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Allego, Pericles Jr. A.

July 02, 2019


Florita Pelayo

Way back in my elementary years was full of During my high school years was different because it My college days becomes tougher. I face several
excitement and fun. Wherein I find good friends that was quite hard for me to just focus on studies. As a hardships like conducting a research and maintaining
I can play with and share with cool imaginations. grown up person I have realized that there is always my grades to graduate as an honor student.
During those times all we do was practicing our a change. High school is getting busy towards our Conducting a research is such a complex work, I got
handwriting skills. Developing our talents like academic in order to have good grades that gives us to deal with a lot of findings, studies and more
engaging in school activities such as dancing, opportunity to take the college level. I have also though it was worth it and it helps me improve my
singing and many more. I have also experienced discover some changes in my personality. I have intuition about studying. College is more different
being part of an organization which is the “Boy experienced having a feeling to someone and because of having many school works and different
Scout of the Philippines”. We do have a lot of creating my own peers to jam with. During also my activities to fulfill. I have also realized that getting in
activities done like planting trees and school high school years I have also experienced having an this level of study it needs a lot of effort and hard
camping. It was also memorable since every end of acne and a mustache already. They say that when work in order to have a good future. We must suffer
our school year we do have a field trip from north to you are having an acne it means that you have a first to gain success failure is just part of our journey
south side of cebu. An educational trip that we crush on someone but that is not what it meant to be. it won’t stop us in reaching our goals in life. I do
encounter many historical things in our region. Those years was fun since our school also have a have a great goal which is to make myself proud and
monthly activities to be celebrate. say you did a great job.