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Semi-Detailed Lesson Plan in Science

I. Objective
At the end of the lesson 75% to 80% of the students are expected to:
 explain how heat moves from one place to another
 gain insights how heat transfer occurs by conduction, convection, and
 give examples of heat transfer that occurs in everyday situations
II.Subject Matter
a. Topic
 Heat Transfer
b. References
 General Physics 1 for Senior High School pages 332-334
 Introduction to Physics pages 384-400
c. Authors
 Helen E. Caintic
 Jhon D. Cutnell

d. Materials
 Visual Aids
 Chalk
 Marker
e. Values Integrated
The students will learn to appreciate the importance of heat transfer in their daily life
III. Learning Activities
A. Motivation
The teacher will call at least ten volunteer students in the class. Each student will be
given an envelope that contains jumbled letters. The students will arrange the letters to
form the word.
 What have you come up with the activity?
 What do you think is our topic today?
 What is heat transfer?
 How does heat move from one place to another?
 What are the process of transferring heat?
B. Drill or Review
 What is heat?
 What is temperature?
 How will differentiate heat and temperature?
C. Presentation of the Lesson




D. Discussion of Lesson
Heat can travel in three ways through convection, conduction and radiation.
Conduction the heat transfers by direct contact. Convection heat transfers
through fluids, which are gases and liquids. Radiation heat transfers through
electromagnetic waves. It doesn’t require matter.

E. Application
The teacher will guide the students in using hand movements that will help
them remember convection, conduction and radiation. The teacher will call
out the names of the different ways that energy is transferred and the
students will respond with the proper hand movement.

F. Generalization
The transfer of heat affects us in many ways. For instance, within our homes
furnaces distribute heat on cold days, and air conditioners remove it on hot
days. Our energy originates from the sun and transferred to us over a
distance of 150 million kilometers through the void of space.
IV. Evaluation
Name:___________________ Sec.__________Date:____________Score:_____
Directions: Identify and describe one type of heat transfer taking place in each
1. Convection:

2. Convection:


Answer the following questions below by checking the box beside the words of
the correct answer.
3. Higher temperature means faster moving molecules.
True False
4. The sun directly heats the air in our atmosphere.
True False
5. When a cold metal spoon is placed into a hot cup of water the spoon will heat up.
This is an example of:
6. Circular currents in boiling water are due to
V. Assignment
Cut out images from magazines and make a collage to represent convection,
conduction and radiation. Paste it in a short bond paper.

Prepared by:
Roscela Mae D. Arizo