity to gather and manage l Self-regulation is an important employed at Sunway opportunities to develop these
the Future Index). As the only various resources to understand habit to nurture. A student who is International School will help skills in class, school and
school in Malaysia to offer the and complete his tasks. able to motivate herself, set her ensure that all students develop beyond.
Ontario curriculum, Sunway l Independent work is own goals and monitor her own the knowledge, skills and Sunway International School’s
International School students are something that is expected. progress without close reminders characteristics to become next intake is on July 16.
successful, economically
productive and actively engaged n For more information about
citizens. the curriculum, school or
Sunway International School admissions, call 03-7491 8070
teachers work with students (Sunway City) or 07-533 8070
and parents to ensure that they (Sunway Iskandar).

Nurture and raise

a caring generation
HAVING compassion is a Introduce your children
quality that all parents want to
instil within their children. to volunteering early
Expressing kindness, being Contrary to the belief that
caring and having a willingness children’s minds are a blank
to help others are virtues that slate, psychologists Jean Piaget
can be imparted to children. By and Lev Vygotsky considered
volunteering, we may see less children to be active learners
of that “gimme gimme” attitude who are able to set goals, plan
and more of a genuine sense of and revise. Therefore, when
gratitude and generosity in children are introduced to
children. As parents, we can volunteering at a young age,
make an effort to teach our they are more likely to continue
children more about giving volunteering as they grow up.
back. Although it may seem like a
daunting task to bring a child to
Role model a volunteering project,
especially a young one, parents
One way to instil can approach this situation by
volunteering is to lead by taking baby steps. Don’t start
example. Albert Bandura’s off with bringing your child on
social learning theory proved a complicated volunteer
that children learn through project.
observation. They look at the Instead, look for volunteering
habits and actions of people opportunities that allow
around them and imitate that flexibility and short shifts. For
behaviour. Hence, role example, volunteering with
modelling is a very effective Kembara Kitchen or SOLS 24/7,
technique to suggest the which offer a variety of services
importance of a certain skill for the community.
or habit to young children.
When children see their
parents performing various
Let your children
actions regularly, they choose
understand it as a normal way
of life. With that in mind, if Decision-making is one of the
parents regularly volunteer, it most important skills your
is likely that their children will children need to develop to
grow up wanting to emulate become healthy and mature
behaviour themselves. Parents adults. Allowing your children
can also talk positively about to choose a volunteering
volunteering and show opportunity is a great way to
excitement for an upcoming
volunteer opportunity. > SEE NEXT PAGE
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How do traditional boarding

schools relate to Gen Z?
FOR any A-Levels physical schools to this day. in this new world? What counts of whom attended boarding the very reason that traditional,
education pupil, avid fan of Much has changed, but at for value in a world without walls, schools themselves, seek the but modern, boarding schools
Tom Brown’s School Days (an Epsom College in Malaysia both virtual and real, limitless in strengths of their own school have such value in a modern
1857 novel by Thomas Hughes) (ECiM) the value of sports, the size and reach and where social experiences for their children. society.
or student at Rugby School arts and house life is still interactions have been redefined? Whilst those in generation Z shrug Perhaps, we need to “bitcoin
(United Kingdom) between integral to the development of As a parent and housemaster, I at their parents’ “old-fashioned” a phrase” for this hybrid
1828 and 1841, Dr Thomas emotional intelligence, just as it would argue that boarding school attitude to education and modern generation? (Sorry.) Generation
Arnold will be an instantly was when Dr Arnold looked ideals remain as pertinent today as life, perhaps we do not need to XYZ? Generation Old School/New
recognisable name. over the iconic playing fields of ever before. The EQ developed live in a world of absolutes and a School? Ideas are welcome, so
At that time, the British Rugby School from his through a boarding life, offers a sense of balance remains the key. please send letters or a postcard
boarding school was somewhat headmaster’s study. counterbalance to the modern Life at ECiM supports this or arrange a chat over a cup of
different. In Tom Brown’s Much has also changed in world. balance, and as a college, we stand tea, but do not use Facebook as
School Days, you will witness society and we have moved on Furthermore, while these values firmly behind our belief that our the pupils tell me that is now for
unruly behaviour and a school from the baby boomers, are perhaps timeless, the modern graduating alumni have one foot old people! – by Ian
regime lacking in both morality generation Jones, generation X boarding school still can support firmly in generation Z and the Squires, ECiM’s
and leadership. They were (a great vintage), the millennials generation Z with its varied other on the playing fields of Propert House
more often criticised for and even generation Y. We now curriculum, controlled use of England in 1850. This is housemaster
turning out young men who sit in the tail end of the era of technology and range of social,
were a little less childish than generation Z, describing all leadership and interpersonal
when they first arrived. those who will come of age experiences in and out of the
This changed over time, with between 2013 and 2020, and classroom. A normal day
the cult of “muscular who grew up with a would see a pupil sharing
Christianity” at the forefront of smartphone in their hands. In collaborative ideas with his
this change. Sport was used as education, these pupils have a peers and teachers via his
a tool to create new men with a different sense of what learning devices during prep time, only to
less selfish view of society and may entail, especially with then lead 70 boys in a choral
the world. Through a healthy regard to technology and the practice in preparation for a
body, a pure mind could be value of face-to-face competition. Both
created and protected from the interactions over the virtual experiences have value,
lure of temptation. In Tom world. A social media obsession particularly when merged into
Brown’s School Days, this is best and low attention spans may one educational experience.
encapsulated by the move from perplex their parents, but one Parents who visit ECiM, many
betting and gambling to suspects being confused by the
rationalised team sports, which next youth movement has been
helped forge teamwork, a reality before these categories
leadership, communication and were even given a label.
the moral fibre that still Do the timeless, old-fashioned
underpins British boarding values of boarding have value

One step at a time

> FROM PREVIOUS PAGE time together is harder to come
by. Volunteering as a family is
develop their decision-making the perfect way for families to
skills and inspire them to show spend quality time together and
interest in the activity of their inspire young children to
choice. volunteer.
So, instead of telling them Volunteering together is an
you’re taking them to volunteer, effective way for parents and
which could sound like a chore, children to interact and
sit down with your children and strengthen their relationship. It
talk about what volunteering is is also a good way for parents to
all about and why it is important. teach their children a new skill
Then, encourage your children to and the importance of their
think about their interests and work. When families come
ways they can volunteer to help together to contribute to a
others. volunteering project, parents
For example, if your child are laying the foundation for
is passionate about the their children for a lifetime of
environment and nature, the service.
Free Tree Society in Kuala Children’s first teachers are
Lumpur is a good place to visit. their parents and parents have
You can look for an opportunity a special opportunity of
near where you live, or let your instilling the value of service
children create their own plan. within their children. There are
Children are remarkably plenty of organisations in
innovative when they get the Malaysia that you and your
chance to be. children can volunteer with.
By actively encouraging
Do it as a family volunteering, parents will not
only deepen their bond with
With so many families that their children, but also increase
have both parents working, the likelihood that their children
opportunities to spend quality will be lifelong volunteers.
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Real-world education for students

EARLY this year, R.E.A.L Schools embarked
on a dedicated transformation plan across technopreneurship projects, which will On top of this, R.E.A.L Schools also offers
its three campuses in Cheras, Shah Alam ensure students are IR4.0-ready by exposing excellent value for money by providing
and Johor Baru that is set to offer students At R.E.A.L Schools, we believe them to artificial intelligence, robotics, user Tier 2-level education at Tier 3 prices.
an education experience with a real interface and data analytics, among others Tuition fees for R.E.A.L International
difference. our education prepares l Real work simulations that expose School range from RM18,000 to RM30,000,
Newly appointed R.E.A.L Education students for the real world. students to different careers which is approximately half that of many
Group chief executive officer Dr Goh Chee l Self-defence classes, outdoor survival other Tier 2 schools with similar curricula
Leong has been driving and spearheading
Our team of educators have skills and first aid certification and offerings.
this rigorous transformation plan. He put together a unique and l All students are trained to run 5km and You are invited to explore R.E.A.L
believes that R.E.A.L Schools’ new approach,
which is based on its 10 Real Worlds model,
enhanced school curriculum swim four laps of a swimming pool, as well
as learn 10 different sports
Schools and discover what real education is
all about by attending its Open Days this
will equip students with practical real-world that makes education l Design and Innovation through Design Saturday (Shah Alam Campus), on July 13
skills and prepare them to face the
challenges of a volatile, uncertain, complex
relevant and exciting and will and Technology and Reka Bentuk Teknologi
(RBT) courses, with all R.E.A.L Schools
(Cheras Campus) and on July 20 (Johor
Bahru Campus). Meet the principals, tour
and ambiguous world and the Fourth ensure your child is ready to campuses hosting enhanced Makerspaces the schools, enjoy exclusive fee waivers
Industrial Revolution (IR4.0).
Dr Goh says, “At R.E.A.L Schools, we
thrive in the world. l Financial literacy and entrepreneurship
and more.

believe our education prepares students for l Apple Partnership, through which iPads n For enquiries, call R.E.A.L Schools at
the real world. Our team of educators have and Apple tools and applications are used to 03-9021 3601 (Cheras Campus), 03-7842
put together a unique and enhanced school l Work internship programmes for senior enhance students’ learning (R.E.A.L Schools 3228 (Shah Alam Campus) or 07-386 4468
curriculum that makes education relevant students is the only Tier 3 school in its price range to (Johor Bahru Campus). Alternatively,
and exciting and will ensure your child is l Strong STEM programme that includes be an Apple partner) email enquiry@real.edu.my or visit
ready to thrive.” opportunities to do independent research l Excellent language programmes: www.realschools.edu.my
Among the highlights of R.E.A.L Schools’ with universities – SPM Bahasa Malaysia (offered to
enhanced curriculum include: l Computer programming and other international school students)
– Chinese school Mandarin
curriculum (offered to
international school students)
– Cambridge International
General Certificate in
Secondary Education English
subject for all students
– Arabic language for all

What is special about

R.E.A.L Schools’ curriculum
is that the above offerings are
all part of its core curriculum
and every student is able to
learn these skills, meaning
these are not merely
co-curricular activities.

Let kids grow as they give

IT is generally understood that volunteering level plane with a common goal. Without
young provides your child with huge hierarchal distinctions such as age, academic
benefits. But, how exactly does volunteering performance and social status in the way,
support your child’s development? The children learn the meaning of teamwork in
International School of Minnesota presents a relaxed setting.
a list of research-backed benefits of l Develops leadership skills – The exact
volunteering young in its 2017 article, Eight factors encouraging teamwork in
great ways kids benefit from volunteer work, volunteering also hones leadership skills in
some of which are listed below. your child. Karin Hurt, chief executive
l Builds empathy – Gwen Dewar, officer of Let’s Grow Leaders, says the stress-
founder and author of Parenting Science, free environment of volunteering helps
says people build their sense of empathy on people expand their perspectives, discover
three distinct processes – emotional sharing, new skills, have the freedom to experiment
empathic concern and perspective-taking. and network with people outside of their
Volunteering exposes children to different direct livelihoods.
perspectives and helps them understand l Helps children learn – The Youth
how others live, thus building their capacity Development Study by University of
for empathy. Minnesota suggests that volunteering
l Makes you happier and healthier – promotes higher grade point averages and
According to a 2013 Harvard Medical School academic confidence in adolescents. “Service
article, Volunteering may be good for body learning” influences not just academic
and mind, the effects of volunteering do not performance but also deeper critical
just benefit one’s mental health, but also thinking, problem-solving and application
relates to lower blood pressure and longer skills.
lifespans. Possible theories connect these
results to the fact that volunteering keeps All parents hope that their children grow
the volunteer active while also reducing into mature, responsible and empathetic
stress; major factors that affect quality of adults. Volunteering can provide just the
life. right kind of human experience, skills-
l Promotes teamwork and cooperation building and character growth for your
– In volunteer activities, everyone is on a child’s all-round development.

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